My Greatest Love: Chapter 10 (Finale)

A/N: Wag niyo po akong bugbugin. Mahal ko po kayo. :))

Miles ❤


“Somethin’ happened along the way, what used to be happy was sad. Somethin’ happened along the way and yesterday was all we had. And oh, after the love has gone…”
– Earth Wind and Fire


Upon seeing Richard, Maya tried to escape but she failed. His hands were firmly gripped on to her arms and he wouldn’t let him go. Tears were forming in Maya’s eyes, although she tried to hide it. She heaved a deep sigh before facing him. He let go of her right arm and moved closer to her.

“Anong ginagawa mo dito?” It has been a emotional roller coaster for Maya. She felt giddy upon seeing him again after a long time, then sadness enveloped her for she remembered how Richard badly crushed her feelings. Anguish, disgust, anger, relief – were all trying to engulf her completely. But she waited for his response.

Richard licked his lips. “Maya… I am here to say sorry.” Tears were streaming down his cheeks. “I am sorry for everything. You don’t deserve all those things. I’m so sorry. Maya, please, give me another chance. I hope it still isn’t too late.”

Maya was sternly staring at him as he spoke. “Sorry? Marunong ka pala n’on?! I wasn’t informed. Sa tingin mo, may magagawa ‘yang sorry mo? Sa tingin mo, maibabalik pa natin ang nakaraan?” Maya gulped and expelled a sigh. “I was there. I tried to be with you when you needed me. Dadating naman ako, eh. Kailangan mo lang akong antayin. Pero anong ginawa mo? Ibinaling mo ang atensyon mo sa iba. Hanggang sa nakalimutan mo na ang kung ano man ang meron tayo. Akala ko ba wala nang iwanan? The irony. Iniwan mo parin ako sa ere. Do you know what I did? I tried to forget everything even if I knew I was just fooling myself. I waited for you to say sorry. I waited for you until the very end because I want you to know that I will always be right there whenever you need me. I waited and waited. Until one day, I realized that I was waiting for nothing.”

Some time few years back then, Richard’s grandfather, who was extremely close to him, suffered from a terminal illness. He was depressed so he called Maya and asked her to fly to Manila and accompany him. Unfortunately, Maya was unable to book a flight immediately for she has prior and important commitments. It took her weeks to arrive to Manila. At that time, Richard’s favourite Lolo already passed on. Maya arrived on the last day of the wake and to her surprise, Richard was leaning on Stephanie’s arms, his ex-girlfriend. Stephanie, on the other hand, was seen stroking Richard’s hair and kissing his forehead. Since Maya thought that it wouldn’t be proper to confront Richard, she decided to stay behind them all through the evening without his knowledge. Few days later, Maya, thanks to the help of a friend, was able to track where Richard was. He was at a nightclub – with Stephanie. His arms coiled around Stephanie in which the latter seemed to enjoy.

That evening, Maya went straight to Richard’s condominium and waited for him. Richard carefully unlocked the door. “Suprise.” said Maya. Richard was completely puzzled then he started to become irate, asking why Maya was there. Maya tried to explain her side but Richard just wasn’t listening. Richard then started turning the tables by putting the blame on her why he looked for another company. Maya slapped Richard as hard as she slammed the door behind her. From then on, Maya never said a word to Richard.

Richard held Maya’s shoulders. “Maya, kaya nga ako nandito, di ba? Para ayusin kung ano man ‘yung mga naging pagkukulang ko sa’yo. You don’t know how much I regret what I did every single day. It still haunts me. I realized na ikaw ‘yung babaeng mahal ko, ‘yung babaeng pakakasalan ko at ‘yung babaeng hinding-hindi ako magsisising mahalin. Don’t give up on us, please? I won’t promise anything because they said that it is all meant to be broken. But I assure you, I will do everything I can and as much as I could just to win you back.”

Maya shrugged to disengage from Richard. “No. You can’t win me back. You will never win me back. Dahil tapos na tayo. Matagal na tayong tapos, Richard.”

“You’re saying that because you still haven’t forgiven me.” countered Richard.

“Matagal na kitang pinatawad. Kung alam mo lang kung gaano karami ang iniluha ko para lang mailabas ko ang lahat ng sama ng loob ko sa’yo.” Maya narrated in between sobs. “Tapos na tayo. Wala nang tayo. At kahit kailan, hindi na magiging tayo.”

“Why are you saying that, Maya? Why?” Richard was crying like a baby.

“Kasi…” Maya held out her left hand. “…ikakasal na ako.”

Richard seemed to be trapped in between heaven and earth. He thought that he was only dreaming. No, it can’t be. He wiped his tears and shook his head in disbelief. “This isn’t happening, Maya. You’re kidding. No. This is not true, right? Say it, please.” He placed his hands on her face. “Maya, say this isn’t true.”

Maya held his hands. “Richard, believe me when I say you’re forgiven. Believe me when I say I have no regrets about us – our relationship, even if it didn’t last long. Believe me when I say no one has ever given me butterflies the way you do. I felt that our love was right, however the time, and even the place, weren’t just right.”

Richard spoke softly. “Come back to me, Maya, please. You still have time.”

Maya hushed him. “I won’t even if I can.”

“Why?” Richard was continuously shedding tears.

Maya closely held Richard’s face while wiping all the tears. “Richard, I want you to understand that I already made a choice. And that is, to marry Jerome. I know how it is love someone significantly where you wouldn’t afford to lose that person. Because if you lose him or her, it would definitely drive you insane. My conscience will haunt me forever.”

“You don’t love him, do you?” Richard was still trying his best.

Maya smiled. “He did a lot of things for me that are beyond my imagination. Things I wished you did, but you didn’t. I guess you didn’t have the opportunity. I learned to love him eventually. “

“Maya, now is the opportunity.” He insisted.

“No, Richard. You had a chance but you took it for granted.” Maya once again grasped Richard’s hand but this time it was tighter. “If there is one thing I would like to leave you, that would be a lesson. Love has two categories: true love and greatest love. True love happens when the love and timing is right. It is the sincerest love one could ever feel. Greatest love, on the other hand, may or may not happen in the right time. It could also be sincere, but its intensity isn’t the same with true love. Richard, you may not be my one true love but I want you to know that you are my one greatest love. I wouldn’t and haven’t loved anybody the way I loved you.”

Richard embraced Maya. “Please, don’t go. Stay with me, Maya, please. Let’s give us a try again. I’ll do everything you want, please, just trust me. There’s no harm in doing that, right? I love you Maya and forever I will.”

Maya disengaged from Richard. “Hush, Richard.” She paused. “You will always have a special place in my heart. Makakahanap ka din ng babaeng para sa’yo. Your one true love. Please don’t be too hard on yourself. Promise me that after this, babalik ka na ng Pilipinas. Never dare to see me again. By doing so, you would find it easy to move on.” She fixed Richard’s disoriented neck tie and continued. “Kaya mo ‘yan. Ikaw pa ba? I just cannot afford to hurt someone the way you did to me. Take care, Richard.”

Richard watched as Maya walked away together with what they shared. Rain started pouring on his head but he didn’t try to move. Not even planning to. Maya, oh my dear Maya, my greatest love. How could I forget you?


May mga tao talaga sa buhay natin na tumatagal at dumadaan lang. Yung mga tumatagal ay yung mga pang-habang buhay na dapat nating bigyan ng sapat na halaga. Meron din namang mga dumadaan lang… Dumadaan to give spice in our lives. Pero, hindi ibig sabihn na magtatagal sila. Ganoon talaga. We should learn who to prioritize. Always remember na ang pagsisisi ay parating nasa huli. Tumagal o dumaan man sila, we need to remember to take good care of our fragile hearts too. So that in the end, walang talo. 🙂 – Miles


24 thoughts on “My Greatest Love: Chapter 10 (Finale)

  1. Kahit siguro ako si Maya..i would have done the same……bittersweet but its the best decision …haist tahos sa puso ang kirot…sana may epilogue..thamks Ms Miles…


  2. Sakit naman sa dibdib Ma. Miles but I have to agree with you on this one. Maya gave Richard all the chances and yet he took for granted every single one of them. Not all endings are happy specially this one. Richard has to learn his lesson the hard way and he has to live with it. Very sad but still thank you for such a heart breaking story.


  3. Are you serious ms.miles? Final na to? Hu hu hu…grabe naman ang lesson na binigay mo d cla nagkatuluyan! Waaaaa …..ayaw ng ganitong ending! Db dpat always happy and goodvibes? You break my heart ms. Miles….hu hu hu.( ha ha ha affected much)


  4. Parang yung kantang mahal ko o mahal ako? Dapat bang piliin yung mahal ko? O Dapat yung mahal ako? Kahit di ko Mahal? Ang hirap dayain ang sarili. Dahil sa Huli sya talaga ang mahal ni na realize naman na ni Richard na si Maya talaga ang mahal Nya.
    Ms. Miles, Ito ang tamang Gagawin ni Maya, pero pano mo dadayain ang puso mo Kung ang tinitibok ay si Richard. Hay! Ibang story to.kung ang ending di sila.Parang Ito yung nangyayari ngayon, si Ian na nga ba ang final na partner ni Maya sa new movie?


  5. Ms. Miles paano mo nasabing talo Kung nasa Harapan Muna ang umamin na si Richard na si Maya pala ang matagal na nyang mahal. Hindi kaya si Maya ang magsisi sa bandang Huli. Next story again. Thank you.


  6. ikaw na ms. miles 👍 of setting a new record of having the very first ff na hindi nagkatuluyan ang dalawang bida I have a 50-50 feeling na agree and disagree, ah basta ang hirap ipaliwanag hehehe


  7. Thanks Ms Miles…love the ending of the story…something different…Maya was right, she can’t afford to drop Jerome, he was there for her…if love is not present at that time once they will be married she will learned to love him…not the same love she has in her heart for Richard


  8. well i know the different Richard who is willing to sacrifice everything in his own expense for the sake of protecting his LOVE. 🙂 (ngayon lng nkacomment ang SAKIT kase) HAHAHAHA


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