My Greatest Love: Chapter 8

A/N: Helloooo! May tao pa ba? Haha, sorry! Quite busy with my life, hehe. Medyo malapit na din matapos ‘tong story na ‘to kasi masyadong masakit (relate much? haha) and may naisip nanaman akong bago. Hope that you’ll watch out for it. Take care!

Miles ❤


“I never thought she’d say goodbye and I’ll never understand the reasons why…”
– Bobby Caldwell

Things were going pretty steady between Maya and Richard, so to speak. During Maya’s short stay in the Philippines, he never failed to catch up with her by visiting her every other day, not to mention that he has been showering her with gifts. Maya didn’t like the idea since it seemed that he was courting her so she told him that his presence was enough. Richard asked Maya to go out to watch a movie since she was about to leave in three days. At first, Maya was protecting her heart but thought that spending a day with him wouldn’t hurt since she survived the previous days without feeling anything. Edz was caught by surprise when she saw the two giggling upon exiting the movie theatre so immediately, she texted her best friend.

Pssst! Let’s meet. Andito ako sa mall.

“Ang ganda nung movie, ano?” Richard tried to grabbed her hands but she budged.

Maya looked tensed. “Ah, Chard… Nagtext ‘yung Tita ko. I need to meet her somewhere.” She lied.

Richard wasn’t expecting that Maya planned to leave early. “Ah, talaga? Sige hatid na kita.”

“Naku, wag na. It’s okay. I can manage. Thanks for the treat.” she smiled.

There must be something going on. He thought. “Well then. See you on the day of your flight.”

She met Edz at a restaurant near the mall’s entrance. Good thing Richard texted her that he was about to leave the mall.

Edz, with slightly raised eyebrows, confronted Maya. “Ano’yon?”

Maya was perplexed. “Ang alin?”

“Bakit kayo magkasama?” Edz continued.

“Ha? What are you talking about?” Maya was starting to hint that Edz saw them earlier but she didn’t want to presume.

“Kayo. Kayo ni Richard. Nakita ko kayo kanina palabas ng cinema. Ano ‘yon? Anong meron kayo?”

“Wala. Wala ‘yon.” was Maya’s plain reply.

After expelling a deep sigh, Edz stretched her arms towards Maya. “Sigurado ka? Kahit kaunti? Ayaw kitang masaktan.”

At that moment, millions of thoughts were running through Maya’s mind. Half of her was telling her that there was really something budding between the two of them, while the other half was still convincing herself that she has moved on. However, at that same time, her heart was also speaking to her. Why would her heart somersault when their eyes meet? Why is she feeling butterflies in her stomach whenever he is around? Why is she feeling at ease when she is with him? Why is she this happy? Maya asked herself: is it really over?

As soon as Maya’s eyes closed, tears streamed down her rosy cheeks. “Hindi ko alam, Edz. Mahal ko talaga siya. I’ve tried so many times, but I feel that there is no way of getting over him.”

“Eh, anong plano mo? Babalik ka na sa Canada, di ba? Tapos ano? Masasaktan ka nanaman. You were hurt once and that’s enough.” Edz was trying to comfort her friend. She knew this was coming.

Maya sniffed. “I know. Mahirap diktahan ang puso kung ano ang dapat gawin. Hindi ko alam, pero, sa tingin ko, may sariling isip ‘yung puso ko na kahit anong pagpupumilit ang gawin ko, hindi ko parin siya makalimutan.”

“You must really love him.” Edz paused. “But please, be careful. You don’t know where would these things lead to.”

Richard and Maya, as usual, maintained a regular communication after the latter went back to Canada. But as they say, the only constant in this world is change. Again, the inevitable happened.


Jerome smiled as he was pulling into the driveway. “Hey beautiful.”

“Hmm, bola.” Maya was waiting for Jerome to fetch and drop her off to work.

He kissed her cheeks and opened the passenger’s door. “How many times would I have to tell you na kahit kailan di kita binola?”

She chuckled. “Thank you.” Maya went inside the car, fixed her things, and placed her seat belt. “Sige na nga, sabi mo eh.”

“So, what time ka uuwi mamaya?” Jerome started the engine and pulled out of the driveway afterwards.

Maya re-positioned herself. “Hindi pa nga nakakapasok, uwian na agad?”

“Kasi, gusto ulit kita makita.” He stared at her endearingly.

Maya’s eyes twinkled as she melted like an ice cream under the sun. “Seven in the evening ang off ko.”

Jerome cheered with his clenched fists up in the air. “Yun! So, date tayo mamaya ah?” Maya grinned as she found it funny every time her boyfriend celebrates whenever she agrees to have a date night with him.


 “So, honey, do you like this colour?” Samantha sweetly asked Richard.

Richard plainly smiled. “It’s up to you. Whatever makes you happy.”

Samantha and Richard has been in a relationship for two years before the two decided to tie the knot. Well, it seemed that Richard had so many pressures from his and his girlfriend’s party. Like, urging him to settle down already because the time is running out. Samantha Rivera was one of his clients who he frequently worked with. Aside from that, they have a lot of common friends so it wasn’t hard for them to get along easily. Richard thought that it was the right time to move on since his relationship with Maya never really blossomed into something, which was the opposite of what he really hoped for. Distance was always an issue and it seemed that things wasn’t just falling into their right places. That day, Richard and Samantha were meeting with their wedding coordinator to finalize the design they wanted for the invitation.

“That is a great colour combination, Sam. I like it.” Corrine turned to Richard. “Mr. Lim, do you want to add anything?”

Richard raised his eyebrows and leaned against the chair. “I think Samantha has chosen the best ones.”

Corrine carefully packed her things. “Okay then. Hopefully by next week or the week after that, invitations will be printed out. You have only a hundred guests so it wouldn’t be a hassle. Please do not hesitate to call me if there are any further changes or any matter that concerns you.”

“Thank you Corrine for being efficient.” said Samantha.

Corrine stood up and shook hands with Samantha and Richard. “No worries. I love working with the both of you. I have to go. Take care!”

When Corrine left, Samantha’s face turned serious. “What’s happening to you? You were unusually quiet today. Is something bothering you?”

“No, there’s none. Baka pagod lang ‘to.” replied Richard. That was a lie. He has been skeptical about the wedding.

“That’s what I’m saying. You’ve been exhausting yourself in the past few days. Are you sure you’re okay?” Samantha was starting to worry.

Before Richard was able to respond, his phone rang. “Hello?” Samantha left her seat and motioned to Richard that she was just going to the powder room. “Yes, Mr. Reyes, it’s me, Richard speaking…” Richard nodded to Samantha. “Next week? Are you serious?” There was a long pause. “Okay, Mr. Reyes, I understand. Thank you. I’ll see you. Bye.”

“Who was that?” Samantha returned to her seat and sipped her cup of orange pekoe tea.

“It was an emergency call from Mr. Reyes.” Richard didn’t want to detail his conversation with Mr. Reyes. He thought that Samantha would oppose to the idea.

“About what?” She was trying to persuade him.

Richard sighed. “Uh, well. About business.” He didn’t want to continue but Samantha was giving him the “look” so he was forced to. “He wants me to fly to Canada next week and we will be staying there for two or three days. It is really urgent. One of his trusted engineers had an important family matter to attend to so he thought he could bring me along.”

Samantha had a confused and sour look on her face. “What? Aren’t we supposed to meet up with our ninongs and ninangs next week? Why are you making plans all of a sudden?”

Richard tried to pacify Samantha. “Calm down, Sam. I didn’t plan this just so you know. This is an urgent one and I really need to attend to my client. Please understand.” Samantha didn’t respond, instead, she walked out on him. He couldn’t help but to heave a deep sigh. What have I gotten myself into? He asked himself. Few minutes after, he received an SMS from Mr. Reyes.

Hi Richard, our flight is booked. We will be leaving Manila on Wednesday, 8 in the evening and we’ll be arriving Vancouver 9 in the evening of the same day. Kindly check your email for further information regarding our flight. I apologize for interrupting you and your fianceé. This matter is just really urgent and I know you’re the best person who could help me solve the issue. Thanks again.

Richard’s face brightened up and instantly thought of Maya. Will I see her again? Oh boy. What are you thinking? You’re engaged! And do you think Maya would want to see you? Of course not! Though he was starting to be pessimistic, he felt that something good is about to happen.


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  1. Milesssss, pls pigilan mo kasal plsssss…kailangan di yan matuloy kundi mgbibigti akooooo! stop the weddinggggg! bwahahaha going crazy….bwisit kc sa latest news na d na tuloy ang movie nila hmp…i hate Kris A.

    thank you for the update….sana me kasunod agad! God bless!

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  2. Ayan Ms Miles at dumadami ang gustong magwelga at pigilan ang kasal !!! Sana maextend ang stay ni Richard and have the chance to reconnect with Maya and this time sana eh magaminan na before its too late for both of them please pretty please 🙂 🙂 🙂 ……thanks sa update Ms Miles !!!!

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  3. Wish this time R&M will be connected…she love him all her life. He is not married yet, and she has a chance but how about her, she has a boyfriend, hope only boyfriend not husband…got a hint that they never get connected…so sad. Anyway thanks for weekend treat ms Miles…hoping the next will be here soon


    • KA backed out of her MMFF movie with Mayor HB. Then rumors started cirulating that JoChard will replace KA and HB. Few days ago, it was announced that KA had a meeting with the management and decided he will do the movie again.


      • OO nga Miles at ang masama, she decided on it with JSM as one of the lead dahil she knows that hahatak yan sa takilya…pano kasi yung Etiquette movie nia kong tutuusin kong di nila binili ni Boy Abunda ang tickets ay flop un….my sister told me Boy A went to Barangay Roxas (Q.C.) to give tickets for the movie at pnapunta sila sa Fisher Mall coz KA was there…hmp! kainis talga!!


  4. Totoo hindi na tuloy ang movie project ni maya at serchief … sayang naman excited pa naman kami dito sa USA. Ito naman si Kris A. aayaw ayaw tapos gusto rin pala siguro gusto lang niyang makasama si richard yap he he he.


  5. Naku nakakainis si Richard! Ano yun kung cno nandyan din cya…now na pupunta cya Canada c Maya naman ulit ang naiisip nga? Kainis ha! Naku maya pag nagkita kayo wag mo na pansinin c singkit magulo utak!..ha ha ha affected much ako….d kc matutyloy movie nila nagkakagulo na nga sa tuwa mga ka adiks e tpos ala…


  6. masyado na akong naawa kay Maya kasi from the start naman aware si Richard ng feelings ni Maya sa kaniya pero parang wala naman syang ginawang effort to woe Maya, paulit ulit lang na nasasaktan si Maya and i guess kailangan na rin nyang mag move on, she deserves to be happy. first time yata na ff na ok lang sa akin na hindi sila magkatuluyan hehehe (joke lang na parang hindi rin hahaha)


  7. Di ko rin maintindihan si Richard at bakit pa niya pinalagpas ang pag pursue kay Maya ng nasa ‘Pinas pa eto. Alam naman niyang may gusto si Maya sa kanya noon pa man. Ngayong engaged na sia, na excite bigla na pupunta sia sa Canada and he might have the chance to see Maya again? Paano naman ang fiancee niya? Ang gulo mo Richard! Sori medyo affected much lang at super ramdam ko ang sakit na naramdaman ni Maya with her unreciprocated love for Richard before. Haist…


  8. Oh my! What happened? I thought Maya and Jerome are just friends? Tapos boyfriend na agad? I thought things are going so well with Maya and Richard? And now Richard is marrying Samantha? What gives Ms. Miles? Nakakalurkey ha?! hehehe My heart stopped with this chapter! I am so looking forward to the next one. And yes, Ms. Miles, may tao pa…. marami pa ring adiks who are eagerly waiting for you! And we are looking forward to the next story and next and the next. Thank you!!!


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