R&M Chapter 17: Inseparable

A/N: I am happy that I was able to find time and write this short but sweet chapter. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading! 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


3 weeks later . . .

Richard continued on pursuing Maya by showering her gifts everyday, including one expensive pair of shoes and a limited edition tote bag. Maya told Richard that there was no need to buy such things, but Richard insisted. He said that it makes him happy by doing so. After dinner,  they both headed towards the standby area to freshen up and get ready for filming another sequence. While waiting, Richard and Maya engaged in a small talk.

“Nabusog ka?” Richard asked while he placed his left arm over Maya’s shoulders.

Maya smiled and leaned against Richard. “Super! Paki-sabi kay Genie, thank you ha! Sa susunod ulit kamo.”

“Sure, I’ll tell him. Anyway, may gagawin ka ba mamaya?” said Richard.

“Uhm…” Maya recalled if she needed to do something. “I think wala naman na after. Why?”

“Wala lang. It means na buong magdamag nanaman kita makaka-text.” He chuckled.

“Corny mo!” Maya lightly slapped Richard’s arms.

From afar, Perry and Geneva were talking about the two. They have been observing Richard and Maya since they came back from the tour three weeks ago. Perry even showed Geneva the pictures that he secretly took.

“Sabi ko naman sa iyo eh, matibay ang ebidensya ko. Gen, ang tagal na natin sa industriya, hanggang ngayon hindi mo pa ba alam ang mga ganitong mga bagay?” Perry’s arms were crossed.

Geneva sighed in defeat. “Oo na, sige na. Nang matigil ka na…” She reached over her bag and handed Perry the watch box. “Ayan na. Binili ko na ‘yan while we were in States—”

Perry interrupted her. “So you mean, alam mo nang matatalo ka?”

“Hindi ah! Binili ko lang, ano… Just in case.” Geneva replied.

Perry teasingly looked at her and gave her shoulder a nudge. “Wushu. Kunwari pa. Oh, eto, binili ko rin ang handbag.” They both laughed at their playfulness.

“Eh nag-pustahan pa tayo, sa ganito rin pala mauuwi.” uttered Geneva.

Perry placed Geneva’s gift on the table. “Pero, eto ha, serious question. Gen, ikaw ba, anong feeling mo sa dalawa?”

Before responding, Geneva stared back at Maya and Richard, who were still fondly talking to each other. “Alam mo, sa tingin ko ha? May something na. Kaso, you know, both of them are being careful. Alam naman natin kung anong pinagdaanan nila.”


Direk Jean was giving final instructions to Richard and Maya before they start filming. “Okay, Maya. Take note, sa scene na ito, mag-papaalam ka kay Richard and then you two will kiss. Smack lang. Then, of course, Chard, lalabas ka to escort her. This instruction is very simple yet lahat ng galaw counted. We want our audiences na mas kiligin pa lalo. After this scene dito sa condo, mag-tracking shot na tayo. Am I clear?”
Maya and Richard has flawlessly executed the act which made Direk Jean very pleased. They changed locations after for the tracking shot. While setting up, Richard and Maya were instructed to rehearse their lines in the car.

“I-re-rehearse pa ba natin ‘to? Baka ma-nominate na tayo sa Hollywood nito ah?” Richard said in jest.

Maya giggled. “Ewan ko sa’yo, partner! Ang kulit mo!”

Richard winked at her. “Ayun naman ‘yung nagustuhan mo sa akin, di ba? Kasi makulit ako. Consistent at persistent. Oha! Nag-rhyme!”

Their small talk was interrupted by Perry. “Okay, Maya, Richard, take na tayo. In three, two, one… Action!” Thirty minutes after, Richard and Maya were given a break. Their spirits were still high that is why Richard asked Perry if he and Maya could drive around the village. Perry was reluctant to allow them at first since it was all ready late but he eventually agreed. “Basta ha, dito lang sa village. Be back in an hour siguro.”

Richard switched on the car’s engine and started driving. Maya turned on the radio. The two were enjoying the cold summer breeze. Richard, with all feelings, sang along.

♪ You were my courage, my sword and shield
Grace under pressure, my wall of steel
I was a stone weighing us down
You were the angel I chained to the ground

I miss the way you undress,
I miss your head on my chest
Can’t stop this bleeding, can’t stop believing
I’m missing the sound of your heart beating…♪

Maya wasn’t able to contain the giddiness she was feeling. She joined Richard in singing.

♪ Baby I’m in love with you
Oh, I’m missing the sound of your heart beating
Baby you were mine to lose
Oh, I’m missing the sound of you heart beating
Missing you, missing you
I’m missing the sound of your heart beating
Missing you, missing you
I’m missing the sound of your heart beating…♪

Richard has forgotten Perry’s reminder not to go too far. He drove towards the village’s exit. Now, they were in the highway. Maya, too, has completely lost in thought. She was dancing in the beat of the song. Richard went on a full stop when they reached an unfamiliar street where only trees and vast land could be seen. He was quite afraid that they were lost.

“Partner, nawawala na tayo ano?” said Maya. She felt energized even though she should worry where they were.

Richard lifted his two eyebrows. “Uh, I guess?”

Maya removed her seat belt. She faced Richard. “Okay na din ‘to, Chard. Para naman may alone time tayo. You know, to talk about things…”

Talk about things? What does she mean by that? Does she want me to stop wooing her? Millions of things were running through Richard’s mind upon hearing what Maya said.

He, too, removed his seat belt and faced her. “What about things?”

Maya stared at Richard which made his heart beat faster. The feeling was unexplainable. “I love you.” said Maya. She pressed her lips against his.

It took Richard a moment before he realized that Maya kissed her. “You love me? I’m sorry, Maya. What do you mean? Tayo na?”

Maya chuckled. “Oo na, tayo na.”

Richard went out of the car and shouted, “Yes! Yes! I love you Maya!”

Maya nervously went out of the car, trying to stop Richard. “Ano ka ba, Chard! Mabubulabog mo ‘yung mga tao dito! Get back in the car!”

Richard pulled Maya closer and hungrily placed his lips onto hers. This time, the kiss was filled with passion and burning desire.

“I love you, honey.” said Richard while catching his breath. “I love you more, honey!” replied Maya.

They saw an incoming truck that is why they decided to go back inside the car. Richard looked at his watch and he saw that they still have thirty minutes left. However, he told Maya that they should go back to their location because Perry might have been looking for them. When they arrived at the area, they went straight to their tent.

“So, honey… It’s official. Tayo na!” said Richard.

“Yes, honey.” replied Maya. She leaned on his broad, lean, muscular shoulders.

“You don’t have any idea how happy I am, my love.” Richard was caressing her hands.

“Ako din, sobra. Parang nasa cloud nine.” added Maya.

Richard detached from Maya and held her face. “Sweetheart, what urged you to say yes?”

Maya was grinning ear to ear. “Ang dami nating terms of endearment ah! Honey na, sweetheart pa!” She was rubbing Richard’s arms. “Sweetheart, wala ka naman nang kailangang patunayan pa eh. At sa tinagal-tagal na nating magkasama, feeling ko, sobrang kilala na kita. Para bang, magagalit ang universe ‘pag hindi tayo nagkatuluyan.”

Richard gave Maya a peck on her lips. “You’re silly. But seriously, I am so happy. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” said Maya. She grabbed her phone from her bag and took a picture of her and Richard. “Ayan, sweetheart! Ang cute!”

“Gagawin mong wallpaper?” Richard asked.

Maya thought about what to answer for a second. “Uhm.. Hindi muna. Baka makita nila Nikki. You know, minsan pag naiiwan ko yung phone ko, nag-se-selfie sila.”

Richard was puzzled. “Why?” “Eh, kasi, sweetheart… Pwedeng secret muna natin? Kasi di ba, ayoko muna ng malaman ng public. Siyempre, you know how harsh they can be. Siguro pwede sila Raffi lang maka-alam…” Maya reasoned.

Richard planted a kiss on Maya’s temple. “Whatever you wish, sweetheart. Ako din, ayoko muna ipaalam. Gusto ko sa atin muna.”

“Thank you, sweetheart! The best ka talaga, forever and always!” They both cracked up upon Maya’s cute response.


4 thoughts on “R&M Chapter 17: Inseparable

  1. wowwww in a relationship na, kaya lang secret pa. hanggang saan naman kaya nila matatago ito? hehehe kaya mas lalong piece of cake ang acting nila dahil “no acting acting” na … at ako naloloka sa hindi pagkakuntento sa isang endearment, ubusin nyo na kaya lahat ng endearment? 😀 “Para bang, magagalit ang universe ‘pag hindi tayo nagkatuluyan.” hindi lang magagalit, baka sasabog pa 😀 weeeee, more kiligan na talaga to. thanks Miles 🙂


  2. Thank you Miles sa update, pero namiss ko ito yesterday ewan ko kung bakit. But anyway – I have read it na and so nakakakilig talaga. Ayan sabi nilang dalawa, sila na! Sana wala namang trouble na gagawin yung ex ni Richard at mukhang nagseselos pa kay Maya. Next chapter na please……..cheers!


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