R&M Chapter 18: Surprise

Richard was standing in front of Maya’s house, carrying a bouquet of red roses and a box of tiramisu, Maya’s favourite desert. He wanted to surprise and greet her at exactly 12 o’clock midnight for she will be celebrating her birthday. Richard dialed her number in which Maya answered seconds after.

“Hi sweetheart.” Maya greeted. “Saan ka?”

“Sweetheart, what time is it?” said Richard.

“Ah, 11:55 sweetheart. Why?” Maya placed her phone between her left ear and shoulder. She was fixing her bed.

Richard was looking at her window although it was covered with curtains. “Sweetheart, at exactly 12 o’clock, would you mind coming down? Dito sa gate niyo.”

Maya was puzzled. It was already late. Why would he ask her to do that? “Ha? Bababa ako, sweetheart? Bakit? Naka-night gown na ako. Nakakahiya baka may kapit-bahay na makakita sa akin.”

Richard chuckled and looked around the area. “Wala ‘yan sweetheart. Tulog na ang mga tao. Promise.”

“Weh. Paano mo nalaman?” Maya was getting curious.

It was 11:58. Richard wanted her to open the gate at exactly 12. He knew it would take her some time to go down. “Sweetheart, pwede baba ka sa? Punta ka sa may gate. Please. No questions asked muna, okay?”

“Okay, eto na, Mr. Lim, bababa na.” Maya quickly made her way downstairs. She opened the gate and was startled to see Richard.

“Happy birthday, my love!” Richard gave Maya the flowers and the cake. “I wanted to surprise you. That is why I came and I asked you to come down.”

Tears were forming in Maya’s eyes. “Aww, sweetheart! Bagay talaga sa’yo na tawagin kitang sweetheart kasi ang sweet mo talaga. Thank you!”

Richard closed the gate behind them. Then, he leaned forward to heavily press his lips against hers. It lasted for a minute. When he pulled back, he asked, “Did you like my surprise, sweetheart?”

Maya smiled sexily. “Of course, sweetheart. I do!” Maya opened the door of her house and led Richard in. Maya went straight to the dining table and opened the cake box. “Aww, sweetheart! Thank you! I have been craving for tiramisu these past few days kaya lang I didn’t have a chance to drop by sa bakery.” She hugged Richard and gave him a peck on his lips.

“Anything for you, sweetheart. I love you!” said Richard.

“Would you mind eating a slice of tiramisu with me?” asked Maya.

From behind, Richard wrapped his arms around Maya’s waist. “Not at all sweetheart.” His voice was nice and soft while he kissed Maya’s neck.

Maya was thrilled upon Richard’s actions. She disengaged from the embrace and said, “Kuha lang ako ng platito, ha?” Richard smirked and winked at her.


It was around 1 am when Richard and Maya finished eating tiramisu. They went to her veranda to share a cup of freshly brewed coffee and Maya sat on Richard’s lap.

“Let’s have lunch later sweetheart ha? Happy birthday ulit.” Richard kissed her temple.

Maya stood up and went to the deck railings. “This is the simplest yet the loveliest birthday celebration I’ve had in my entire life. Thanks to you sweetheart. Hanggang ngayon hindi parin ako makapaniwala na tayo na.”

Richard followed Maya and stood behind her. “Pang nth time mo nang sinabi ‘yan sweetheart.”

Maya slapped Richard’s arm. “Nakukulitan ka na, ganon?” She crossed her arms.

Richard pulled Maya closer and enveloped his arms around her. “No, you silly. I love hearing it actually. Kahit naman din ako eh, hindi parin ako makapaniwala. Everything happened so quickly but I have no second thoughts about it. Our personalities jive perfectly.”

The lovers smooched as if they were young teenagers in love. Maya was the first one to pull back. “Kaya, sweetheart, uwi ka na nang makapag-lunch tayo mamaya. Okay?”

Richard shook his head. “Ayaw ko pa. Dito lang ako.”

Maya tugged Richard towards the hallway. “Halika na, dali na…”

Richard stopped walking at looked at Maya mischievously.

“At bakit ha, Mr. Lim? Hindi. Bawal matulog dito. Baka mahuli tayo ni Manang…” Maya was trying to keep herself from laughing.

Richard drew her closer to him. Seductively, he said, “Bakit? Hindi naman dito sa hallway… Doon.” He pointed towards Maya’s room.

Maya burst out laughing. “Sweetheart! Ano ka ba?!” She was obviously blushing.

Richard, too, was howling with laughter. “Sweetheart, ano ba iniisip mo? What I meant was, sa room matutulog… Or else…”

“Ay hindi na, uwi na Richard Lim. Kung gusto mo pang mag-lunch mamaya, uwi na.” Maya and Richard made their way out of the house.

Richard opened the gate slightly and said, “Hindi mo na ako pipigilan umuwi?” He was trying to persuade her, trying if she was going to give in.

Maya bit her lower lip. “Nope. Hindi na, uwi na.” Then she hugged him. “Thank you ulit sweetheart, ah? I love you.”

Richard leaned forward and gave her a kiss. “You’re welcome. Matulog ka na rin ha? See you later, babe.”

ย ~~~~~

The couple had a scrumptious meal at a restaurant which is quite near their workplace. They decided to have a dinner instead of lunch since they both wanted to have privacy and for they knew that there were a lot of people in the area. At 7 p.m. they arrived at the restaurant when Maya was approached by a mid-30s female fan and asked if it was fine to take a picture with her. Of course, Maya didn’t disappoint the fan and immediately posed for a selfie. Even the lady’s son asked Richard for a selfie too in which Richard happily obliged. Afterwards, the two headed inside the restaurant. However, they weren’t able to escape the prying eyes of the people.

The next day, a photo was published on a showbiz blog site. Although it was blurred and the faces weren’t recognizable, some netizens claimed that it was indeed Richard and Maya. It said:

Ay, si Sir Richard and Ma’am Maya nga iyan… Nakita ko sila kagabi pero nahiya ako magpa-picture. Pero may isang lalaki na nakapagpa-picture with his mom.

I was sitting right next to their table. They were cozy and they seemed to be very, very close. Bagay sila!

My sister who was working at the restaurant confirmed na sila nga iyan… Yiee! Hindi lang pala sa CoCo commercial at sa With Love and Happiness sila bagay, in real life talaga!

Genie was busy prepping for the filming of his Saturday gag show when he came across the article. He didn’t even feel surprised about what was written about Richard and Maya. Immediately, he dialed Richard’s number and went out of the dressing room.

Genie greeted Richard with his usual cheerful voice. “Hi Chard, how are you?”

“Hello Genie, napatawag ka? Bukas pa taping namin kaya bukas pa ako magpapa-deliver ng food.” said Richard.

“Hindi naman pagkain ang concern ko, ikaw talaga. Alam kong hindi ka nagbabasa ng mga article, pero you have to see this. Alam mo naman na siguro kung anong website ‘yon. Nandun kayo ni Maya. It said that you two were seen last night, sa restaurant ni Lester.” Genie narrated.

Richard was absolutely shocked upon hearing the news. He was worried about Maya. “What? Really? Genie, please help me. I… I don’t want this to be an issue. You know, we just got together…”

Genie smiled. “Alam ko. Kahit hindi niyo aminin, nararamdaman ko. Kaya nga sinabi ko sa’yo kaagad. Don’t worry, kilala ko ‘yung may-ari ng website, I’ll ask them to take the post down.”

“Thank you, Genie. I’m sorry if this may cause any inconvenience.” Richard sighed. He didn’t know what to do. For sure, they would be in showbiz headlines.

“Don’t mention it Chard. Both you and Maya are my friends. Oh siya, paano ba ‘yan? I have to go, may taping pa ako eh. Ingat at regards kay Maya, ha? Stay in love!” Genie ended the call.


12 thoughts on “R&M Chapter 18: Surprise

  1. alam mo bang kinilig ako ng husto habang binabasa ko chapter 1-18..grabe!!! kaya di ako nag comment chapter by chapter para ma absorb ko lahat…but i just love the story soooo much…thanks at sana may update kaagad….


  2. hello ms. miles… I just finished reading all the chapters except the password protected… I love your story, it makes me happy and stress relieved… thank you for sharing it with us… hoping for an update soon and also thanks to ms. hannah for sharing your blogsite with us… please keep on writing and inspiring us… will be patiently waiting for your next update… thank you so much ms. miles… ๐Ÿ™‚


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