R&M Chapter 19: Secret Lovers

A/N: My sincere apologies if I wasn’t able to update just as I promised. Life has been crazy in the past few days. Also, to those who sent password requests, please be patient. I will do my best to respond to all of you as soon as I find time. Thank you and happy reading! 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


Maya and Richard’s love for each other grew and blossomed as the days go by. They usually go on dates privately, sometimes with the help of either Genie or Raffi. On the set, Richard would often surprise her with gifts and Maya would cook for him in return. Perry, along with the rest of the staff, was quick to notice the subtle sweetness between the two. Instead of asking Richard and Maya about the real score, Perry kept on taking pictures from behind. He bombarded Geneva’s inbox with undeniably lovely images of Richard and Maya with captions. There was one photo he sent where Maya was sitting on Richard’s lap and the latter’s arms were placed on Maya’s waist. In the photo, it was seen that the two were deeply engaged in a conversation. Perry wrote in the caption: “Sana pala hindi lang relo ang hiningi ko sa’yo. Bahay at lupa nalang sana. Yung points ko parang si Buzz Lightyear. To infinity and beyond.”

They just finished watching the last full show of a romantic-comedy movie, Maya’s favourite movie genre. Richard loves to stare at her every time she talks. He is obviously fond of her girlfriend.

“Mr. Lim! Gandang-ganda ka nanaman sa akin ha?” Maya nudged his chinito lover.

Richard smiled. “Hindi ah.” He wanted to annoy her.

Maya knew that Richard was just making fun of her. She knitted her eyebrows and stopped walking. “Ah ganon?”

Richard grabbed her which caused her hands to touch his chest. He cupped her face and kissed her deeply.

Maya wasn’t able to respond. She was definitely caught off guard. When they disengaged from the kiss, Maya spoke. “Sweetheart! Ikaw talaga! Mamaya may makakita dito sa atin eh! Ma-blind item nanaman tayo.”

“Hayaan mo na sila. Basta tayo, masaya. Katulad nito…” Richard enveloped Maya in his arms.

Maya felt the sincerity in Richard’s words. “Hmm, sarap naman nito.”

They both reached the parking area. Richard opened the passenger door for Maya, then he quickly went to the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Sweetheart, what do you want?” Richard asked. He doesn’t want to take Maya home yet.

Maya checked on her watch. It was 10pm. “Uhm, ikaw? Gusto mo na ba umuwi?”

Richard gently grasped Maya’s left hand and kissed it. “Ayoko pa umuwi. I want to spend time with you.”

“Eh, eto na nga, di ba? Aren’t we spending time together?” Maya chuckled.

Richard placed his feet on the brake as the light turned red. “What I meant was, more. More time pa.”

“Ahh…” That was all Maya could say.

Richard waited for her to suggest a place where they could both go but Maya didn’t speak. “So, saan mo gusto sweetheart?”

“Kahit saan. Basta naman kasama kita, eh, parang Valentine’s day na. Isama mo pa ang New Year, Christmas, Birthday… Lahat na!” said Maya cheerfully.

“Nahawa ka na ata sa kacornyhan character mo, sweetheart.” Richard commented.

“Hindi ah. Sa tingin ko, mana lang sayo. Mana sa’yo ng ka-cornyhan.” Both of them burst out laughing. Richard remembered the day when he sent Maya a joke but she said it was corny. Richard didn’t believe her and even told her that Luke, Nikki, and Nicolo would like it. After telling the joke, the three were silent for a minute deciding to whether laugh at the joke or at Richard’s effort to make them laugh. It was Nikki who said it was a nice try, but the joke was really corny. This comment made Maya laugh hysterically.

“Stop it sweetheart. Nag-aaral na nga ako kung paano mag-joke.” said Richard.

“Oo na, sige na. Natatawa naman ako eh. Sa kacornyhan nga lang.” Maya was trying to control her laughter.


Richard’s birthday was a month shy after Maya’s birthday. Genie and Raffi helped Maya to organize the surprise birthday party. Of course, everyone close to Richard was invited, especially Abigail. Since it was quite a huge event, there were also some people from the press that is why Maya kept her distance from Richard. She even requested not to tell anyone that she was behind the planning of Richard’s party. Even though Maya was always beside Raffi and Genie the whole evening, she and Richard would occasionally exchange glances. When mostly of the guests left, Richard and Maya had a chance to sit together. He slipped his hands under the table and touched Maya’s hand.

“Daddy!” Abigail shouted from behind. She was running towards them. Maya quickly removed her hand and changed seats.

“Hi baby!” Richard kissed her temple then he looked at Maya.

Abigail’s eyes were red and sleepy. “Daddy, aren’t we going home yet?”

“Ah, siguro mga one hour pa, baby. May mga bisita pa kasi eh. Antok ka na ba?” replied Richard. Maya was keenly observing the two.

Abigail yawned and sit on Richard’s lap. “Sort of Daddy.”

Richard carried Abigail. Her head was on his shoulders. “Sige, baby. Sleep ka na muna dito kay Daddy.” Few minutes after, Abigail dozed off.

Raffi was staring at the three from afar. Oh look at them! What a lovely sight! When she noticed that Richard was carrying Abigail she knew that they needed to go home. “Naku, nakatulog na pala si Abigail. Don’t worry Chard, kami na ni Genie ang bahala dito. Maya, get some rest. I know you were tired from planning all these. Sige na, go ahead. Chard, yung driver mo pala, andyan na sa labas. Iniintay na kayo.”

“Thank you, Raffi. Mauna na rin ako. Andiyan na rin siguro si Mang Lem.” Maya stood up and assisted Richard.

“Sweet…uhm, I mean, Maya, sabay ka nalang sa amin ni Abigail.” Richard was careful not to use the term of endearment since Abigail was around.

“Ah, no, hindi na…” Maya’s eyes were giving Richard a signal.

Richard’s eyes, too, were widening. “Let’s go Maya.” Maya didn’t budge for she knew she wasn’t going to win.

An hour later, they arrived at Richard’s place. “Ay, naku, Sir, ako na po diyan…” Doris emerged to help Richard with Abigail.

“Thank you Doris. Papanik na din ako maya-maya.” Richard cautiously gave Abigail to Doris. He waited until Doris reached Abigail’s room before returning to Maya.

“Ihahatid mo pa ako sa bahay, eh diyan nalang naman na sa kabilang kanto. Baka magising si Abigail.” said Maya. She was worried about getting caught by Abigail.

“Eh, gusto ko eh. Saka, we didn’t get to spend some time tonight, eh birthday ko pa naman.” Richard pouted.

Maya found it cute when Richard acted that way. She placed her hand on his face and kissed his lips. “Hmp.. Ang baby ko, nagtatampo naman…”

Richard tugged Maya outside the gate. “Sabi mo di ba, baka makita tayo ni Abigail.” They both chuckled. “But seriously, my sweetheart, my love, thank you. This is one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. Kahit na, pasulyap-sulyap lang ako sa’yo.”

“Anything for you sweetheart.” Maya intertwined her hands with Richard’s and they walked towards her home.


The next day, Richard, Maya, Raffi, and Abigail went to the village’s clubhouse. In order to beat the summer heat, they decided to swim and to have lunch together. Maya was at first hesitant to join them but Raffi told her to come along since it’s good to get Abigail used to see her around. Abigail likes her because she portrayed a mermaid role in one of her previous acting stints.

Richard and Abigail had an alone time while Raffi and Maya was preparing lunch. He took it as an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her. “Baby, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Daddy. What is it?” Abigail was attentively looking at him.

Richard gathered all the strength and courage he needed before facing Abigail. “Baby, how do you find our set-up? Hindi ka ba nahihirapan because every two weeks, palipat-lipat ka ng bahay?” Initially, he and Leilani thought about shifting weekly in taking care of Abigail. However, it was a bit hard and confusing for Abigail so they changed it to every two weeks.

Abigail thought for a moment. “Uhm… Dati. It was hard because Mommy and Daddy are no longer together. Actually, it was sad. Pero, okay na ako ngayon Daddy. Don’t worry.” During the annulment process, Abigail had frequent visits to a specialist to help her recover from the situation. The good thing was, Leilani and Richard never left her side.

Richard nodded before asking another question. “Uhm, baby. How is Mommy? I mean, I know she’s doing fine, pero, you know—“

Abigail cut him off. “Daddy, 8 years old na ako, I can understand what you’re saying.”

“Oh sige nga, what I was trying to say?” Richard challenged her.

“If you are asking if Mommy has a boyfriend, wala na. Well, she told me na hindi daw niya boyfriend, so I believed her. Pero before, the guy always comes to Mommy’s house and gives her flowers.” said Abigail.

“Ah, I see. Baby, if ever magkaroon si Mommy ng boyfriend, okay lang ba sa’yo?” Richard asked.

Abigail went out of the water and Richard followed her. She removed her goggles as she sat by the swimming pool. “I don’t know Daddy. Mommy never told me that she wanted to have a boyfriend.”

“Kain na tayo!” Raffi was motioning to the two to get some food and have lunch.

“Tita Raffi, can we go to the bathroom saglit?” Abigail was in a hurry to go to the bathroom.

Raffi went towards to Abigail. “Chard, Maya, mauna na kayong kumain, sasamahan ko lang si Abigail.”

“Antayin nalang namin kayo, Raffi.” responded Maya.

Richard took a sip of iced water before kissing Maya on the lips. “Sarap!” He remarked.

Maya slapped Richard’s arm. “Ano ka ba? Makita tayo dito oh!”

“Wala namang tao. Tayo lang kaya, oh. Look!” Richard pointed around the pool area.

“Kahit na. Malay mo.” Maya gave Richard a paper plate. Then, her face turned serious. “Sweetheart… I overheard ‘yung conversation niyo ni Abigail kanina. Mukhang hindi pa siya ready, ah?”

Richard sighed. “I know. But don’t worry, she’s a darling. Siyempre sa una, masasaktan siya, but eventually, matatanggap din niya. Trust me, okay sweetheart?”

Maya nodded in agreement. Richard once again gave her a peck on her lips before diving into the swimming pool. Unfortunately, Abigail first went out of the bathroom and witnessed the scene. Why did Daddy kiss Tita Maya?


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  1. awww, hope hindi maging hadlang c Abigail sa kanilang relationship upang hindi na patago ang kanilang loving-loving … so sweet, kakilig ung lambingan nila … more more update sana soon ms. miles, and thank you 🙂


  2. Thank you Miles sa update. I just wonder why I don’t notification sa updates mo. I almost Chap 18, lumabas na pala and I didn’t notice it. So pagsabayin ko na ang comment ko sa dalawa. So obvious na in-love na ang dalawa but Abigail. Di naman madiretso ni Richard si Abby about Maya. Sana ok lang kay Abby ang relations nila R&M, now that she saw them kissing each other. Hopefully tanggap ni Abby si Maya as her 2nd Mom. Will wait for the next chap at sana di sya lumpas sa paningin ko, ha ha ha….cheers!


  3. I stumbled on this blog a few days ago and I just finished reading all the chapters. I hope tuloy tuloy na ang kilig at hindi na pumasok sa eksena sina Ralph at Leilani. Thank you Ms Miles.


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