R&M Chapter 23: Kiss and Make Up

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

Love, Miles ❤


Three weeks ago. . .

“At kailangan sa social media ko pa talaga malaman na magkasama kayo? Pati pamilya niya nandoon? So, ano, malalaman ko nalang na magpapakasal na kayo? Wow, Maya, why didn’t you tell me—” Richard was extremely furious. He saw a picture of Maya together with Raph and his family dining at a restaurant.

Maya looked straight at Richard. “Don’t you dare tell that to me dahil ikaw rin naman naglihim sa akin.”

“Hindi ako naglilihim sa’yo. I was trying to set up dates, remember? Pero ano? Busy ka parati! Ayun pala, kasama mo ang lalaking ‘yon!” Richard’s voice echoed through the room.

Maya’s bambi eyes turned misty. “Why don’t you try to look at yourself? Eh ikaw nga eh, nakabuntis ka. Sabagay. May Abigail kayo. Sino ba naman ako, di ba? Ako lang naman ‘yung lumalabas na kontrabida sa mata ng mga tao. Ako lang naman ang girlfriend mo. Ang girlfriend na hindi mapakilala sa buong mundo. Sana, kung meron ka pang feelings sa kanya, nagpasintabi ka man lang sa akin.”

“Maya, how many times would I have to tell you that I don’t love her anymore? Well, let me correct that. I never loved her—” Richard tried to explain his part when Maya interrupted him.

“Never? Talaga? Eh bakit may Abigail kayo? Impossible! At least, kahit kaunti meron dahil may bunga. ‘Wag mong sabihing wala dahil you shared intimacy!” Maya countered as tears continuously fall from her eyes.

“So what are you trying to say? Maya, kung alam mo lang kung gaano ko gustong ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na mahal na mahal kita. But you know that I have to protect my child. Abigail is as important as you.” Richard held her hands and moved closer to her. He then spoke softly. “Maya, please… Let’s stop this.”

Maya looked away. “I need space for now. Let’s talk kapag humupa na ang mga bagay-bagay.”

End of flashback. . .

Maya was far from her usual bubbly self while preparing for their production number. All cast members were emotionally chatty about the imminent finale of With Love and Happiness. The show brought not only happiness to its viewers, but also recognized the talents of the actors and actresses and opened tons of opportunities to everyone. Even though the show was on air for quite some time, the ratings never changed and stayed on top.

It was obvious that Maya was being evasive when Richard puts his arms around her. She even gave him a warning stare to stop touching her and instead focus on entertaining the audience. After finishing the spiels, the cast headed back to the dressing room.

Beep. Beep. Beep. It was Maya’s phone.

Hindi na importante kung sino ako. Ang mahalaga ay ang malaman mo ang katotohanan. Niloloko at pinapaikot ka lang ni Raph. Layuan mo na siya, Maya. Kahit pati ang mga magulang niya, niloloko na niya. Raph can’t tell his parents the truth na nalulugi na ang company nila dahil wala na silang credibility as product producers. Maya, wala siyang dissociative amnesia. If you want to really find out, pumunta ka ngayon dito sa hospital.

When Maya arrived at the hospital, she stood outside Raph’s room and quietly observed Raph and Gabrielle, his best friend.

“Pare, I can’t believe it. Talagang nagawa mo ‘to? Hindi ko na tuloy alam kung sino ang artista sa inyo ni Maya.” Gabrielle remarked. He was the one who informed Maya about the truth.

“Sabi nga nila, kung hindi makuha sa santong dasalan, kunin sa santong paspasan. Pare, kinukuha ko lang naman ang kung ano ang sa akin.” replied Raph.

“Teka pare ha, you mean sa’yo? Eh di ba, wala na kayo ni Maya–” Gabrielle was trying to finish his sentence when Raph cut him off.

Raph was feeling quite annoyed with his bestfriend. “Nuon ‘yon pare. Eh ngayon, mukhang okay naman siya. Unti-unti nang bumabalik sa dati ang relasyon namin. Buti nga naisip ko ‘to, kung hindi ano nalang ang sasabihin sa akin ng mga tao? Na ano, loser ako? Aba, hindi naman ako papayag niyan. At alam ko naman na kapag bumalik sa akin si Maya, babalik din ang tiwala ng tao sa akin at sa company—”

Maya came in. “I knew it. Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit pa ako naniwala sa mga magulang mo eh. Dahil sa mga kalokohan mo, ang trabaho ko pati narin ang relasyon namin ni Richard naapektuhan. You’re a selfish, ingrate, conceited individual. Tapos na tayo Raph. Tinatapos ko na ang lahat ng mga namamagitan sa atin. Wala akong paki-alam kahit college buddies pa ang mga magulang natin. ‘Yan lang naman ang alam mo eh, ang manggamit ng tao for your own benefit. Pinagsisisihan ko na nagkaroon pa tayo ng connection. Goodbye at sana maging masaya ka nalang sa kung ano ang meron ka.”

Maya stormed out of the hospital filled with anger. She heaved out a deep sigh as she got in to her vehicle.  She has the urgency to call Richard but she decided to just pay him a visit at his home.


Richard was extremely pissed off as he drove away from Leilani’s home. An hour ago, he was making his way to the studio when Leilani suddenly called him and requested for a basket of fruits. He was hesitant of doing it but she was becoming too demanding. When he arrived at her home, he was surprised to see Leilani and his boyfriend, Luis, talk about him and the pregnancy. Richard’s suspicions about the child’s paternity grew stronger so he entered the house like a flash. Leilani and Luis came clean and apologized. They pleaded Richard not to release the issue to the press and Leilani promised not to interfere with his relationship with Maya again. Good thing, Abigail didn’t witness their fight for she was out with Raffi and Charlie. As his vehicle approached the driveway, he noticed Maya’s car parked across the street. Richard got off his car and went to look for Maya.

Maya was standing at his doorstep when she saw Richard approaching her. Immediately, she ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry. Hindi ko naman alam na magkakaganito. Forgive me, love.” Maya started sobbing.

Richard wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head. “I’m sorry too, sweetheart.” Then he lifted her head up. “Let’s kiss and make up, okay?”

“Good afternoon po Sir, Ma’am.” Doris greeted.

Richard just nodded while Maya smiled and clung onto his muscular arms. They went straight upstairs.

When they reached Richard’s bedroom, Doris whispered, “Kaloka. Kiss and make-up nga. Ay mali, kiss that removes make-up. Hihihi!”


The next day, Richard and Maya surprised everyone with their revelation about their real relationship status. After their admission, rumours about Maya’s hidden pregnancy surfaced. Richard defended Maya and said that their relationship was far different from his previous one. Then, couple proceeded to Richard’s restaurant to have a dinner to celebrate.

Some day, when I’m awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.

“Sweetheart, grabe ano? ‘Yung away natin, akala ko tapos na talaga tayo eh.” Maya stood up with Richard as the music started playing. She placed her head on his chest and her hands on his waist.

You’re lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

Richard placed his right hand around Maya’s waist while his left hand rubbed Maya’s back. “Sobra. Para kang Mayon Volcano na sumabog.” He sighed. “But seriously, akala ko talaga iiwan mo na ako eh. I can’t live without you, Maya.”

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fears apart
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
Touches my foolish heart.

Maya chuckled. “Eh ikaw kasi eh, hindi mo agad sinabi.”

Richard pulled back. “Oh, ayan nanaman tayo. Di ba, kaka-kiss and make-up lang natin?” He pulled Maya closer again.

“Hindi na, hindi na.” Maya giggled. She loves annoying Richard, which she finds very cute of him.

Yes you’re lovely, never, ever change
Keep that breathless charm.
Won’t you please arrange it?
‘Cause I love you
Just the way you look tonight.

“I love you, Maya.” whispered Richard.

“I love you more, Mr. Lim.” replied Maya.

Richard stopped swaying which confused Maya. He then pulled back and grabbed something from his pocket. He called out, “Attention everyone!”

Maya tried to stop him. “Sweetheart!” Richard didn’t listen, instead, he drew Maya closer to the stage. “Honey!” said Maya while trying to keep her composure. “Hey, mahal ko! Ano ba ‘tong ginagawa mo?”

Richard grabbed the microphone and said, “A year ago, at the lowest point of my life, I met this wonderful woman. Her jolly attitude never fails to bring such delight to everyone. I thought that it would be nice to get to know her, so I did. We easily became friends and I must say that we really have a lot in common. The attraction eventually developed into something deeper and powerful. Surprisingly, I found myself falling in love again. I fell in love with this beautiful lady in front of you. And when I say beautiful, that means she really is inside and out. Maya, you don’t know how many butterflies are in my stomach right now. Despite of that, I am able to stand here before everyone. This is because I love you very much. Professing my love for you in public is not enough, so please allow me to do it for the rest of my life. Maya, my one and only and the love of my life, will you marry me?”

Maya was speechless the whole time Richard was speaking. It was so surreal. She came back to her senses when everyone started cheering. After a deep breath, she replied, “Yes, Mr. Lim! I will marry you!”

Richard placed a 14 karat princess cut diamond ring on Maya’s left ring finger. He hugged her tightly afterwards. “Thank you, Maya. I love you!”

“No sweetheart. Ako dapat ang mag-thank you. Thank you because you made me believe that there’s forever.” Maya kissed Richard.

The band kept on playing the newly engaged couple’s favourite song. Maya and Richard swayed not only to the rhythm of the song, but to the rhythm of a long and lasting love.


9 thoughts on “R&M Chapter 23: Kiss and Make Up

  1. ang saya saya, kiss and make up na and may napaka bonggang sweet na proposal … ang ngiti ko abot hanggang tainga hehehe thankie at hindi mo pinahaba ang sakit ng dibdib namin thinking na baka hindi kaagad sila magkabati. ung mga epal sa kanilang relasyon gustong kong sabunutan, bakit ba talaga merong mga taong gustong manira ng relasyon ng iba dahil sa kanilang pagiging selfish grrrr lang kena Raph & Leilani, but buti na din nadaanan ng mag sing irog ang pagsubok na yan dahil naging mas strong ang kanilang pag iibigan and sa sunod maging honest na sila sa bawat isa … sakalan este kasalan pala (hahaha) na ba ang sunod ms. miles

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  2. Thank you Miles sa update – whew that was fast Richard wala ng paliguy liguy pa. When he found the chance to ask Maya and let the world know – he wants her and to marry her, he did it and he was prepared – thus that beautiful and sparkling ring. Ang kailangang mangyari ay ginawa na ni Mr. Lim agad agad – impromptu! So good nga at nalaman ni Richard at Maya ang mga pinagagagawa ng kanilang mga partners nuon na sumasagabal sa kanilang relationship. Everything is very clear and definitely love, love at love pa rin is in the air……..so kasalan na! I’m sure Abby will like Maya more this time! Cheers!


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