R&M Chapter 10: Comfortable

A/N: Dahil mahal ko kayo, double treat! Kung gaano kahaba yung Chapter 9, eto, ganun ka-ikli. Sort of? Hahaha. At pansin niyo parati akong may author’s note? Hahaha. 😀 Ang saya ko lang. Enjoy!

Love, Miles ❤


After they finished their lunch, the two decided to go for a stroll at the mall nearby. Maya and Richard separated ways for thirty minutes for they decided to shop for some goodies. She went to the grocery while he went to a famous coffee shop to grab some drinks, then to a children’s store to buy something for Abigail. They met again at the lobby where RIchard helped Maya carry the things she bought and he gave her a frappuccino he got earlier. Little did they know, there were some people who were quick to notice the both of them.

“Girl, si Sir Richard ba ‘yon? Ang pogi grabe!” A lady who was not quite far behind them said while elbowing another lady beside her.

“Ay, girl! Oo nga! Si Sir nga! Ang guapo parin, grabe, parang alak! Habang tumatagal,” she turned sideways as if pretending that she was on a commercial shoot and continued, “lalong shemesherep.”

“Adik ‘to. May ginagaya ka ba? Anyway, sino kaya ‘tong kasama niya? Asawa niya? Ang sexy ah!” Lady number one remarked.

“Ay, oo nga, sino, ay, teka…” Lady number two moved a bit closer towards Maya and Richard, close enough to see who he’s with. “Girl, di ba, si Maya Dela Rosa ‘yun?”

“Ha? Yung magaling na kontrabida na kasama ni Raffi Alcantara? Ay, yung pinapanuod natin gabi-gabi?” Lady number one stopped for a moment to get her mobile phone. She made sure that it really was Maya before saying, “Oo nga ano! Bakit kaya sila magkasama? Anyway, ikaw, paborito mo si Sir at ako si Ma’am. Dali, magpa-picture tayo!”

“Teka lang, ang chaka ko kaya! Mag-ayos muna tayo.” Lady number two said.

“Dalian mo! Ay, ako nga rin.” Both ladies were busy fixing themselves that is why they weren’t able to notice that the two were gone.

“Dali, dali…” Lady number two stopped. “Ayan, ang tagal natin. Lumabas na sila. Ang sad naman!”

“Hala! Sayang! Nakapag-pa-picture sana tayo! Di bale, next time nalang.” Lady number one said with a tone of disappointment. The two ladies were about to exit when suddenly lady number one exclaimed, “Ay girl! May picture akong nakuha. Dalawa. Look oh! Medyo naka-harap si Sir dito sa isa habang si Ma’am naka-side view. Tapos dito sa isa, ay oh, ang cute, naka-smile sila! Ay, parang magka-holding hands!”

“Ahhh! Ang cute nga! Kaya pala may sparks sila nung sa commercial, di ba?” The two happily made their way home with smiles on their faces even though they didn’t had a chance to take a picture with their favourite TV personalities.


Maya was home around 7 in the evening courtesy of Richard. They were supposed to be home an hour earlier if they weren’t stuck in traffic. Richard went back to his car and started the engine after bidding goodbye to Maya with a kiss on her cheeks. She waved back at Richard and went inside her house. Manang Fely greeted her as she took the shopping bags from Maya.

“Good evening Maya. Kumain ka na ba?” The old lady asked.

“Ay, opo Manang. Kayo ho ba ni Mang Lem?” She smiled at Manang Fely.

“Ah, oo, ija. Sige, ipapasok ko lang sa kusina ang mga ito. Magpahinga ka muna.” The old lady proceeded towards the kitchen and Maya went to her bedroom.

Maya quickly changed into shorts and her favourite t-shirt with printed hearts in front. She was surprised to see 2 missed calls and a text message from Perry. Huh, si Perry, tumawag? Bakit kaya? She wondered. Then, she opened her messages to read his text. It read:

From: Perry
Hi Maya! Sorry to bother you. Mukhang busy ka ata. Anyway, pasensya na for the short and late notice pero, I want you in the office tomorrow. Ikaw daw yung isa sa mga bida sa new teleserye na gagawin ng network. Be there at 10 am sharp! And, please, don’t tell anyone about this muna ha? Meeting pa naman tayo bukas eh. Top secret ito ha? Thank you Maya and good evening! See you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, at his house, Richard went straight to his bedroom upon arriving, took a brisk shower, and slipped into his night outfit. Just like Maya, he was surprised to see 2 missed calls and a text message from Perry. However, he was hoping that it is about a next project. The message read:

From: Perry
Good evening, Richard! Sorry ha, medyo late na ito pero you need to come and see me tomorrow. 10 am sharp! This is about the project that Liza was telling you na-i-o-offer ng network sa’yo! Finally! By the way, secret lang muna ito ha? See you tomorrow!

Richard was happy that after a year he was given another project by his home network. He excitedly went to sleep, hoping that soon it would be morning.


Perry, as an assistant director this time, together with three other people: a TV producer and two writers, arrived 30 minutes prior to the meeting. After few moments, Maya arrived and was greeted by all.

“Hi Maya! It’s nice to see you! Finally, I’ll be able to work with you this time.” Ms. Geneva, the producer of the show where Maya is going to star in, couldn’t remove the huge grin on her face upon seeing Maya. The two writers extended their hands towards Maya and shook her hand.

Not long after, Richard arrived at the small conference room. Maya was preoccupied with the scripts handed to her that is why she wasn’t aware that Richard arrived. She lifted her head up when she heard Ms. Geneva called Richard’s name. All of them exchanged pleasantries, sat down and started the meeting.

After three hours, the meeting was brought into a conclusion. All of them were happy about the result of what they have talked about. Ms. Geneva and the two writers were in a hurry to leave for they will be attending another meeting. Perry talked to Maya and Richard to congratulate them for getting the role.

“Nice one Maya and Richard! Ang ganda kasi ng tandem niyo duon sa commercial niyo ng soft drinks kaya nag-usap ang management na baka pwede kayong pagtambalin. At hindi nga kami nagkamali. Oh siya, mauna na rin ako. See you next week for another meeting. This time, it’s with other cast members. Bye guys!” Perry exited the conference room. Maya and Richard were left inside.

“Partner! Akalain mo, magiging magkatrabaho tayo! Nagka-totoo yung wish natin! Haha!” Maya giggled.

“Oo nga eh! At least, hindi lang tayo sa commercial nag-sama.” Richard smiled.

“Ang ganda ng role natin ano? Light lang. This is going to be exciting yet challenging for me, dahil puro ako heavy drama eh!” said Maya.

“Same here. But hey, trying on different roles won’t hurt, right? Besides, it’s easier to work dahil comfortable na tayo sa isa’t-isa.” Richard opened the door for Maya.

“Tama ka diyan, partner! Hay, nakakatuwa naman ano?” Maya checked her phone to see who it was. The incoming call was from Raph.

“Oh, partner, sagutin mo na yan. Sige ha, mauna na ako. May school program kasi si Abigail.” Richard kissed Maya’s cheeks and the latter did the same to Richard.

“Sige, partner, ingat ka! See you!” She waved at Richard and slowly made her way towards the washroom.

Maya pressed the end button on her phone. However, it rang once again. She does not want to talk to Raph because he is being annoying and she does not want to ruin her day. Bakit ka ba tawag ng tawag? Sinabi ko na ngang ayoko na! She shouted in her mind. Few minutes after, she decided to turn off her mobile phone and went to the parking area.


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