After All: Chapter 6 (Finale)

A/N: First of all, I would like to apologize to my followers (wow, kung meron talaga, haha!) for not updating for sooooo long. I had a lot going on in my personal life in the past year, but there is nothing to worry about. All is well. Gusto ko lang talagang matapos ‘tong story na ‘to kasi ayoko ng unfinished work. Hehe. Glad to see that there are also good things that happened in our fandom – of course, andiyan na ‘yung S2P. ❀ Sana more projects to come pa to our favourite love team.

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After their heated argument during the unveiling of the hangar, Richard and Simon were able to patch things up. This is because Richard found out about the secret Simon has been hiding for quite some time. During their 6-month business trip in Singapore, Simon suddenly started having seizures and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. Since Maya wasn’t present, the doctors approached Richard and told him about Simon’s devastating condition. He was suffering from asymptomatic brain tumor and unfortunately, it’s in the last stage. Prior to this, Simon was already in and out of the hospital, but he still managed on his own. Sadly this time, he wasn’t able to fight it. While he was lying in the hospital bed, he had a serious conversation with Richard.

“Pare, I want to say sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you. You see, this is supposed to be a business meeting. Pero hindi. Nasa hospital tayo. Again, I am very sorry.” Simon said weakly.

Richard held his hand. “There is nothing to worry about Simon. I am after your welfare. Mag-pagaling ka. Kailangan ka ng mga bata. Kailangan ka ni Maya.”

“Hindi. Ikaw ang kailangan ni Maya.” Simon paused. “Ikaw ang una niyang minahal. Una siyang naging iyo. Natutunan nalang niya akong mahalin. Alam ko na mahal niya ako, pero iba ang pagmamahal niya sa’yo.”

Richard pretended to fix his glasses, but he secretly wiped a tear from his eyes. “Ano ka ba? ‘Wag kang magsalita ng ganyan. Para kang timang. Ikaw ang mahal ni Maya. Pinakasalan ka niya. May anak kayo. Kaya please, mag-pagaling ka. Para naman may lumaban pa sa kapogian ko.” Richard was gathering strength to continue. “Simon, siguro nag-se-selos ka sa akin ano?” He was trying to make the situation light.

Simon chuckled a bit. “Hindi, ‘no. Sabi mo nga, ako ang pinakasalan.” Simon heaved a deep sigh. “Pero hindi ako ang makakatuluyan niya. I won’t be able to spend the rest of my lifetime with her. Kaya ikaw, grab this opportunity. After this, promise me na mamahalin mo siya kagaya ng pagmamahal mo sa kanya dati. At alam ko, higit pa ‘yon sa pagmamahal na ibinigay ko. I’m giving you my blessing, Richard. Please marry Maya.”

“Simon… Please. Don’t do this. Mag-palakas ka. Maya would be devastated. Parang awa mo na.” Richard was trying his best to hold back his tears.

“Richard, I know I only have few days in this world. Promise me, you’ll take care of Maya, Sean, and Thea. I know you will love and treasure them. Thank you Richard.” Simon then smiled and took his last breath.

“Simon?” Richard panicked and pressed the call bell to alert the nurses. “Simon, please. Wake up. Dude! Come on!”


“Hi Simon, nice to see you again.” Maya placed the flowers beside his tombstone.

“Simon, just like what I promised. I am marrying Maya.” Richard lovingly glanced at Maya.

“So, tinutupad mo lang promise mo kay Simon? Paano kung hindi niya sinabi na mahalin mo ako ulit, edi hindi mo pala ulit ako minahal?” Maya raised her eyebrows, pretending to be upset.

Richard pulled Maya closer. He kissed her temple. “Of course, not. I love you and I will never stop loving you. Aaminin ko, I had many regrets. Sana pinilit nalang kita na sumama sa Dubai. Edi sana, sabay nating binuo ‘yung mga pangarap natin. Or di kaya, hindi nalang ako umalis. Dito ko nalang pinagpatuloy yung business venture namin ni Papa. Maya, if you only knew. I had so many regrets and I think pinagbayaran ko na ‘yun.”

Maya did not speak to Richard after Simon’s death. She thought that Richard was plotting something against her marriage with Simon. She was upset for she was last to know regarding Simon’s situation in Singapore. However, Maya found a letter addressed to her in Simon’s belongings. It was dated when Simon first got hospitalized in Singapore about his condition. He apologized for not telling her and he was not planning to do so. It was also said in the letter that she should give her love for Richard another chance. After all, they were first together before Simon came into the picture. He reminded Maya of how happy he was in their marriage, but he also said that maybe, Richard is her real destiny.

The courtship between Maya and Richard wasn’t easy. Well, of course for Richard. It took him a year and a half to finally win her back. He had to gain her trust, respect, and love all over again. Maya was worth the wait and it wasn’t hard to love her. 3 months after becoming a couple, Richard decided to propose to Maya. Of course, she delightedly accepted it.

“Grabe ‘no. Nagpaka-bayani nanaman si Simon. He was my shoulder to cry on nung iniwan mo ako. Ngayon, nagpa-ubaya naman siya para sa’yo.” Maya shook her head. “Hay, Mr. Lim. Everything leads me back to you.”

“I owe Simon a lot, my love. Alam mo ‘yan. Pero kahit pagbali-baligtarin mo man ang mundo, wala eh, tayo talaga. Sa dulo. Peksman, cross my heart.” He pressed his lips against hers. “Thank you. Thank you for giving me another chance. I promise not to take it for granted this time. I love you Maya. My one and only Mrs. Lim.”

Maya hugged him tight. “I love you too, Mr. Lim. Thank you for strengthening my faith in love.”


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