One Shot: Match

She had a pretty long day. She was badly missing him so she decided to sleep in their love nest that evening. Upon unlocking the bedroom, she saw a familiar figure standing on the bedroom deck, just behind the curtains and the sliding glass door. He was holding a glass of wine while gazing at the stars.

Her: I didn’t know you’re here.

He felt giddy upon hearing her voice. He turned to her with his signature loop-sided smile.

Him: You’re home, darling.

He inched towards her and kissed her neck.

Him: You smell lovely as ever. You want some wine?

She kissed his lips tenderly.

Her: No, sorry. I’ll pass on tonight. I am very tired.

Him: Do you have work tomorrow?

Her: Yes, in the evening. I have to attend a corporate event with co-workers.

He felt a pang of jealousy, so he didn’t reply. He placed his wine glass on the side table and sat on their king sized bed. Meanwhile, she slipped on her red laced negligee, one of his favourites.

Her: Like it?

Still no response from him. She climbed on the bed and went on top of him.

Her: Better?

Him: Much better.

Her: I smell trouble in the paradise. What seems to be bothering you?

She trailed kisses from his biceps up to his neck.

Him: I miss you.

Her: Uhm, nope. That’s not what I feel.

He pulled her closer and kissed her deeply.

Him: Really? So, what do you think it is?

Her: You’re jealous.

He smirked.

Him: You know me too well.

Her: Kaya nga eto na po, bumabawi na di ba?

Him: Thanks for rocking my world.


They were still in bed, sated after hours and hours of love making. She heard her phone rang.

Her: What? Are you serious? After lunch? But I’m still here in—

She groaned. He turned to her and asked who it was.

Her: My handler. She told me that I needed to be at the venue by lunch time. I have to go, sweetheart.

Him: What time should you be there?

Her: Uhm, 1 o’clock. What time is it?

Him: Sweetheart, hindi ka aabot. It’s 11:45 am and mind you, it’s quite traffic today.

Her: What? No! I should better be going.

She stood up and saw his gray shirt lying on the ground. She picked it up and put it on.

Him: I think I should join you in taking a bath.

She didn’t hear what he said because she was busy checking her bag.

Him: You seemed to look puzzled. What’s the matter?

Her: Yung gown ko. Naiwan ko sa bahay.

He opened the closet.

Him: Why don’t you use this instead?

He handed the her the gown she used during their wedding reception.

Her: But why, sweetheart? I thought you’re feeling jealous. Why would you let me wear this? Isn’t this dress special for both of us?

He shrugged.

Him: Just like what you said, the dress is special. Therefore, it will be a reminder of how deep my love is for you. I know you’ll miss me. For the meantime, imagine I am the dress. I’ll be hugging and keeping you company for the rest of the evening.

She giggled sweetly. He kissed her temple.

Her: ‘Yun lang ba talaga?

Him: Let’s just say that it will also remind your partner that you’re mine.

Her: I knew it!

She proceeded to the bathroom and he followed.

Him: Hey, sweetheart. Don’t put the gray shirt in the hamper.

Her: Why?

Him: I’ll wear it.

Her: Huh? Why?

Him: ‘Cause you wore it.

Her: Aren’t you supposed to wash it first before wearing it again?

Him: Nope.

Her: You’re crazy.

Him: Yes. Crazy over you.

Few hours later, he sent her a picture of him wearing the gray shirt under a costume.

Her: Did you wear that on your way to work?

Him: The costume? No. The gray shirt? Yes.

Her: Seriously? Hindi ba pantulog mo ‘yan?

Him: Nah. It looks good on me.

Her: You always look good. Especially when you’re with me.

Him: You’re always in my heart and mind, you know that. The shirt does not only have your smell in it, but also your lipstick. Buti nalang, no one noticed it. I saw the kiss mark you left while I was putting the costume on.

Her: I did it on purpose, sweetheart. It will remind girls to stop chasing after you. And also, it will help you remember how well we spent the night together. Love you.

Him: Love you. Always and forever.


13 thoughts on “One Shot: Match

  1. Sobra pa rin silang nakakamiss; lalo na ng nakita ko mga fotos ni Jodi wearing that reception gown again. I was thinking, meron ba siyang gustong ipahiwatig in doing it; I mean wearing the gown for the second time? Brought back so many wonderful memories ng show.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oo nga, timmi, parang may unspoken message ang pag-suot ng gown…..yung halos sumisigaw na message!!! miss R&M so much!!! thank you for this very super kilig One shot ff……pwede po bang daily dose of this kasi really makes an adiks day so very very good!!!! thank you again and God Bless

    Liked by 2 people

  3. *clap* *clap* *clap* galeng galeng!!! thank you Miles…ito ito ang nagbibigay pag asa sa mundo ng mga adik….yung imagination na….behind the scenes me ganitong kaganapan?? nabubuhay ulit ang dugo…ang kilig!!! awww…un nga lang…lalo natin silang namimiss na magkasama! Dami na ako nabasang comment about the ‘gown’ and you were able to give us an insight of what transpired… insight na…kahit sabihin ng iba imposible…pra sa ating mga adik….whheeee sobrang kilig to the bones!!! madali tayo mapaniwala kasi we live in a world of make-believed! pero malay naman nila…malay natin….tutoo nga? wala daw usok kong wlang apoy ahahayyy….ganun tayo kabaliw!!

    again…thank you and bow ako sa mga one shot mo…more more please?? God bless!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • natumbok mo sis myrn at ito ang pinaka tumatak sa isipan ko “wala daw usok kong wlang apoy” hehehe tayo na ang baliw, pilit pinaniniwalaan ang gustong paniwalaan 😎😳

      Liked by 3 people

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