After All: Chapter 4

A/N: Thank you for your sweet messages regarding my last post. It means a lot to me. Special thanks to Ate Han – my inspiration for writing JoChard fanfics. šŸ™‚

Miles ā¤


Simon surprised Maya and the kids by going home on a Friday evening. He was given the weekend off by his boss as a reward for all his hard work. Thea climbed onto him and gave him a warm hug.

“Papa! I missed you!” exclaimed Thea.

Simon kissed Maya before turning to Thea. “I miss you too, baby. Ay, di ka na pala baby. You’re a big girl na, eh!” He picked Thea up and twirled her around before peeking to Sean’s crib.

“What a pleasant surprise on a Friday evening! May ganyan ka nang nalalaman ah.” Maya placed her left arm on Simon’s waist. “Have you eaten?”

Simon kissed Maya’s forehead. “I missed you babe. No worries, I ate dinner already before I left the site. But guess what, I have another surprise.”

“What is it Daddy?” asked Thea while she helping Maya put away the dishes. Simon then placed a box on the counter top. “Ice cream cake! Yehey!”

Simon, Maya and Thea happily ate the dessert while catching up.


Richard was watching a documentary while comfortably lying down in his bed when his cellphone rang. He was not expecting a call from someone, not unless there it is about an urgent matter. “Hello?”

“Pare, sorry, na-istorbo ba kita?” Ryan was on the other line.

Richard chuckled. “Ikaw lang pala. Akala ko naman kung sino. What’s up?”

“Pare, you wouldn’t believe who I worked with in the last few weeks.” Ryan seemed ecstatic over the line.

Richard just shook his head, expecting that his best friend would just tell nonsense. “Let me guess, may kursunadahan ka nanaman?”

“No, no, no. Pare, let me remind you na stick to one na ako, ah! Well, let me get this straight. You know, I’ve been dying to tell you pero I managed to control myself. Anyway, I am working with Engineer Simon Gabriel Corpuz…”

Richard felt quite uncomfortable upon hearing his name. “What about him?”

“As what I am saying, I am currently working with him on a project. At itong project na ‘to ay hindi basta-basta… This project I’m talking about is our project.” Ryan was carefully uttering each word for Richard to fully understand. He knew that Richard feels a bit off when the topic is about Maya and Simon.

“Does he know that he is working for me and my co-investors?” Richard sounded surprisingly calm.

“Not yet. Well, I was planning to tell him on the day of unveiling the hangar. Pero ikaw parin ang bahala, if you personally want to meet the other engineers na rin.”

“Thank you Ryan for letting me know. Who hired him?” Richard was beginning to open up.

Ryan opened his laptop and continued talking to Richard. “He was referred by Engineer Reyes. I first thought of you before hiring him but since kulang na tayo sa engineers and we needed to start right away, I gave him a shot. After looking through his records, it seems that his works are all of high quality and his expertise would definitely help us speed up the construction of the hangar. No worries, he has only been with us for a month so if you have other concerns, pwede ko naman siyang i-refer sa ibang site or rather, company.”

Richard heaved out a deep sigh. “No, Ryan. Keep him. He has a family to feed. Anyway, I am not planning to visit the site as of the moment. Baka nga sa unveiling nalang ako pumunta. I am enjoying my vacation and my time with Thea.”

“Wow, you sound so different compared to, uhm, what? Months ago? Years ago? Aba, nag-bago na ata ang ihip ng hangin. And let me contradict what you just said. Yes, he has a family to feed but you give a child support kay Thea, well, more than what you guys have agreed upon in court.” Ryan couldn’t believe how Richard sounded. Does that mean that he has accepted the fact that Simon and Maya ended up together?

Richard massaged his temple. “Ryan, please… Don’t start it.”

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, Mr. Lim. Ang akin lang, nakita ko ang lahat ng pag-hihirap mo. You endured all these in the name of love. Anyway, let’s call it a night.”

“Good night Ryan.” Richard placed his phone on the side table. As he pull up the sheets, he couldn’t help but to reminisce of the past.


Chatters in different corners of Northwest Hills were heard while everyone was busy preparing for the school’s family day. The parents were placing their share of food on the table, which was placed around the school quadrangle. Everyone, including the faculty and staff, is encouraged to bring their families with them. Since Simon was not able to join, it was only Maya who was present at the said event. However, Thea did not tell her that she was up to something. 20 minutes after their arrival, someone familiar was approaching them.

“Hi baby!” Richard smiled at Thea as he walked towards her. He first didn’t notice Maya, who was talking to another parent. Thea smiled back at him and she told him to sit and wait for her because she was playing with her friends.

While Richard was about to take a seat, Maya stepped back and unintentionally bumped Richard. “Ay naku po, sorry–” She didn’t know what to say next as she was extremely surprised upon seeing Richard. “Nako, sorry.”

“No worries, Maya. I’m fine.”

Dang it. She thought. Why is he looking extra handsome today? Did he have a haircut? Was there any difference in his clothing? Maya! Stop! What are you thinking?

“Ah, Maya?” Richard was waving in front of her.

“Ay, oo. No, I mean. Yeah? You need something?” Maya was unconsciously fixing herself.

Richard finds it cute when Maya feels tensed with something. “Nothing.” Good job, Richard. Come on, start a nice conversation. He thought. “Ah, Family Day nga pala ngayon, ano? Akala ko walang kasama si Thea. I mean, I knew you would come pero pumunta na rin ako just in case.”

Maya just nodded. Silence. Then she made an excuse. “Ah, Chard, punta lang ako sa ladies’ room ah. Hanapin ko na din si Thea. Diyan ka lang.”

Did she just call me Chard? Wow. I haven’t heard that in years. It’s nice to see that she’s finally warming up. “Yeah, sure. I’ll always be here.”

Maya smiled at him, wondering if there’s a meaning behind what he just said. When she finally saw Thea, she called her and spoke to her in the corner. “Baby, you didn’t tell me that your Daddy is coming.”

Thea’s face went from happy to sad. “I’m sorry, Mama. I should have told you. Naisip ko lang po kasi na it would be nice for us to bond and ever since, Daddy wasn’t able to attend any of my school activities so I thought it would be nice to invite him. I’m sorry again, Mama.”

Maya both felt guilty and sorry for her daughter. It wasn’t Thea’s fault that she wanted to spend some time with her real Daddy. “It’s okay, Thea. I understand. But please, next time, inform me of what your plans are, okay?”

“Yes, Mama. I promise.” Thea then hugged Maya.


17 thoughts on “After All: Chapter 4

  1. Haist! Hindi talaga ako sanay na hindi sila ang nagkatuloyan….i dont have anything agaist Simon but…waaaaaaaaaaa ang hirap basahin šŸ˜¦


  2. Juice ko Lord what reallly happen ba at shes with Simon haaaaayyyy !!!!! Ang hirap lang knowing both are still inlove with each other… Thankee sa update Ms Miles cant wait for the next chapter šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™


  3. like the rest of the adiks, the $64M question is why they are not together if they have Thea??? and then Simon&Maya? wahhhhh di ko ma-take, ang hirap lunukin, pero for curiosity sake, I will be waiting and lurking and be patiently waiting for the next chapters…..please miss Miles, very soon na po!!! thank you.


  4. ang hirap umasa sa sitwasyon nila na maging Richard-Maya sa bandang huli, unless na lang kung papatayin si Simon, which is unfair naman kasi Simon is a nice person here and also a good father kay Thea kahit hindi nya ito anak. ms. miles, masakit sya sa puso huhuhu


  5. Thank you for the update! Just hard to see that they’re not together and another man callng her babe. Mabigat sa dibdib. Really curious where this is going. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


  6. Good morning. I have not read after All. I would like to start from Chapter 1. Please can you send the story thru my email? Thank you. Also if you have a new fanfic.


    • Hi, kindly scroll down for After All updates. They’re all here in WordPress. Sorry, I don’t have much time to send people email. I hope you understand and thank you for reading my works, it means so much to me šŸ™‚


  7. At siempre, late akong mag-comment…busy ang lowla mo. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Thank you sa appreciation mo. Looking forward to your next chapter dear.


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