R&M Chapter 13: Signs?

It was during their fourth taping day when Richard anonymously sent a bouquet of pink carnation flowers to Maya. It was Raffi who suggested it since she knew that Maya loves flowers. Luke and Nikki were squealing and jumping around Maya. The latter, however, was surprised. Who could have sent it here? She assumed that it was from Raph but dismissed the idea since she never told him where their filming location was. Nikki told Maya to open the little note clipped on its ribbon. It read:

Dearest Maya,
You give me butterflies. May you have an awesome day.
Mr. Y.

Nikki shrieked even louder. This time, Luke covered his ears and gently elbowed Nikki. Then he said, “Niks! Too loud! Baka akalain nila Direk may sunog… Hahaha! Para kasing siren ‘yang tili mo!”

Nikki pouted and replied, “G-r-r-r ka talaga Kuya! Anyway, Tita Maya! I’m so kilig! Do you have any idea who Mr. Y is?”

“Wala nga Niks, eh. May pa-codename-codename pa kasing nalalaman.” said Maya.

“Siyempre, Tita Maya, para may thrill. Saka, ang cute nga eh! Pa-mysterious effect.” Luke remarked. Unknown to them, Richard was eavesdropping behind the standby area. He smiled upon his “mission accomplished” and grabbed his phone from his pocket to tell Raffi that the flowers all ready arrived. He said: Hey cuzzo, she’s very happy! 🙂

Raffi was at the airport waiting to board the plane. She was bound for Cebu with Charlie and his bandmates to have a mini-concert. Her reply was: Oh come on, Chard! Don’t tell me na you’re going to ask about the next move, ha? You know it all ready. Love you. See you next week. xx

Richard chuckled upon his cousin’s reply. He fixed his polo shirt and went back inside the standby area to find Luke, Nikki, and Maya discussing something. Maya looked at him while he entered.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Richard said, pretending not having heard anything moments ago.

“Wala naman, Tito. Except for…voila! Tita Maya has beautiful bouquet of pink flowers! So girly!” Nikki exclaimed while she excitedly clapped her hands.

“Oh, really? That’s nice!” Richard looked straight at Maya’s eyes. This made Maya’s heart beat faster.

“Niks, I guess it’s our turn to film our scenes. Direk Perry is making his way towards here.” Both Nikki and Luke stood up, just in time with Perry’s arrival.

“See you later Tita Maya and Tito Richard. Pahinga muna kayo, dami niyong scenes na kinuhanan kanina.” Nikki waved at Richard and Maya.

Maya started to feel anxious whenever she and Richard were left alone. This kind of feeling has been going around for a week and she knew something isn’t right. All of a sudden, she remembered feeling this way towards Patrick when he was still courting her. She shook her head slightly as if her worries would be gone by doing so.

Richard was meticulously examining her before he spoke. “Ah, partner? Ok ka lang ba? I guess you should take a rest. Kanina pa tayong umaga.” His manly voiced echoed across the room which made Maya flinch. It took her a second to respond.

She said, “Ah, oo. Oo nga eh, kanina pa tayo. Sige, partner. Tulog muna ako ha? Ikaw din, para nakapag-recharge ka na ulit.” Then she turned her back against Richard who laid his back on his folding bed. He smiled at Maya before closing his eyes.

The next day, Maya received a large box of chocolate covered almonds. Just like the flowers, there was a note that came with it. It said:

Dear Maya,
Your smile is a sweet as these chocolates. ❤
Have a nice day.
Mr. Y

As the days go by, Maya continued to receive gifts from her secret admirer. Even though she was delighted about it, to her, there are more far interesting things around than finding out who Mr. Y is. Richard. She initially thought. Why is he acting extra sweet lately? Is there something going on? Her musings were interrupted by none other than Richard. He just came from filming a scene with Luke and Nikki and he brought along drinks inside their tent.

“Oh, BuKo, I have some drinks for you.” Richard cleverly used their term of endearment in the show in which Maya’s character thought of.

“Hahaha, Sir Chief, please, ‘wag mong itawag sa akin ‘yan. Ang corny!” Maya said while hiding her blushing face.

Richard giggled. “Oo nga eh. Ang kulit din mag-isip ng writers natin, ano?”

Maya stood up as she was about to get ready for her turn. “Oo nga eh!” She paused for a minute to fix her hair before turning back to Richard. “Ay, partner, yung request mong seafood pasta mamaya nalang meryenda, ha? Naiwan ko kasi kanina sa bahay, pero pinauwi ko muna yung PA ko to get it.”

“Talagang sineryoso mo ako ha, partner? Anyway, hindi ko tatanggihan ‘yan. Panalo eh! Thank you ha.” Richard went towards Maya and slightly poked her side.

She tried to stride backwards to avoid Richard but he was quick. “Partner! Ikaw ha!” Richard didn’t respond. Instead, he winked at her and went out of the standby area. Ba’t ba ako kinikilig? She asked herself in front of the mirror. Inhale, exhale. Maya reminded herself to relax before she headed out.


“Very good! Pack-up na tayo!” Direk Marvin announced. Everyone cheered as they put away their things.

Luke and Nikki were sent home early for they both have a curfew at 11 pm. It was 5 in the morning and they just finished a scene where Richard dropped off Maya to her condominium. She was about to get on her car when Richard grabbed her arms.

“Hey partner, I think I forgot to thank you for the pasta you gave me. Ang sarap talaga!” Richard was still holding on to Maya’s arm.

She felt the heat coming from Richard’s touch. Parang nakakakuryente naman makahawak at makatitig ang mamang chinito na ito. Maya smiled before responding to Richard and placed her hands on his. “Ikaw talaga, wala yun. So, should I say, good morning or good night?”

Richard thought for a second. “Hmm… Good… mor…night?”

Maya let out a soft laugh. “Good mornight, partner.

He warmly pressed his lips on her cheeks and said, “Good mornight, Maya. Sweet dreams. I’ll see you, perhaps, two days from now?”

Maya was taken aback and wasn’t able to respond.


Maya leaned against the headboard and grabbed her phone to see if she left messages unanswered. After few minutes, she tried to close her eyes and sleep but she just couldn’t. Her mind is now preoccupied with Richard and his affection towards her.


It was the most-awaited part of the story –  and finally, it’s happening – the first kiss of the main characters. Maya was feeling giddy, yet nervous for this was her and Richard’s first time. Of course she knew how to plainly execute the scene, however, something unexplainable dawned into her.

After filming, Richard went up to her and hugged her. “Partner, great job tayo!”

She smiled and hugged her back. “Thank you, ha? Inalalayan mo ako. Although I have done this kind of scene in the past, siyempre, alam mo na, iba parin kapag inaalalayan ka ng ka-partner mo.”

“You don’t need to mention it, Maya.” Richard winked at her.

“Maya, next scene na ha. Ok, guys, double time tayo, kailangan nating matapos ‘to, kundi alam na…” Perry’s voice echoed across the venue. This interrupted Maya and Richard’s conversation.

“You’re beautiful in my eyes, Maya. I think I’m falling in love with you.” Richard murmured.

Maya hurriedly went inside the condominium lobby when she thought she heard Richard. She did clearly hear what he said but she wanted to make sure. She reasoned out, “Anong sabi mo partner? Hindi kita nadinig eh.”

He smirked and said, “Wala, sabi ko, balik na ako sa tent.”

Maya was about to respond when Direk Marvin shouted, “In one, two, three, action!”

End of flashback…

Maya thought she was daydreaming that day, not until this kind of scenario occurred not only once but thrice. She remembered what Richard precisely said in a whispering manner but would take it back.

“Maya, sana, totoo nalang ito ano? ‘Yung ako yung Sir Chief mo…”

“Well, you know what, ang saya ko kapag kasama kita… You drive me crazy!”

“Maya, I’m willing to wait and take it easy, if you want me to.”

She tossed around and blamed herself of having a cup of coffee on her way home. Half of her wanted to confront Richard while half of her was telling herself that she was just being delusional due to lack of sleep. Suddenly her phone beeped. The message was from Perry.

Hi Maya! Good morning, ay este, good evening na pala para sa ating lahat. Anyway, I am sorry, may meeting tayo mamayang hapon, 3pm. May proposal daw si Ms. Geneva sa atin. Ay, naku, super exciting! Sige, go back to sleep, Mrs. Chief. Hihihi.

Maya giggled upon Perry’s antics. Mrs. Chief, I like it.


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