My Greatest Love: Chapter 3.1

A/N: Sorry sa mga nabitin sa Chapter 3, hehe! Nakatulog po ang inyong beloved author, hahaha, chaz. I also want to thank you for all the positive feedbacks and I must say na ang gagaling niyo mag-analyze. I am writing yung background story so that you may have an idea what happened to Richard and Maya’s romance that almost happened. Anyway, here is the continuation. Medyo short lang po ito. Happy reading! 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


Maya still had some requirements to get from Northwest Hills so she went to drop by quickly. When she finished what she needed to do, Patricia asked her to stay a bit longer for their class has prepared something special for her. It was like a mini-prom slash despedida party. Upon entering the classroom, Maya was filled nothing but awe.

Maya’s eyes were misty. “Aww, kayo talaga. You didn’t have to do this.”

“Can I have this dance?” Richard came out with a rose and handed it to Maya. Everyone in the room cheered.

While dancing to the tune of So Close, Maya and Richard were seriously engaged in a conversation.

Richard looked at her. “Are you happy?”

“Oo naman. I will treasure this moment forever.” replied Maya.

“Sana hindi dumating ‘yung piloto. Sana maiwan ka nalang ng flight. Sana dito ka nalang.” He tried to make things lighter but his jokes were half-meant. He really wanted her to stay.

Maya laughed and slapped the side of his arms. “Ano ka ba, Chard? You know that I’ve waited long enough to be reunited with my father. Bigay mo na sa akin ‘to.”

“Keep in touch, okay?” Richard was trying to contain his emotions.

“Opo.” Maya nodded her head. “I will certainly keep in touch. Eh ikaw? Marunong ka na ba mag-text?”

Richard felt the urge to tell Maya that it was indeed him who was texting her the other day. “The truth is, ako yung ka-text mo nung isang araw. It wasn’t Jonathan.”

“I know.” said Maya confidently. “Si Jonathan kasi, boy emoticon ‘yun eh. Lahat ng text niya may smileys or sad face kung nakakalungkot yung balita. Tapos siya, short cut mag-text. Ikaw, correct spelling and grammar.”

Richard felt a little bit shy. “Really? Paano mo naman nalaman?”

Maya winked. “Ako pa ba?” She paused. “Well… I don’t really know kung bakit ko nalaman na ikaw. I just felt it.”

Richard enveloped his arms around Maya very tight. “I will miss you Maya. Take care of yourself.”

“I will miss you too. Good boy ka ha?” She wiped her tears and pulled back.

“Good boy kaya ‘to.” Richard held her hands. “Keep in touch, please?”

Time surely went by so quick and Maya needed to go home. Their teachers allowed Richard to escort Maya downstairs. It was raining but the good thing was Maya brought an umbrella with her. She grabbed it from her bag and tried to open it. However, Richard was quick to grasp the umbrella. He asked Maya to place her hands around his biceps as they walk towards the waiting area.

When they reached the waiting area, Richard spoke. “So, paano ba ‘yan? Final goodbye na ‘to?”

“For now, yes. But I assure you, magkikita pa ulit tayo.” Maya smiled and hugged Richard one last time.

“Keep in touch ha? Mag-message ka sa akin, please?” He didn’t want to let her go.

“Pang nth time mo na ‘yan sinabi. Opo, Mr. Lim. I’ll message you once I get there. Ingat ka.” Maya strode towards the exit slowly as Richard felt the world was eating him up.

How did this happen? Is it love at the wrong time? It felt so good and so right yet it had to stop this early.


Maya and Richard kept a constant communication. However, due to busy school schedules, they weren’t able to give each other heads up until one day, their communication stopped. Maya started receiving messages from her friends telling her about what Richard has been doing. Yes, he kept his promise to Maya to study hard and be a good boy. In fact, he was a consistent honour student. Lately, however, there were some apparent changes with Richard. Edz heard that Richard was trying to show a different kind of adoration to Jade, also one of Maya’s closest girl friends. Jade, on the other hand, talked to Maya and cleared things out. Following that incident, Richard also got involved with Liza, in which the latter strongly denied. Maya knew that Liza wouldn’t betray her and she also knew her best friend’s male preferences so Maya brushed off the issue. The day before her former classmates’ prom, she tried her best to contact Richard. Maya couldn’t find him online so she asked one of her friends to let him know that she was waiting for him.

“Maya, si Raffi ‘yung nakasagot ng phone. Alam mo kung anong sabi?” Reneé informed Maya.

“Ano?” Maya curiously asked.

Reneé enthusiastically replied, “Sabi ni Raffi, ‘Ay, paki-sabi po kay Ate Maya, sabi po ni Kuya Chard, mag-o-online na daw po siya.” Right after Reneé finished her sentence, a window on Maya’s laptop popped out. It was a message from Richard.

“Thanks, Reneé. Online na siya.” Maya was relieved to finally receive a message from him.

“You’re welcome. Mag-offline na din ako. Miss you Maya!” Reneé responded before logging off.

Maya closed all opened desktop windows and even stopped doing her homework. She needed to focus talking to Richard.

Richard: Maya, I’m here. Online ka parin ba?

Maya: Yes, Chard. I’m still here. Sorry, I cleaned up my mess kasi.

Richard: Did I disturb you?

Maya: No, no. Not at all, of course. Ikaw ata ang na-istorbo ko.

Richard: No worries. Wala naman kaming pasok ngayon eh. Kamusta ka na?

Maya: I’m doing great, thanks for asking. Ikaw, kamusta? Prom niyo na daw bukas ah?

Richard: Oo, bukas na nga eh. Emcee ako bukas ka-partner ko si Jade.

Maya felt something stabbed her heart.

Maya: Oh, really? Good for you!

Richard: Pahingi naman ng tip, oh? Ang galing mo kasi mag-emcee nung prom natin last year eh, nung third year pa tayo. Almost lahat ata ng extra-curricular activities simula grade six hanggang first quarter ng fourth year, ikaw ang emcee. Ang galing mo kasi.

Maya: Nako, nambola ka pa. But, thank you. Wala naman akong sikreto. Talagang mahal ko lang ‘yung ginagawa ko. Basta, ‘wag mong kalimutan na maging gentleman sa partner mo. Mag-exchange din kayo ng few words para hindi naman sunod na sunod yung program. Baliin mo ng kaunti. Kaya mo ‘yan! Ikaw pa?

Richard: Thank you Maya. Your advice would certainly help me tomorrow night.

Maya: You’re welcome. Ikaw pa naman ba.

Neither of them typed another sentence. Neither of them know what to say.

Richard: Ah, Maya? Are you still there?

Maya: Ah, yes. I’m sorry, my binasa lang ako.

Richard: Sorry, na-disturb ba kita?

Maya: No, hindi naman. May gagawin ka ba?

Richard: Ah, wala. Ikaw ba?

Maya: Wala naman.

Richard: May sasabihin sana ako.

Maya’s heart was thumping faster and faster. These kind of sentences give me heart attack. What would he tell me?

Maya: Sure, go ahead.

Richard: Maya, I want you to know that this is hard for me but I need to do it. Maya, I’m asking for you to let me go. Please?

Maya stared blankly on the screen. She didn’t know how to react. There was never an us. Why would I set you free? So all this time, we both felt that there was something subtle between the two of us…

Maya: Bakit? Hindi ka ba malaya?

Richard: I feel na hindi.

Maya: I’m setting you free.

Richard: Talaga?

Maya: Yes. Wala naman akong magagawa di ba? I want you to be happy and I don’t want to be the reason for you not to be one.

Richard: Thank you Maya. I’m sorry.

Maya: There is nothing to be sorry about, Chard. Kung tayo talaga in the future, God will make a way for us to be together. I guess, now isn’t the proper time.

Richard: I agree. Kung tayo talaga, edi tayo talaga. Walang makakapigil do’n.

Maya: Thank you for your time, Richard. I have to go.

Richard: I should be the one to thank you, Maya. Take care. See you soon, perhaps?

Maya: Yes, soon. Bye.

Richard: Bye.

Since then, Maya and Richard would have seldom conversations. Most often, if they had a chance to talk, they discuss about school and some general topics like how was it like living abroad, culture shock, and sometimes about their faith in God. Neither of them opened up about their alleged romance.

“Almost, almost is never enough. So close to being in love…” – AG

End of flashback.


18 thoughts on “My Greatest Love: Chapter 3.1

  1. Thank u Miles sa.update. Ayun nagpaalam naman Richard na.kakalas sa.kanilang relationship ni Maya tho.wala pala. Naging gentleman si.Richard at siguro.ang dami nyang girlfriend afterwards. Ngayong bumalik ng Pinas si.Maya magkaruon kaya sila ulit ng relasyon?


  2. naging sila ba? or MU? bakit may”let me go”? naawa naman ako kay Maya. sa pagbabalik ni Maya siguradong mahahalinang muli si singkit sa ganda nya, at pagselosin mo Maya at ng maturuan ng leksyon hehehe


  3. “Almost, almost is never enough…So close to being in love.” — hearbreaking😭 i’ve been there,too. Kaya i can so relate with this story. At least nagpaalam si Richard pero masakit pa rin yun para kay Maya. 😔 and the song So Close…ghaaaad! I so love this song. One of my fave! Thanks for this chapter, sissy! Ready na kami for the next one. Hahaha

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  4. So excited for the next chapter, mahirap talaga pag long distance relationship. Ano kayang mangyayari sa pagkikita nila Maya at Richard. Sana ma realize ni Richard na mahal pa nya si Maya.Thank you Miss Miles


  5. like everyone else, this is an owwwwie! sakit naman sa debdeb…..but what will happen when Maya comes back for good? Is Richard still single and available? if so, did Richard realized his mistake in asking Maya to let him go, thus he never get seriously involved dahil Maya is his Greatest Love? and so is Maya too? kasi pareho pa silang single and unattached? sana they will re-connect and rekindle ang naunsyaming pagmamahalan…… I am on tenterhooks sa excitement and suspense ng kanilang muling pagkikita. Next chapter na please Miss Miles…..thank you ulit.


  6. Ouch it hurts…but it was flashback…so I’m looking forward at present time…thanks for update…now I’m really looking to next chapter…


  7. Hi Miles, how are you? thank you for this story. Been reading since the Prologue…but now lang ako mg comment…since sinaktan mo ang puso ko hahahhahaha! So, crush ni Maya si Richard since grade 6 and ng mghigh school – si Bart na. But, it seems by the way Richard asked her kong si Bart pa feelings na si Richard k Maya to which deadma si Maya since puro si Bart lang nakikita…good thing before it became deep nahimasmasan si Maya about Bart…at naging MU sila ni Richard na hindi nila alam at mga nasa paligid lang nakakakita sa tunay na feelings nila….but sabi nia it was a love at a wrong time…ang masakit, mahal na mahal na nia si Richard and Richard had to say “let me go” eh di wow!!! sakit kaya nun!!! bigla naman ako nainis k Mr Lim sa chapter na to hehe!

    I love the plot…and i cant wait for the time that the two will finally meet again after 5 years…the adiks cant wait for what’s in store for the two…ano future nila? pano ang pagkikita…what will Richard’s reaction once he sees Maya…basta si Maya mahal pa din nia so…i hope next chapter d mo na ulit sasaktan puso ko Miles hehe…thank you and God bless!!!!

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