¡Hola mi amigas!

May tao pa ba? Sorry for not being able to update. Kinain na ako ng real world. Haha, chazz. For the meantime, click the link below and enjoy these videos I made. This is for all my followers na hindi ako na-fo-follow sa Twitter and such, hehe. Enjoy! Comment your violent reactions, if there are any! Haha!

Click here (view on HD for better results) –> Video 1 and Video 2

Lots of love,

PS. My Greatest Love Chapter 8 is on the works. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. miss Miles thank you at nagparamdam ka na!!! ang mga adiks ay laging naghihintay so don’t worry we understand that you have to be in the real world majority of the time, but just don’t forget to visit the reel world din divah??? again thank you and wow! sa video 1 & 2….you are very creative!
    take care and looking forward to the upcoming updates/chapters!


  2. ms. miles siguro busog na ang “real world” kaya kami naman ang pakainin mo ng update ng ff mo hehehehe (kung may time ka lang please 😏 ) and about the video, 👍👍👍 sa talent mong mag edit, pero hindi ko talaga kayang tingnan yung mamang singkit with other partners (just my sentiments) 😭😭😭


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