My Greatest Love: Chapter 9

“Darlin’ I’m still in love. As long as this old heart keeps beating, I’ll be loving you. Every breath I take repeating that I’m still in love with you…”
– David Gates


Samantha was hysterically crying while continuously slapping Richard’s arm. He decided to break up with her. “How could you do this to me? Why, Richard, why? Have I done something wrong to deserve all these?” Samantha said in between sobs.

While in Canada, Richard has meticulously thought about calling off his engagement with Samantha. He felt that he was marrying her for wrong reasons. However, he failed to find Maya because Edz refused to give Maya’s address. “Samantha, I’m really sorry. I really am. Believe me.”

Tears were overflowing on Samantha’s pearly white face. “Richard, please. Don’t leave me. I’m begging you.” She knelt down. “What you’re feeling is just wedding jitters, right? Please, Richard. I’ll do everything just don’t leave me. I can’t live without you. You do love me, don’t you?”

Richard pulled Samantha up and wiped her knees. “Samantha, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being dishonest. I’m sorry for being a jerk. I’m sorry for everything. I do not want to hurt you any further that is why I am ending this as early as now.”

Samantha gathered strength before speaking. “But why all of a sudden? It hurts…so bad.”

“I’m sorry.” That was all Richard could afford to say.

Few weeks after, Richard talked to all the people involved, including their respective families, and apologized for the big mess he has done. As a consequence, Samantha’s father pulled out his shares and ended his business partnership with Richard and his company. It was admittedly quite a big loss, but he couldn’t afford to break someone’s fragile heart again.


Jerome decided to surprise Maya on their first anniversary as a couple. He was planning to take her to Revolving Restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. When he saw Maya approaching his car, he immediately ran towards her. “Happy anniversary, love.”

Maya was taken aback. “Wow!” She didn’t know what to say.

“Surprised?” Jerome was grinning from ear to ear.

Maya chuckled as she entered the car. “Of course!” She placed her seat belt on. “Mukhang may pasabog tayo ngayon ah. Akala ko nakalimutan mo.”

Jerome planted a kiss on her temple. “How can I forget? Nung sinagot mo ako was one of the happiest moments in my life.”

“Hmmm. Bola!” Maya joked but deep inside she was feeling giddy.

“As I always say… Kelan ba kita binola?” Jerome started the engine and carefully pulled out of the driveway.

It took them roughly 30 minutes to reach their destination. The ambiance of the restaurant was so romantic, just what Jerome had in mind. They ordered their food and while waiting, they had a serious conversation.

“Paano mo naman naisipan na sagutin ako? Di ba, I mean, basted na nga ako di ba?” He candidly asked.

Maya took a sip of wine before responding. “Eh kasi nga, ang kulit mo di ba? Hindi mo ako tinantanan.”

Jerome raised his eyebrows. “So, nakulitan ka lang kaya mo ako sinagot?”

Her face turned serious. “Oo.” Jerome pouted and started having doubts. Then she took back what she said. “Joke lang! Eto naman, di mabiro.”

He smiled in relief. “Akala ko totoo na eh. But seriously, what made you say yes?”

She held his hands and looked straight to his eyes. “Kasi… Never kang sumuko. You were always there whenever I need you. You became my confidante, my best friend, even my driver! Name it all. And Jerome, I want to thank you for that. I really appreciate all the things you’ve done for me. Feeling ko nga, ang unfair ko. I cannot reciprocate the love that you’ve been giving me.”

Jerome felt this was the right time. “Maya, do you really love me?” She nodded. “Well, because, I really love you so. And I can’t wait so spend the rest of my lifetime with you.” Jerome knelt down on his knees and took out the ring from his pocket. “Maya, will you marry me?”

Customers inside the restaurant wasn’t able to contain their emotions. They started to cheer and clap their hands. Maya shouted, “Yes! I’ll marry you, Jerome!”


Just landed. Thank you Eds, I owe you one.

After months of persuasion, Eds finally gave Maya’s contact number to Richard. It was a long and tiring 12 hour flight from Manila. He is back in Canada just what he intended to. As soon as he entered his hotel room, where he will be staying for a couple of days, he immediately went to bed. It is going to be a tough yet beautiful day tomorrow, he claimed.

The next day, he went to the hospital where Maya works. He looked for her but unfortunately she was in sick leave. Instead of losing hope, it gave Richard more enthusiasm to find and talk to Maya. Since he didn’t want to surprise her by calling or by suddenly appearing in front of her doorsteps, he decided to go to the place where Maya said to be her usual hang out place.

The cool autumn breeze was enveloping his whole body. Across from where he was sitting were a pair of lovely couples. One was probably in mid-20s while the other was probably in their 60s. Suddenly, all the good things that he and Maya shared when they were still together kept replaying in his mind. Yes, they had a short-lived romance, which unfortunately didn’t last long. And now that he is back, he was planning to win her heart again, hoping that he still has a chance. How could I be a total jerk?

He tried to held back his tears but he wasn’t able to. He wiped his misty eyes with his fingers and looked at a different direction. There is nothing to do here, I should go back to the hotel. Richard was about to stand up when he saw something peculiar in his peripheral view. He then turned sideways to see who or what it was. It took him a minute or two before realizing who the familiar figure was.

It was Maya.


17 thoughts on “My Greatest Love: Chapter 9

  1. awwwww…ano yun? pumayag si Maya magpakasal kay Jerome?? oh no no no!! Richard should do everything in his power to stop her and make Maya realized its Richard she needs and wants to spend her forever and not Jerome….bilisan mo Richard…kilos agad bilis nakuuuu baka mahuli ka…double time pls?? thank you and GOD bless!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. yes Richard here is a total jerk 😁 hala segi e face mo ang consequence sa pagbaliwala kay Maya sa mahabang panahon, hindi ko ma explain ang nararamdaman ko kung sa kung ano kaya ang sunod na mangyayari.


  3. He called off his wedding and she just got engaged……WOW !!!! Talking about wrong timing or maybe it wasnt meant to be ????? Naku huwag naman sana……Singkit you better move fast as in FAST before its too late make her realized that your meant for each other kahit huli na when you realized it…..Haaayyyy 😢😢😢

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aba, Richard, ano yan basta ganoon ganon na lang? Kelangan maghirap ka naman muna bago mo makuha muli ang pagmamahal ni Maya. Waaaahhh…awa naman ako kela Samantha and Jerome-mga inosenteng nilalang na nadamay sa dalawang eto. Pero, ganoon talaga, pagdating sa pag-ibig kailangan ipaglaban mo ng “patayan.” Malay mo makuha mo, di ba?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Bakit Kasi ngayon lang na tauhan si Richard. Sana Hindi pa Huli ang lahat. Maya Anong Gagawin mo ngayong decided na Richard na ikaw talaga ang mahal Nya. Mahal mo pa ba si Richard? Miss Miles thank you so much for this up date. Kahit ang sarap sabunutan si Richard, sya pa rin gusto ko para Kay Maya. Can’t wait for the next chapter. Good morning.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yun lang yun…bitin. now that she accept the proposal…what Richard is going to do now, he should do the triple ligaw…I know she still love him….yeah I will drive to Vancouver to tell her that she is making a HUGE


  7. Hala ano ba to finalli available na si singkit si maya naman ang hindi pero fare i think will play big time here. Thanks ms miles. Pahirapan mo muna si mr lim ms miles para maka bawi si maya☺☺☺.


  8. miss Miles, paki sabi sa akin kung saan dito sa Vancouver si Maya and I will do a one-on-one with her…..hindi siya pwede mapakasal kay Jerome, and also which hotel here in downtown Vancouver is mr. Singkit staying, I will pave the way for them to have the most romantic dinner with the $$$million dollar view either at the Seasons in the Park, the Salmon House on the Hill or at The Observatory atop Grouse Mountain….AND I will not allow Maya and Jerome to secure a marriage license…..I will get the force of the liberals for their application to be denied (ayyyyyay…..nanaginip ba ako?) BASTA…..ang kasalang dapat maganap ay ang para kay Richard and Maya!!!!period; PERO si Singkit dapat ay maghirap muna, maglumuhod, magsumamo, magdasal ng paluhod to the altar, bago niya makamit ang most prized YES ni Maya……in other words Miss Miles, pwede walang bitinan sa next chapter….PLEASE!!!! thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Pwede ba mag send ng addik power for Richard para mapabilis ang pagbawi niya kayy Maya from Jerome? There is NO way na makasal si Maya kung hindi kay Richard lang!!! Ihaharan ko an aking alindog hindi lang matuloy ajg kasalang iyan!!!


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