R&M Chapter 21: Dilemma

A/N: Forgive me if there are any grammar lapses… Anyway, happy reading!

Love, Miles ❤


Richard and Leilani was delighted to attend Abigail’s recognition ceremony for their daughter was a recipient of second honours, best in English and Science. A lot of attendees were thinking if Richard and Leilani were back in each others arms since they looked good together, showing no signs of awkwardness between them. During that time, they could have mistaken as a happy family. Even though Abigail was having second thoughts, she was thankful that her beloved Daddy made it to the ceremony. The three decided to have dinner at Richard’s restaurant after. Abigail was still quiet all through out the evening. She would just speak if Leilani talks to her.

“Baby, are you all right? You seemed to be very quiet ha.” said Leilani.

Abigail nodded. “Yes, Mommy. I am okay.”

Richard joined in the conversation. “What do you want to eat, baby?”

“Anything, Daddy.” Abigail responded.

The dinner went well, however, Leilani sensed that there was something isn’t right. When they reached home, Leilani went straight upstairs to leave Abigail and Richard alone.

“Abigail, are you mad at me for telling you about Tita Maya?” Richard couldn’t help to feel tormented.

“Daddy, siguro, I just need time. Just what I said, she is nice and I like her. Pero, siguro, I am not that ready yet. Give me time, Dad.” Abigail hugged Richard to give him assurance that all she needs was time.

“Thank you, Abigail.” Richard was thinking on how to make it up to Abigail. “Ah, baby, you want us to go on a vacation?”

Abigail face brightened. “Really, Daddy? I want that!”

Richard smiled. “Sige, baby. Where do you want to go?”

“Daddy, since last year, we went abroad, is it okay if this time, we go to a local resort lang?” Abigail suggested.

“Sure, baby! Sige, that would be fun—” Richard was about to finish his sentence when Abigail interrupted him.

“Daddy, is it okay if we bring Mommy along? Kasi, kawawa naman siya eh, wala siyang kasama dito sa house.” Abigail was thinking that it would be a better idea.

Richard thought for a second. He does not want to disappoint her daughter, but he is quite reluctant of spending three days with Leilani. “Ah, baby… Uhm… Sure? Ah… Siguro, let’s ask Mommy first. Fair enough?”

“Sure Daddy!” Abigail stood up. “I think you should go home now. It’s getting late. Thanks for attending the ceremony Daddy and pati narin sa dinner. I had fun.”

Richard kissed his daughter’s temple. “Good night, baby. I love you.”


Maya was lying on her bed and about to hit the sack when Richard called her up. She smiled upon hearing his voice. Oh, how she dearly missed him.

“Hi sweetheart. I miss you. How was Abigail’s recognition?” She asked with a quite sleepy voice.

Richard was also lying on his bed while reviewing some paper works from the restaurant. “Antok na? Oh yeah, I had a great time sweetheart. Actually, sobra akong proud sa achievements niya. Nakakatuwa.”

Maya giggled. “Matutulog na sana ako kaso tumawag ka. Nawala antok ko. Nakaka-proud naman si Abigail. Siyempre, mana sa’yo eh.”

“Thanks sweetheart.” Richard sighed before continuing. “Sweetheart, may sasabihin sana ako sa’yo eh.”

Maya turned off the lampshade. “Sure, sweetheart ano ‘yon?”

“Ah, sweetheart, okay lang ba na mag-out of town kami ni Abigail? Mga two or three days.” Richard initially thought about staying out of town for a week. Unfortunately, he has to cut it short for 5 days since he has special events to attend.

“Oo ba, sige. Saan kayo pupunta? Naku, sweetheart, excited naman ako para sa inyong mag-ama.” said Maya.

“Baka sa Palawan. Any suggestions, sweetheart?” replied Richard.

Maya rolled over to the other side of the bed. “No, maganda du’n. I’m sure na mag-e-enjoy kayong mag-ama. Nainggit naman ako. Gusto kong sumama…”

“Actually, sweetheart… The thing is, kasama namin si Leilani. It will be the three of us.” There. Richard all ready said it. He was planning not to tell Maya because he doesn’t want to make her feel bad. However, he felt that telling Maya about it would be better. After all, they both promised to be honest with each other.

Maya fell silent. She didn’t expect that the ex-wife was coming. “Ah, okay.” That is all she could afford to say.

Richard, on the other line, discerned that Maya was quite skeptical about the issue. “Sweetheart, if it is not okay with you, I’ll think of other options nalang. I mean, ayoko na uncomfortable ka or whatever. Please, tell me what you feel, sweetheart.”

Maya straightened up and sat on the bed. “No, no, no, sweetheart. It’s definitely fine with me and siyempre, minsan lang kayo magkasamang tatlo. I trust you.”

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry I can’t bring you with me. Abigail also told me that she needs time to absorb things…” He was starting to feel bad about Maya.

“Mr. Lim, I all ready told you di ba? Okay lang sa akin. Saka, busy din ako this week. Remember, may look test ako para sa horror film? Wish me luck, ha? Sana makuha ko ‘yung role.” She sounded excited.

Richard smiled. “Ikaw pa? Eh ikaw ang the best actress in the whole world.” He paused. “Oh, hindi ‘yan joke, ha. Kahit di palang tayo nu’n, alam ko na you’re one of the best.”

“Oh sige na, Mr. Lim, hindi na ako magpapatalo.” Maya placed her head on her pink pillow and pulled the covers up. “Good night Mr. Lim. I love you.”

“Good night Mrs. Lim. I love you most. I’ll see you in three days.” He ended the call.


Only huge grins would be seen painted on Abigail’s face. She loved spending time with her mom and dad and wished that it wouldn’t be over. The three of them tried banana boating even if they fell on to the water most of the time. They also tried water skiing, kayaking, and even riding on a speed boat. It was indeed the best time for Abigail. Richard made sure that his daughter was having fun.

On their second and last night in the island, they bumped into Leilani’s cousins, along with their children, from abroad. They had dinner in a five star restaurant and had some few chats regarding their lives. Leilani’s cousins couldn’t help but to tease her and Richard to get back together. Leilani kept on telling them to stop because they are making Richard uncomfortable. This didn’t stop Leilani’s cousins though. Instead, they continued poking fun at Richard. When it was time to go, Abigail asked if she could still play with her second cousins.

Tracey, one of Leilani’s cousin, said, “Sure, Abigail, you could even sleep with us.” Then she looked at Leilani and Richard. “Oh, Ate Lei and Kuya Chard, sa amin na siya matutulog. Wala nang bawian. Saka, of course, para magkaroon naman kayo ng alone time… Yieee!”

“Stop it Tracey.” she replied then she looked at Abigail. “Are you sure baby?”

“Nako, sure na ‘yan. Tara na nga, let’s go na…” said Tracy while tugging Abigail with her. “Bye na! Sige na, alis na kayong dalawa. Yiee! Mag-de-date sila!” Tracey waved goodbye to Richard and Leilani.

Richard waved back and walked towards his room. “We’ve had a long day. I think you should go and get some rest.”

“I’m not tired yet. Saka, last night na natin ‘to. Wala ka ba manlang balak mag-enjoy? You know, just like the old times.” Despite being separated for years, Leilani still cares for Richard.

With his lips pursued, Richard thought that it was a good idea. “Uh, yeah, sure. Pero, onting booze lang tayo ah. Alam mo naman ako, mahina ang tolerance ko sa ganyan.”


“Thank you, Kuya ha?” Leilani thanked the waiter who helped her bring Richard to his room. She also handed the young guy a tip.

The waiter was pleased about it. “Salamat po Ma’am. Sige po, good night!” He walked out and carefully closed the door.

Leilani placed Richard on his bed. “Hay, sa wakas. Na-solo na din kita.” She sat on the bed and began caressing Richard’s face. “Ang talino talaga ng anak natin. You see, inaya niya pa akong isama dito. Alam ko naman ‘yung mga pagkakamali ko nuon at sobrang pinagsisihan ko na ‘yon. Mahal naman talaga kita eh, kaso minsan, ang boring mo. Pero, love parin kita.” Then she started unbuttoning Richard’s shirt.

Richard stirred from his sleep and began to speak. “Maya, sweetheart, I love you… I miss you…”

Leilani felt annoyed and pushed Richard. “Ano ba naman ‘yan! Maya nanaman! Puro nalang Maya!” Richard started snoring, which meant he was into a deep slumber.

Since she wanted to get Richard back, Leilani came up with an ominous plan.


“Good morning, Chard. Did you have fun?” Leilani just came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped on her head.

Richard was surprised to see himself with no clothes on. “Hey! What’s going on here?”

Leilani smiled mischievously. “Can’t you remember? Oh come on, Chard.”

“This can’t be!” He started putting back his clothes on.

“Sus, nahihiya ka pa. Eh, may Abigail na nga tayo.” she countered.

Richard was starting to get irritated. “Leilani, I have a girlfriend—“

“Alam ko. Pero parang kagabi, nakalimutan mo.”  Leilani went back inside the bathroom to put on clothes.

Richard shook his head in disbelief. This can’t be happening… He thought.

Leilani moved closer to Richard. “I’ll be fetching Abigail from Tracey’s room. Want to come with—“

He stepped back and almost shouted, “No!” Then he opened the door. “You may go.”

Leilani was smiling from ear to ear when she was walking towards Tracey’s room. It’s time to get back what is originally mine. She thought as she was rubbing her belly.


15 thoughts on “R&M Chapter 21: Dilemma

  1. Ms miles please sako na yang leilani na yan nakaka highblood at wala na syang habol kay richa4d sya ang nag loko kaya lubayan nya si richard baka mga adik ang mag tapon sa kanya. Thanks sa update


  2. Nakakakulo ka ng dugo leilani!!! Dapat sayo isako na… tumaas presyon ko sayo babae ka… Ms. Miles pwede patayin mo na si leilani sa next chapter kasi maraming adik ang nasasaktan… Affected much… He he… Tnx sa update.. Sana next chap Hindi na masakit sa dibdib…


  3. miss miles, lahat ata ng adiks na-high blood sa Leilani na yan!!! and I concur with everyone na isako at ilibing ang babaeng yan….GRRRRR! and Richard please demand for a DNA test if ever she claims that you had impregnated her! magkaka-WW3 ng di oras eh….please miss miles, next update na, Thank you!


  4. Hala, what happened there – may twist na this time – ay thank you nga pala Miles sa update today. Pero …..brainwashing naman, isip isip paano malulusutan ni Richard ang masamang balak ni Leilani – to get him back. Dipa ba sila divorced? Next one please…..cheers!


  5. nanggigigil ako sa inis sa Leilanie na yan, ang sarap kalbohin grrrr ms. miles, wag naman paghiwalayin ang mag sweetheart, pls be careful with our hearts hahaha


  6. calling….. sako gang, itapon na yan sa pinakailalim na dagat at ipakain sa mga pating, lol
    may balak pa sirain ang relasyon nang magsweetheart.
    hwag naman sana maghiwalay ang magsweetheart.
    thanks, ms. miles sa update.
    next chapter na, pls. 🙂


  7. Thank ms miles…hai nako ayaw ko ng ganitong eksena….next chapter pls….sabunutan ko c leilani pag nakita ko!


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