My Greatest Love: Chapter 5

A/N: I’m baaaack! Haha! Almost one month na hiatus din ‘yun ah. Na-miss ko mag-sulat. I’ve been in a roller coaster of events recently that is why I wasn’t able to update. Kahit na may iba-iba na tayong pinagkakabalahan, never lose hope that one day our Daytime King and Queen will be together again in a project. Dun nga po pala sa mga nag-email I hope you all ready have seen my reply. Anyway, the loooong wait is over. Please enjoy. 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


“I don’t know what to do, there is no easy way of letting go. But I know there’s no sense in holding on too much to something fading… Help me, help me… Help me get over you.”
Jonalyn Viray

A year and a half after…

Maya was blankly staring at her computer screen, thinking of whether to continue or to stop talking to Richard. She was feeling a bit uneasy. They have been in touch since last week when she sent birthday greetings to him. Her hopes were getting high again but one day, she woke up and felt that she should be honest with Richard. Maya once again placed her fingers on the keyboard.

May sasabihin ako sa’yo.

Her heart thumped louder. Faster. Tighter.

Sure. What is it about? was his reply.

She deeply sighed.

‘Wag ka sanang magagalit, ha?

Tungkol ba sa akin ‘to? was his question. Where and how on earth did he get the idea?

Maya’s hands started to tremble. She was trying to hide her nervousness as she was cooking dinner and her mom was inches away.

Hahaha. Grabe, pinapa-kaba mo ako lalo. Wait lang. Magluluto lang ako. I’ll get back to you.

She hid her phone inside her pocket and continued cooking as if nothing was bothering her. Moments after, dinner was finished and she excused herself to go to her bedroom.

Chard, andiyan ka pa ba?

It took few minutes before Richard responded.

Yes, nandito pa ako. So where were we?

Maya knew this was coming. She just waited for the perfect time to tell him what her feelings really were. In fact, earlier while on break, she has prepared her “speech” and wrote it in her mobile phone. Her fingers were scrolling through the save notes as if they have their own minds. Then, she pressed sent. “Bahala na. Ang mahalaga, I am able to let him know kung ano ‘tong nararamdaman ko. Sabi ko nga di ba, dapat maging honest na ako to all the people I’ve wronged. Kalma lang, Maya.” She was trying to comfort herself while waiting for his reply to her novela.

I know that you are wondering kung bakit ko ‘to sinasabi sa’yo. Just to let you know, I’ve been itching to tell you about this matter a couple of months ago. And now, I feel na ito na yung tamang panahon para malaman mo. It has been five long years… Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit – kung bakit hindi kita makalimutan. From the very beginning ng pinagsamahan natin up to know, all the memories we shared were still dearly kept in my heart. Honestly, one of the reasons why I went home a year and a half ago was because I really wanted to see you. There was a part in my heart that was still hoping to put back the missing pieces together. Why? Because I lied to you. I told you that I will set you free but I didn’t. There is never a day that I don’t think about you. However, I think, it’s too late. The last time we talked in person, you mentioned that you were planning to court somebody else. Alam ko din na wala akong right to feel jealous because there was never an us. I am not telling you this to bother, to puzzle or to blame you. Again, I just want to be honest of what I really felt in the previous years. There were guys who courted me and parati kong naiisip na hindi sila ideal. It is because I see you as an epitome of a good, God-fearing man. You give me butterflies. But I guess, I have to stop thinking that there is a chance between us. Ang hirap kasi, para akong na-stuck sa past kagaya lang din ng pag-li-linger ko sa mga memories na hindi ko naman na pwedeng ibalik. Nakalimutan ko ata na tumatakbo ang panahon and the only constant thing is change. Don’t worry about me – I am ok and I am moving on, hopefully. I am sorry again. Kahit hindi ka na mag-respond, okay lang sa akin. Ang mahalaga, nalaman mo. Take good care of yourself. Lucky is the girl who owns your kind heart.

Surprisingly, Richard replied immediately.

Maya, please don’t feel sorry. Hindi naman masisira ang pinagsamahan natin just because umamin ka. Actually, I have no words to say. Hindi ko alam na ganyan pala katindi ng impact ko sa buhay mo. I also like the fact na naging honest ka sa akin. Thank you for that. I also want to let you know that you are one of the greatest friends I have and certainly, someone whom I really trust. I am sure that there is a man who really deserves you. Someday you will realize and siguro matatawa ka na lang na nagustuhan mo ang isang katulad ko. Kidding aside, I want you to know that I do treasure my friends, and you are one of them.

Maya let out a sigh of relief.

Thank you, Richard. Now I can finally find peace, hehe. I mean seriously, I kept this in my heart for a very long time and it’s nice to let it all out. You’re easy to like and I’m sure your future girlfriend would be very blessed to have you. Why? It is because of this wonderful thing: you have God in your life. Thank you again. You don’t know how eased I am right now. And oh, can I ask you a favour? Please let this conversation be just between the two of us.

This time, it took Richard two days to reply. Maya kept on wondering, “What is he up to?” Even though she kept on reprimanding herself not to anticipate his reply everyday, she just couldn’t help it.

No worries, Maya. God bless you. 🙂 was his only reply. Since then, they haven’t exchanged conversations.


Months passed. Still, Richard has a soft spot in Maya’s heart that no one could ever replace. It was a pretty busy day at the hospital where Maya works. During lunch, she found some time to browse on her phone since it has been ages. All she did was to like photos, links, statuses… Then she came across a photo posted by Alex with Richard and Raffi, the latter’s little sister. The caption was: Thank you for the surprise visit and the gifts. I appreciate it. ❤

Raffi commented: Kuya and I are glad you liked it. Love you, Ate! Happy birthday ulit. Mwah!

Her heart was shattered and crushed into pieces. It was as if she was pressed in between the heavens and the earth. Her eyes started to become misty until thousands of tears fell. Half of her was telling herself not to be mad nor jealous because she does not have the right to and the other half was asking herself that in all people, why it has to be her beloved childhood friend and classmate.

Maya gathered all the strength she needed before returning to work. She has to turn her attention away from what was happening miles away from her. Her co-workers, however, was quick to notice her gloomy face.

“Hey, Maya. What’s up? Are you okay?” asked Nerissa.

Maya was somewhat taken aback. She smiled. “Oh, why, of course. I am fine. Thanks for asking.”

Nerissa carefully gazed at her. “You sure?”

Maya touched Nerissa’s shoulders. “I am very certain.” She gave her a huge grin but her eyes were showing how sad she was. “Let’s get back to work.”

Nerissa shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever you say so.”


15 thoughts on “My Greatest Love: Chapter 5

  1. Hang sakeeeeet naman…….first love never dies talaga Mayabels…..and in her case, greatest love pa talaga…Haissst….saan kaya mapupunta etong love story ng dalawa at may Ate Alex na nga si Rafi. Kasal na kaya yong dalawa or in a relationship pa lang?


  2. Hi Ms Miles…. Napakasakit naman yun…. Well saan kaya patungo ang love story nila… Since namiss mo naman po magsulat pwede po ung kasunod na agad… I emphatize with Maya… Ang hirap magmahal ng taong may mahal na iba…


  3. Ouch…and more…well Mayabel got to move on…their should be somebody crazy about you…why wasted your time and heartache if his heart is not for you…its not meant to be you…teach that foolish heart to love someone.😃


  4. Thanks ms miles sa update. Haist pati ako shattered din but any way move on maya may obe day makita mo rin ang para sa yo or may be richard will finally vome to his senses na ikaw talaga ang “the one” for him not alex or any other girl for that matter. Ms miles sana nect chapter na please.


  5. Thank you Miles sa update. Happy to see you back at sana madalas na. Whew Maya was si open na kay Richard kaya lang one sided likeness lang ba ang meron sila? Sana mabasa din natin ang side ni Richard but parang merin na syang Alex ? Next chapter please…..cheers !


  6. ms. miles, huhuhu nakakaawa naman si Maya at ako yata ang nadudurog ang puso para sa kaniya. hope someday marealize ng Richard na yan kung ano ang pinakawalan nya.


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