One Shot: Absence

Hello dear readers,

Wala lang. Trip ko lang mag-one shot. HAHAHA. Namiss ko kasi yung sa parallel universe eh. Forgive me if there are any grammar lapses. I did this for only 10 minutes. Haha. Anyway, enjoy.

Miles ❤


The feeling is uncontainable and indescribable. His heart is overflowing. At last, after months, he will be able to see her again. He is busy prepping with his co-workers for a production number.  Beside him is a bouquet of red roses and a box of Hermes bag – his monthsary gift for her. Though his eyes are a bit puffy since he just came from a location shoot that morning, still, his eyes are twinkling alongside with his signature loop sided smile. However, few minutes later, she informed him that she is not feeling well. Thus, the latter decided to stay at home.

Him: Sweetie, didn’t you know that I am very eager to see you? I miss you a lot.

Her: I miss you too, beloved. You see, I’ve been working non-stop. My body was already complaining since last week but I didn’t pay attention to it. Now I’m suffering.

Him: I’m coming. Right now.

Her: What? Right now? Are you serious?

Him: Yep! Why? Don’t you want to see me?

Her: You don’t know how I badly want to hug and kiss you. You still have a commitment though. Plus, I want to see you dancing, my dear. Show me your moves! : P

Him: My moves? What kind? I have many… I can show you one…later. ; )

Her: Hahaha, you silly!

Him: Got to go sweetheart. It is our turn. I dedicate this number for you.

Her: Hmp, bolero! : p Seriously, I’m kind a bit of jealous.

Him: Don’t be. Remember, I am yours.

Her: Love you. And oh, I have a surprise for you. See you later, my darling.

After the number, he immediately rushed to the parking area. To his surprise, he saw her waiting for him inside his car. She is seating at the passenger’s seat.

Him: What are you doing here?

Her: Don’t you like it?

Him: I do, of course. I thought you were very sick? Anyway, happy monthsary. Here is my gift to you.

Her: Hmm, feeling quite better now, actually. Especially now that you’re in front of me. You don’t have to bother buying me gifts. But anyway, thank you.

He kissed her with hunger and burning passion.

Her: Sweetheart! Why did you do that? Baka mahawa ka.

Him: I don’t care.

Of course, the rest is history.


12 thoughts on “One Shot: Absence

  1. hala ms. writer, stalker ka ano? ✌ ✌ ✌ and parang ang hirap nyang “Of course, the rest is history.” baka ma misinterpret namin hehehe mas maganda yung clear ang pagkalatag hahaha 😵

    Liked by 1 person

    • yan ang gusto ko sau Sis Anne eh…u really do know how to say what i wanted to say….what’s on my mind….push natin yan…pls pls maawa ka na Miles sa mga nahohopia kay Inay at Itay…we want to read the “rest is history” hahahahaha….thank you for this and God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. thank you at napasaya mo ang malungkot na adik……sobrang hopia ako sa anticipated team up nila last Saturday, and sana nga ituloy mo na ang “rest is history” para complete ang dosage of our vitamin K…..


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