On hiatus

Hello everyone.

I am sorry for leaving without any notice. As you can see, I haven’t posted anything for almost two months. I feel bad for not being able to continue to write since I consider this as a hobby and a stress-reliever. Don’t you worry – I will be back soon (if there are still followers waiting for me, hehe). I also don’t like starting a story without finishing it.

Have a great day. πŸ™‚

Miles ❀


16 thoughts on “On hiatus

  1. Welcome back Miss Miles… Looking forward to your updates and hope you had a great heart day ❀️❀️❀️🌻🌻


  2. Hi Miles…u r one of my fave writers/author of Sir Chief/Maya fanfics…and i always look forward sa mga updates ng stories mo…just remember…we will be waiting for new updates and new stories….take care and God bless always!


  3. Hi Miles,
    Alam ko late reaction ito and hope nakabalik kana from whereever u came from. We also understand that you have to do your prioties muna. Looking forward to the continuation of your ff. Nandito kaming mga adiks na naghihintay. Take care!


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