R&M Chapter 14: The Tour

A/N: Hindi ko na nai-proofread! Haha, excited lang ako… 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


“Perry, naman… Kakauwi ko lang kaninang 5am. Meeting kaagad? But why…” Richard didn’t mean to complain but the pain on his back was killing him.

Perry, on the other line, tried to understand Richard. “Chard, promise, mabilis lang ‘to. Kung ako nga lang din ang masusunod bukas nalang. Pero kasi, si Ms. Geneva ang nag-order nito at saka aalis siya bukas. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t take long. I promise. In fact, ikatutuwa mo pa nga ang meeting na ito. Oh siya, tulog ka muna ulit. See you later!”

Richard placed the phone on the side table and rolled over to the other side of the bed. It’s okay, makikita ko naman si Maya mamaya. He thought and immediately went back to sleep.

Meanwhile at Maya’s house, Manang Fely was busy preparing Tinolang Manok as per Maya’s request. She told the old lady to prepare it for she will send some to Richard since he was not feeling well. Maya sat down at the table, blessed the meal, and even asked Manang Fely to join her. After eating, Maya quickly headed to Richard’s home.

“Hi Doris! Andyan ba si Richard?” Maya was all smiles when Doris greeted her at the door.

“Ay, pasok po kayo Ma’am Maya. Naku, mukhang masarap po ito.” Doris carefully placed the steamy hot soup on the counter tops. “Gusto niyo po ba tawagin ko?”

“Naku, Doris, ‘wag na. Baka nagpapahinga siya. May sticky note naman akong iniwan. Salamat ha? Tuloy na ako.” Maya bade goodbye to Doris.

When Maya left, Doris went straight to the kitchen to see what was the message written on the sticky note. She read it quietly while keeping herself from shrieking out loud. The note read:

I hope you had a good rest even though it was only a few hours. I got worried when you texted me that you weren’t feeling so well that is why I sent you this. Happy eating and see you later. 🙂

Doris was wondering where will Richard and Maya go. May taping ba si Sir ngayon? Ang alam ko wala ah. She checked on the refrigerator door, where Richard’s schedule was posted, to see if there were changes made. Wala naman ah. Sa’n to pupunta? While she was pondering, Richard’s door opened. Doris got nervous because she might get caught reading Maya’s note. The good thing was, Doris cleverly thought of grabbing a broom and pretended to sweep the floor even though she all ready did it twice.


“I’m sorry sa inyong lahat, especially kina Maya and Richard. Balita ko kauuwi niyo lang kaninang umaga but this announcement that I’m about to make can’t wait.” Geneva smiled and paused for a bit. Then she continued, “First good news ko ay, extended ulit ang With Love and Happiness and secondly, magkakaroon tayo ng world tour!” Everyone cheered after hearing the wonderful news. Maya and Richard instinctively hugged and congratulated each other. Little did they know, Geneva and Perry were keenly observing the two of them.

Perry moved closer to Miss Geneva and whispered, “Oh ano? Naniwala ka na? Sabi ko sa’yo eh. May something.”

“Etong si Perry talaga. Magtayo ka nalang kaya ng matchmaking website. Siyempre, close lang talaga ‘yan dahil unang-una sila ang madalas magka-eksena. Binibigyan mo lahat ng malisya, Perry. Ikaw talaga!” Geneva lectured Perry and took a sip of apple juice.

“Sige, punta ka sa set. May taping kami two days from now. Whole day ka mag-stay ha?” Perry jokingly raised his eyebrows.

“Perry, you know na marami akong ginagawa dito sa office. I can’t stay the whole day. Ganito nalang, sige, sa tour. Oh, okay na ba sa’yo?” Geneva tried to mock Perry’s gestures but she failed. The two giggled.

“Sige, ha. Promise ‘yan, kungdi, bibigyan mo ako ng…” Perry closed his eyes to think for a moment then he said, “…relo! ‘Yan ha, relo lang Gen!”

Geneva grinned widely and said, “Okay, deal! Pag ako naman ang nanalo, sige, bibigyan mo ako ng handbag.”

The two shook hands and said in chorus, “Deal!”

Richard and Maya approached the two. Maya was the first to speak, “Hi Perry and Ms. G! Mukhang nag-se-seal nanaman kayo ng deal ha? Congratulations sa atin! Sabi ni Direk Jean and Direk Marvin kahapon daw yung isa sa mga pinaka-mataas na ratings natin!”

“Ah, oo, may deal kasi kami nito ni Ms. Gen. Anyway, congratulations din sa inyong dalawa! Hindi lang lahat ng viewers ang pinakilig ninyo, pati narin kaming mga nasa set.” Perry said in jest.

Richard smiled. He loved the idea of making not only the viewers smitten by their character portrayal but also the people who they work with. “Siyempre, team naman tayo duon. Thank you sa inyong lahat for making this comfortable and easy for me and Maya.”

Everyone in the conference room stayed a bit longer to chitchat. Giggles and non-stop talking were heard across the room. Soon after snacks, most of the staffs have gone back to their respective jobs. Perry and Geneva were fixing the papers when Maya spoke.

“Ah, Perry, Ms. Gen, I think I have to go. Feeling ko may jetlag ako dahil sa puyat.” Maya remarked.

Geneva was holding a bunch of folders. “Go ahead Maya, sige. Ingat!”

“Ah, Ms. Gen, Perry, mauna na rin ako.” Richard then turned to Maya. “So, let’s go? Hatid na kita.”

“Take care Maya and Richard. Thanks for coming.” Perry said. Both he and Geneva weren’t able to wave goodbye for their hands were full of office stuffs that they used for the meeting.

“Bye!” Richard and Maya said in unison and went towards the elevator.

Perry looked mischievously at Geneva. “One point for me!”


2 weeks after…

The show’s production team, cameramen, writers, producers and even some network executives flew a day early to prepare for the much-awaited event of the year. A lot of Filipinos overseas were excited to see Maya, Richard, and the rest of the cast members. They said that because of Richard and Maya’s teleserye, they were able to relive their younger years, ease their homesickness and even helped them teach their children what Filipino values are like. Perry was in front of the line and was giving final instructions before they embark for USA. Not long after, all of them where comfortably seated in the airplane. Luke and Nicolo, who was Luke’s best friend in the show, sat together while Nikki sat with Perry.

“Niks, sa tingin mo, magtatabi sila ng upuan? Yung isa kasi nating production assistant, si Valerie at yung manager ni Richard kasama.” Perry murmured.

Nikki chuckled. “Tito Perry talaga. Hmm, I think hindi. Kasi close si Ate Valerie saka si Tita Maya, kaya baka mag-tabi sila.”

Valerie walked towards the empty seats in front of Luke and Nicolo while Liza walked towards the empty seats in front of Perry and Nikki. Liza moved near the window and said, “Hey Val, let’s sit together. May chika ka pa sa akin!”

Valerie’s eyes brightened and said, “Ay, girl, oo nga pala!” She then sat with Liza.

Perry and Nikki exchanged high fives and whispered “Yes!” together. Few seconds after, Richard and Maya appeared.

“So, partner, mukhang tayo ang naiwan at tayo ang magtatabi sa seat.” said Maya.

“I don’t mind. Eh ikaw, okay lang ba sa’yo?” asked Richard while praying for Maya to agree.

“Ah, oo naman. Asus, ikaw pa ba partner?” Maya was seated next to the aisle. “Partner, dun ka sa may window, okay lang?”

Richard smiled and willingly obliged to Maya’s request. Then he asked her, “Why partner? Are you afraid of heights?”

“Ha? Ako? Hindi ah! Nasanay lang kasi akong dito sa aisle nakaupo.” She lied. The truth is, her heart was now beating faster and her hands were sweating all over. Richard nodded in agreement.

In flight announcements were made and the plane was ready to take off. Maya heaved a deep sigh and closed her eyes. Richard, however, swiftly noticed her trembling in fear. He clasped her hands with his and muttered, “Maya, relax. I’m here.”

Maya was engulfed with fear. Even though her seat belt was placed tightly around her, she leaned against Richard’s shoulders and placed her right hand around him. “Thank you partner. The best ka talaga.”

Richard couldn’t contain himself and gently kissed Maya’s forehead. She then looked up and smiled at him. Maya was thankful to have Richard beside her. If not for him, she could have collapsed the moment the plane took off. Dinner was served shortly, after which everyone enjoyed. Headsets, pillows, and blankets were distributed to the passengers. Richard and Maya’s hands were intertwined, but would pull back when somebody would pass by. In order not to let others see, Richard took one blanket off the plastic to cover him and Maya. Unknown to them, Perry was able to capture the two.

“Tito Perry, what are you doing?” Nikki said in disbelief.

“Ah, wala. Souvenir lang ‘to Niks. Sige, sleep ka na muna.” replied Perry.


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  1. o-em-gee grabe super kinilig ako … ms. writer believe ako sa ginawa mong twist sa R&M, oh-la-la 😀 … ang the best part dito sa fanfic world ung impossible sa real world naging possible dito, eagerly waiting for the next update (and kung pwede sana makahingi ng PW ng protected chapter, many thanks)


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