After All: Chapter 1

A/N: Helloooo 🙂 It has been a while! Namiss ko ang pagsusulat, hehe! Another story na sana abangan niyo and promise hindi na ‘to masyadong sad. Haha! Take care and enjoy reading…

Miles ❤


“Kay tagal mo nang nawala, babalik ka rin, babalik ka rin…”
– Gary Valenciano

“Congratulations po, Mr. and Mrs. Lim! What a very smart child you have!” Althea’s class adviser, Ms. Rebecca, cheerfully congratulated Maya and Simon.

Simon had a sour face and looked away while Maya smiled awkwardly and explained, “Ah, naku po, hindi po ako si Mrs. Lim. Please call me Mrs. Maya Corpuz and this is my husband, Simon Gabriel Corpuz.”

Ms. Rebecca felt embarrassed so she didn’t speak further about the matter. “Sige po, mauna na po ako sa inyo.” Maya waved goodbye to her while Simon just nodded.

“Mama, can I just say goodbye to my other teachers as well?” Althea, or Thea to her family and friends, sweetly asked for Maya’s permission in which she agreed upon. Maya also told Thea not to wander around too much for they will be leaving soon.


Simon carefully stared at the letters written on Thea’s recognition certificate. How he wished that Thea was carrying his last name. “Sabi ko naman kasi sa’yo eh. Bakit hindi pa kasi natin palitan ang apelido ni Thea?”

Maya pressed her lips against each other. “Simon, di ba napag-usapan na natin ito?”

“Okay, okay. I already know the reason and you don’t have to repeat it over again. Ang akin lang naman, hindi ka naman si Mrs. Lim. Pag may mga letters from school, parati nalang nakalagay na to Mr. and Mrs. Lim.” Simon reasoned out.

Maya scratched the back of her head. “Eh, hayaan mo na. I’ll inform them again this coming school year.”

Thea was rushing back to Maya and Simon while carrying a paper bag with her. “Mama, Papa, look! My best friend Ella gave a present to me. Ang sweet niya po ano?”

Simon knelt in front of Thea and brushed her hair. “Ang galing-galing talaga ng baby ko!” Then he kissed her forehead. “Where do you want to eat?”

“Papa, how about baby Sean? Hindi po natin siya isasama?” Sean is Thea’s half-brother and Maya and Simon’s first born.

“He will be staying muna kila Lola-Nanay, anak. For now, tayo muna ni Papa ang kakain. What do you think about that?” replied Maya.

“Sige po. Ako muna ang baby niyo for today.” Thea’s heart was leaping for joy upon hearing that her brother will be staying with Lola-Nanay for the meantime. Oh how she missed being the only child.


Thea was putting away her laptop when Maya entered her bedroom. At seven, she already knew how to be independent and responsible. It was only her and Maya who lived together until Simon came into the picture. Thea first thought that Simon was only her Mama’s friend, but she felt that it was something more. Maya never had a hard time explaining the situation to her for Thea acts maturely at her age.

“Mama, aren’t you sleepy yet?” Thea climbed onto her bed after she placed her laptop on the table.

Maya sat beside her. “Hindi pa eh. I just want to check on you. May kausap ka ba kanina sa laptop?”

“Yes, Mama. It was Daddy.” Thea fixed her pillows and placed her favourite teddy bear onto her left.

Maya pursued her lips and slowly nodded. “Talaga?” She wanted to know what Thea and her dad talked about but she opted not to ask.

“Mama, Daddy said he is coming home to see me. Pero, sabi niya po, mag-paalam daw po muna ako sa inyo kung papayag kayo ni Papa.” It was evident that Thea was excited to see her Daddy since their last meeting has been almost a year.

“Oo naman, anak. It’ll be alright. Ask your Daddy first when and where your meeting would be so we can set it up with Granny Esme.” Maya felt a bit giddy but she tried to keep calm as she talked to Thea.

“Okay Mama. Thank you po.” Maya was about to speak when Thea butted in. “Mama, I have a question.”

“Ano ‘yun anak?”

“Mama, bakit po Lim ang apelido ko? I mean, lahat po kayo dito sa bahay, Corpuz yung apelido. Pero ako, naiiba.” There was a tinge of sadness on her tone.

“Anak, di ba, you know that Papa Simon is not your real Papa?” Thea nodded and Maya continued, “Kasi, since you are living with Mama and Papa, si Daddy Richard, hiningi niya na sana ‘wag kong palitan yung apelido mo.” Maya tried her best to explain her point without confusing Thea.

Thea was smart. She exactly knew the reasons why she has to carry a different surname. “Mama, I know all that. What I meant was, bakit hindi po si Daddy ang Papa ko?” Thea meant why didn’t Maya and Richard end up together.

Maya wasn’t sure if she was going to laugh or to hide herself. “I guess we weren’t meant to be, anak.”

Thankfully, Thea yawned which signaled Maya to stand up and tuck her in. “Good night, Mama. I love you.”

“I love you too, Thea.” Maya kissed her forehead and turned off the lights as she walked out of the door. Few moments after, her phone beeped. It was a message from Mrs. Esmeralda Lim.

Good evening, Maya. Si Mama Esme ito. I just want to inform you in advance that Richard will be coming home next week, baka pwede naming mahiram si Thea tutal summer break naman na. Thank you anak.

Maya quickly sent a reply to the old lady.

Good evening din po, Ma. Of course, that wouldn’t be a problem. I’ll send Thea there, baka with my cousin Lino this time po Ma, kasi wala po si Yaya Doris next week. Thank you po for the information.


18 thoughts on “After All: Chapter 1

  1. Interesting…. Maya is married to Simon but she has a daughter with Richard. I wonder what happened? Thanks for this new story Ms. Miles, basta sabi mo happy ending to ha!
    Next chapter please.


  2. Well Ms Miles, its a beginning of a story with a twist…just wondering how Thea Lim will come about and Maya calling Ma Esme but she is married to Simon. its story that we are looking forward to wait and find out whats going on..So Ms Miles here we are waiting for the next chapter


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