R&M Chapter 24: Bliss

A/N: Sorry if I haven’t been updating lately. Also, just to let you know, next chapter will be the finale. BUT… Don’t worry for I will be starting a new story na may pinaghuhugutan ako lately. HAHAHA. Anyway, forgive me if there are any grammatical errors. I just want to post it right away so I won’t disappoint you all. Oh siya, enjoy. 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


Richard and Maya’s wedding was attended only by their few closest friends and family members. Since they want their wedding to be private and intimate, it was held in a secluded island surrounded with beautiful beaches and admirable views. Raffi, Vivian, and Michael, along with their other celebrity friends, left the island the day after to give the newlyweds some alone time and to avoid any speculations. Richard and Maya decided to reveal the details of their wedding when they get back to Manila.

He placed his arms around her while they sit on the Brazilian hammock. “Can you believe na ikaw na si Mrs. Madelene Ysabelle Dela Rosa-Lim?”

Maya giggled and placed her head on his shoulders. “Sobrang haba pala ng pangalan ko, ano? Kaya pala my Mom said, Maya nalang ang palayaw ko.” She repositioned herself and continued talking. “Anyway, sobrang kinikilig ako kapag nadidinig ko na ako na si Mrs. Lim. Eh ikaw ba?”

“Siyempre, kinikilig din ako ng sobra.” Richard kissed Maya. “I love you, sweetheart. Kagaya nga ng sinabi ko, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my lifetime with you.”

Maya touched Richard’s face. “Ako rin, sobra.”

Richard pulled Maya up and brought her closer to him. Then he whispered, “It’s baby time!”

Maya laughed so hard and slapped Richard’s left arm. “Ikaw talaga sweetheart, may araw pa oh!”

“May curtain naman ah? Saka wala namang pinipiling oras or araw.” Richard protested.

Maya was about to argue when Richard carried and placed her on the bed. She didn’t budge because she knew she waited for this all her life: to find a man who would truly and eternally love her.


One week after their honeymoon, Richard and Maya returned to their respective works. Richard has started taping for his new TV series while Maya was busy doing pictorials and guest appearances. Maya got off work early so she called Richard to tell him that she will go to the grocery.

While shopping, Maya was approached by a lady who she barely saw in the past. She was the same lady who tried to destroy her relationship with Richard. It was Leilani. However, she looked quite different from she last time saw her. She is now pregnant and seems to be very happy and contented with her new found love.

“Hi Maya. Do you still remember me? Oh well, paano mo ba ako makakalimutan?” Leilani sighed. “Look, Maya. I am sorry for every wicked thing I have done to you and Richard. I really am. I just want you to know that I am very glad with the current state of my life right now. Thank you for making me realize na mas masaya palang mamuhay ng payapa. Please take care of Richard. Love him more than anything else.”

Maya didn’t know how to react. “Sa dami-dami ng pwede nating pagkitaan, sa grocery pa pala.” She smiled yet it felt awkward. “Leilani, ah, uhm…” She took a deep breath before continuing. “Kalimutan na natin ‘yon. We all learned from the past and I regret nothing. I am happy to see you happy. Well, siguro kung meron mas masaya sa situation natin ngayon, eh si Abigail na ‘yon.”

Leilani reached for Maya’s hand. “Maya, thank you for being patient with our precious Abigail. Thank you for being understanding. Hindi ko maisip kung paano mo kinaya ang lahat ng ito. Please take care of Abigail for me. You know how much I love her.”

“Ano ka ba Leilani, you are still her mother, kahit pagbali-baligtarin pa natin ang mundo. At alam ko naiintindihan niya kung bakit kailangan niyo muna ni Luis umalis ng bansa. I am not replacing you as her mother, instead, I am just here to help you.” Maya wiped tears from Leilani’s eyes.

“Thank you, Maya. Nako, dito pa ako nag-drama. Oh, siya. I better be going. Inaantay na rin ako ng asawa ko.” Leilani strode towards the exit.

Maya waved back at her. “Take care, Leilani. Have a safe trip.”


“Richard and Maya, deretsahan na, kayo ba ay may relasyon?” asked Mr. Bart Asuncion, one of the best talk show host in the country. The silence in the studio was deafening as they wait for the couple’s response.

“Yes!” Both said in chorus. Everyone in the studio cheered loudly for they finally revealed the real score. It was one of the most-awaited announcements in the industry.

Bart hushed the audience. “Sandali lamang po. Richard and Maya, go on…”

Richard gazed at Maya lovingly before he spoke. “Ah, the truth is Tito Bart, Maya and I are all ready married.” They both lifted their left hands to show their wedding bands.

“Oh my goodness! Mga kaibigan, let us all welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lim!” Bart was extremely surprised about the announcement which left him speechless for a while. “Grabe, how did you guys get married without letting us know?”

Maya joined in the conversation. “Tito Bart, hindi naman po sa ipinagdadamot namin ng asawa ko ang kaligayahan na natatamasa namin ngayon, pero we decided to keep it to ourselves muna to savour a once in a lifetime event in our lives, di po ba? Wala naman po kaming itinatago, we just waited for the right time to announce it to the public.”

“We understand the both of you. Again, congratulations sa inyong dalawa and thank you for trusting our show.” Bart handed Maya a bouquet of sunflowers as he thanked the couple.

“Salamat din po, Tito Bart.” replied Richard.


There was an outpour of congratulatory and best wishes to the couple hours after they announced their marriage. Richard just finished taking shower while Maya was lying down on the bed, answering tweets and comments on their social networking accounts.

Richard sat on the side of the bed and turned the lampshade off. “Sweetheart…”

Maya knew what it meant so she turned off her cellphone. “Yes, sweetheart?” She replied sexily.

“Tulog na tayo?” He said while he moved closer to her.

Maya pulled the covers up. “Tulog na?” Aba himala, nagtanong kaagad kung matutulog na. Sabagay, we had a long day. She thought as she placed her hands over his lean, muscular arms.

Richard grinned mischievously. “Siyempre, hindi pa. You know our routine, right?”

Maya removed her silk robe and threw it on the ground. “There you go. Tinanggal ko na, baka mahirapan ka pa.”

“Love, the routine I was referring to was the back massage you do every night.” Richard moved closer to her ears. “Ikaw talaga, Mrs. Lim, may pagka-naughty ka. Besides, aren’t you tired yet?”

Maya got confused. Ano bang pinagsasasabi nito? Routine daw. Hay nako, Maya, ikaw talaga. Pagod nga naman ‘tong asawa mo eh. You have forever to do it, it’s okay to skip one night. “Okay, Mr. Lim, if you say so.”

Richard turned the lampshade on. He can see the upset and confused look on Maya’s face. Then, he started giggling. On the other hand, Maya didn’t look pleased at all.

“Mr. Lim why are you making fun of me?” Maya brushed her hair.

Richard pulled her closer as he placed his nose to her neck, smelling the lavander perfume she sprayed on. “I was just joking. Of course, you know how it goes.” Then he started to trail kisses from her neck down to her belly button.

Maya reached for the lampshade and turned it off. “May pa-joke-joke ka pang nalalaman.” Maya thought of a brilliant idea to tease her husband. “What if I tell you na…” She paused for a while. “Na… Hindi ako pwede tonight.”

“WHAT? NO!” There was a huge hint of disappointment in his tone.

Maya laughed out loud. “Honey, kalma ka lang.” Maya couldn’t stop giggling. “I was just joking. Siyempre, pwedeng-pwede ako tonight.” Richard didn’t respond, instead, resumed what he was doing before he was interrupted. Moments after, they shared another wonderful night together and they became one.


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  1. yesss!!! so happy together…no more hassles…ganda ng buhay ni Mr & Mrs. Richard & Maya Lim…thank you Ms.Miles…more please!


  2. hurray, and now they’re legally husband&wife, thanks for this nakakakilig na chapter, at mukhang masusundan kaagad si Abby nyan hehehe waiting for the next update here ms. miles 🙂


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