R&M Chapter 16: The Revelation

A/N: It was quite a challenge to reply to all of your e-mails regarding the password of “Just a thought”. Hehehe! I had fun though. I hope that you also had fun. *wink, wink* Also, I cannot promise to update as often as I do, but I will do my best to post at least once a week. I will be fairly busy in the coming months so please be patient. Again, many thanks to all of you! #KapitBiceps, ay este, #KapitBisig pala. πŸ™‚

Love, Miles ❀


On their third and supposedly last day in the States, With Love and Happiness team, including the producer, Ms. Geneva, went ahead to the Philippines for they would need few days rest before they resume taping. Only Perry, Luke, Nikki, Nicolo, Liza, Richard and Maya were the ones opted to stay. The teenagers went to Downtown to shop for some goodies to bring home while Perry said he would meet a relative nearby the hotel. On the other hand, Liza was in a dilemma whether to ask or not to ask Richard a permission if she could stay for another three days since she will be attending her cousin’s wedding.

“Hay, naku, Liza, lagot ka sa mga pinsan mo if you won’t be able to attend the wedding!” Her older sister Lara, who was based in Oregon, said on the other line.

Liza frowned and responded, “Oo Ate, gagawan ko naman ng paraan eh. Busy lang kasi talaga si Sir Richard ngayon kaya hindi ako makapag-paalam.”

Lara was losing her patience. “Liza, three days lang naman! Saka, babalik ba kayo agad sa trabaho pag uwi? Aba, nakaka-pagod kaya sa biyahe!”

Richard appeared from nowhere which made Liza flinch. “Sir, nagulat naman ako!” Then, she quickly told her sister to hang up. “Ate, mamaya nalang. Bye!”

“Who are you talking to?” He asked.

Liza brushed her side bangs and placed it behind her right ear and said, “Ah, wala ‘yon Sir. Ate ko. ‘Yung nasa Oregon.”

“Are you planning to visit her?” Richard smiled. He remembered Liza the other day talking to Perry about her cousin’s wedding.

Liza smiled sheepishly. “Ah, sana po. Pero, wala ng time Sir. Aalis na tayo bukas.”

“Go ahead Liza. I’m giving you five days off. Tutal, we won’t start filming when we get back. Next week pa ang taping.” Richard handed Liza a small envelope. “Here. Take this with you. Pambili mo ng regalo at yeah, pwede mo ring pang-shopping. Thank you Liza.”

Liza looked at Richard in disbelief. “Sir! It’s not necessary—”

Richard cut Liza off in her mid-sentence. “Go now Liza, before I change my mind. Sige na. Also, here is your plane ticket to Oregon before I forget.”

Liza has burst into tears and hugged Richard. “Thank you, Chard! Hindi ka lang the best boss, best friend ka pa!”

“Take care Liza. Send my warmest regards to your family. Have fun!” Richard waved good bye and headed towards the elevator.


Maya was putting final touches on her hair when she heard a knock on the door. She opened it and saw Richard. The two had planned to go to a famous theme park.

“Come in, Chard!” She smiled and let Richard in.

Richard looked at her lovingly. “You look stunning.”

Maya was wearing a white v-neck top and a blue denim high rise shorts and a pair of sneakers. “Stunning? Agad-agad? Nako, Mr. Lim, ha, ‘wag mo akong sinasanay na ganyan.”

Richard grinned broadly. “Edi, masanay ka na.”

“Ikaw din, you look so… chinito?” Maya giggled.

Richard was wearing a white shirt with red stripes, a brown cargo shorts, and a pair of dark blue espadrilles. “Let’s go Maya. We might be late.”

“Eto na Sir Chief.” said Maya while locking the door.

One and a half hour later, they arrived at the park. The place was filled with children, lovers, and families. Richard grabbed Maya’s hand which caused her to bite her lower lip. Hanggang dito, holding hands. Akala ko ba pang-production number lang ito. She said in her mind while Richard was looking around to see which ride should they first get into.

It was the first time both Maya and Richard got lost in thoughts. They were like little children enjoying and savouring every moment together. A photo booth was seen by Richard and he dragged Maya inside.

“Picture tayo, Maya.” He said.

Maya felt giddy as her heart thumped faster. “Uy, si Sir Chief, nakiki-picture. Teenager lang ang peg natin?”

“Sige na, Maya.” He placed a bunny ears on Maya’s head.

Maya, in return, placed a magician’s hat on his head. “Ayan, Sir Chief, para kang magician!”

Richard winked at Maya and said, “Tapos, nung nag-magic ako, ikaw yung lumabas?”

They made silly poses at the camera. There was one pose where Richard hugged Maya and they were looking at each other, smiling.

“Ay, ang cute natin Sir Chief oh!” Maya exclaimed.

“There were four photos, Maya. So, tig-dalawa tayo, ha?” Richard grabbed his wallet from his pocket and placed their picture beside Abigail’s kindergarten graduation photo. This gesture didn’t escape Maya’s eyes but she didn’t bother to ask why he did that.


“Tito Perry, hindi po nag-re-respond back si Tita Maya and Tito Richard eh.” Nikki was dead worried where Maya and Richard had been. It was all ready 10 in the evening.

“Baka naman, pabalik na sila dito sa hotel.” Luke said.

“Eh, Kuya, they should have informed us, di ba? Kasi, nag-paalam din tayo sa kanila. Malay ba natin kung nasaan na sila, di ba? And eto oh, may pinabili pa ngang lipstick si Tita Maya sa akin.” Nikki didn’t stop calling Maya and Richard’s phone.

“Naku, don’t worry about them. I’m sure nag-de-date ‘yon.” Perry joined in the conversation as he sat comfortably on the chair. “Ay, ang sarap maupo dito oh. Cute ng chair!”

Nikki’s face brightened. “Really? Date?”

Nicolo was carrying a tray of drinks and snacks he bought at the coffee shop across the hotel. “Ha? Sinong nag-date?”

“Edi sino pa, sino Tito Richard and Tita Maya.” Luke replied.

Nicolo looked puzzled. “Ha? Confirmed na?”

“Hindi pa, pero si Tito Perry, looked so sure.” said Nikki.

Perry was happily staring at the three while having thoughts. Mga bagets, ang tagal ko na sa showbiz kaya alam ko na ang mga pangyayari. Don’t worry, pa-a-aminin natin sila in no time. He then grabbed a donut and said,Β  “Hay, nako, mabuti pa, inumin nalang natin hot chocolate baka lumamig pa. Thank you Nicolo.”


Maya and Richard were walking with their hands intertwined as they enjoy the crisp air of springtime. Neither of them spoke as they were still pondering on the good times they shared together that day. They stopped walking and sat on the bench facing a fountain. Richard gathered some courage before speaking.

“Maya, you know, I’m not getting any younger and I don’t play around. I want to be very honest with you. Siguro, aware ka na, extra sweet ako sa’yo, kung ano-ano ‘yung binibigay ko, and I always spend time with you whenever I can. Maya, I am falling in love with you.” Richard stared at her bambi eyes.

Maya smiled and placed her hands on top of Richard’s. “Thank you for being honest with me and I really appreciate that. And yes, I am more than aware sa mga ginagawa mo. The last time you said this to me, akala ko binibiro mo lang ako. But you know, it’s funny because that night I received a message from Raffi telling me na, ‘yun nga, ikaw nga daw si Mr. Y. Teka, what does Mr. Y mean?”

Richard felt at ease upon hearing Maya. “Well, for me it means I am yours. I am yours always and forever. Ginawa ko lang na Mr. Y para maikli.”

Maya laughed. “Ang cheezy mo ha! Pero, thank you. Kinilig talaga ako.”

There was a minute of silence.

Maya heaved a deep sigh before speaking. “Richard, ako din, I’m tired of playing games in a relationship. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, I will make sure that the next time I fall in love ay du’n na sa taong mahal ko, sa taong masaya ako kapag kasama ko siya, na nagagawa ko ‘yung mga bagay na I have never thought of doing. And I think, that is you, Chard.”

Richard was surprised with her answer. However, he thought that she was being carried away by what he said. “Maya, are you sure? I mean, no pressure at all. Alam mo naman na, may anak ako and—“

Maya placed her finger on Richard’s lips. “Oo, alam ko. Kaya nga we are going to take things slow. I’m willing to adjust if you’re also willing to wait. Give and take lang, Chard.”

There was a beam on Richard’s face. “Of course, I will wait.” There was a short pause. He continued, “So, pwede na akong manligaw sa’yo?”

Maya covered her mouth in shock and said, “Hindi pa ba panliligaw ‘to?”

Richard chuckled. “Well, if you want to consider this, then, why not?”

“I guess, we’re exclusively dating.” She winked at him.

“So, you mean, you won’t entertain anyone other than me?” He said, wanting a clarification and confirmation.

“Uhm, yes.” Maya tenderly faced him.

Richard hugged her and whispered, “Thank you for giving me a chance.”

After their heartfelt conversation, they hailed a taxi and went back to the hotel. Richard brought Maya back to her room to bade goodbye. He kissed her on the cheeks before Maya closed the door. Unknown to the two, there were four eavesdroppers standing at the end of the hallway near the emergency exit.

“Oh, di ba? Sabi ko sa inyo eh, tama ako.” Perry said confidently.

“Galing mo Tito Perry!” Nicolo spoke a bit loud so the three shushed him. He held out a peace sign.

“So, ano nang plano natin?” asked Luke.

“Wala. Aamin din ‘yan. Hayaan muna nating may iba pang maka-pansin.” replied Perry.


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  1. the feeling is mutual, hahaha kaya pag balik sa Pinas change status na sila “exclusively dating”, sa next na update baka “in a relationship” na πŸ˜€ hindi lang ung apat ang kinikilig, pati ako kinilig din sa dalawang ito (with hidden wish) :mrgreen: aba sa sobrang atat nila sa date, nakalimutang magpaalam sa mga kasama … thankie ms . miles sa time and effort sa pag update


  2. This is the first chapter I’ve read and and I’ll be doing a marathon reading soon… I’m enjoying this very much and thank you so muchπŸ™πŸ’ƒ


  3. For a change, Richard is not committed to anybody except that he has a daughter from a past relationship. Story is getting better and the giddy feeling that I used to feel watching the show before, I could actually feel reading every chapter. I just discovered your site last night and I can’t seem to get enough reading the chapters of this story. If I could please have the pw for you other story. thanks. my e-mail address is timgreg822@gmail.com


  4. Waaaaaaaaa nexchapter please! HEheehe I’m sorry.Miles first time to comment update agad ang bungad

    But its exciting now so plsm.update na soon


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