R&M Chapter 8: Constantly

A/N: Thank you for patiently waiting and to those who reminded me on Twitter. Sorry, I got busy with real life (harhar) so I didn’t get a chance to post this right away. Anyway, enjoy this chapter.

Love, Miles


2 months after. . .

The drama series in which Maya and Raffi starred in endedΒ with undeniably high ratings versus its competitor. Everyone from the show including some network executives gathered for a huge victory party held in a popular restaurant. Maya was busy chit-chatting with her co-actors whom she will dearly miss for they had built a wonderful friendship. Every once in a while, Maya looks at her phone to see if Richard has replied. Raffi was quick to notice that Maya has been texting “someone”.

“Hey, sino ‘yan ha?” Raffi elbowed her best friend. She pretended to look at Maya’s phone.

Maya was quick to cover and lock her phone so she prevented Raffi’s mischievous act. “Alin?”

“Maya, kanina ka pa kaya namin na-no-notice. Sino ba kasi yang ka-text mo? Si Raph?” Michael joined in the conversation.

Maya felt uneasy so she decided to take a sip of water before responding. “Hindi si Raph ah, break na kami nu’n. Matagal na.”

“Eh sino nga ‘yan? Sabihin na kasi…” Vivian cajoled Maya while giving her that “tell-us-who-that-is-or-else” look.

Maya massaged her temples and her neck as she feels uncomfortable talking about bits and pieces of her personal life. Yes, she was constantly exchanging messages and even phone calls with Richard but she does not want to give any meaning on it. Besides, they’re friends. She decided to lie, although she didn’t want to, so her friends would stop picking on her. “Si Perry. May tinatanong lang about du’n nga sa offer na sabi ko sa inyo di ba?”

“Did you accept it?” Raffi asked while handing Michael the pitcher of iced tea.

Maya was relieved that the topic promptly changed. “Hmm, I’m still thinking about it. I need a break eh. Pero, mahal ko ang trabaho natin so baka tanggapin ko na. Saka, hindi naman agad magsisimula ‘yung taping. Baka may workshop pa and such.”

“Workshop?! Ikaw? Sa galing mong ‘yan at sa 5 best actress awards na nakuha mo, kailangan mo pa ba ‘yon?” Vivian remarked while frantically gesticulating.

“Oo naman, Viv. Siyempre, I still want to hone my skills.” Maya replied.

“Oh, sige ikaw na!” Vivian said the famous line which made everyone laughed.

Maya’s phone beeped once again but she was timid to open it. Raffi elbowed her again and said, “Sagutin mo na ‘yang lover mo.”

“Raffi, hindi ko nga lover. Kayo talaga.” Maya smiled and grabbed her phone from her lap. She knew instantly that the message was from Richard.

Richard: Are you still at the victory party? It’s getting late. Don’t get too drunk, wala ako para buhatin ka sa kwarto.

Maya chuckled upon Richard’s message. Her friends heard which triggered them not to stop teasing her. “Oh, ayan na nga. Confirmed na ‘yan! Bagong love life!” Michael teased Maya.

“Oh, oh, namumula! Namumula!” Vivian added.

Maya: Yes, I am still here. I’ll text you later. Ingat sa pag-da-drive. PS. Raffi is also still here. And yes, we won’t drink, promise!Β  Maya placed her phone inside her luxurious bag which she bought in Japan. She turned to her friends and cautioned them not to tease her anymore because there is nothing to fuzz about. Her friends nodded in agreement for they knew that Maya isn’t comfortable talking about her personal life. Especially about relationships.


It has been 2 months or more since Maya and Richard exchanged numbers. There was never a day that neither of them has forgotten to update one another about their daily routines. Mostly, it was Richard who would text first especially if he woke up early for his morning run. He would usually say, “Good morning. Rise and shine, Maya!” The latter would also do the same. This has become their daily habit, specifically during their downtime on teleserye filming.

Maya arrived from the victory party past 10 in the evening. She went inside the house when she was surprised with a bouquet of mixed coloured flowers. Manang Fely was about to go to the kitchen when Maya stopped her for a moment.

“Manang, kanino po galing ito?” Maya asked Manang Fely as she stares at the flowers.

“Ay, hindi ko alam eh. Hindi ko naman tinignan kung kanino galing. Ang sabi lang ng nag-deliver eh para daw sa’yo. Huwag kang mag-alala, pina-inspect ko na yan kay Lem, ok naman daw, walang bomba o kahit na ano.” Manang Fely replied while drying the dishes.

“Hahaha, ikaw talaga Manang. Ganoon po ba? Sige Manang, thank you. May pasalubong nga po pala ako sa inyo, na kay Mang Lem po. Good night Manang! Akyat na ho ako.” Maya made her way upstairs, holding the nice bunch of flowers.

“Ay, salamat ija. Sige, magpahinga ka na.” The old lady went back to the kitchen to return the dishes.

Maya placed her bag on her modern TV stand while she closed the door. Immediately, she inspected the flowers for there might be any card attached on it. Then, she found a small card pinned around its top. The message read:

Dear Maya,
A little something to congratulate you for another job well done. What an astounding actress you are! I am extremely looking forward to work with you in the future. : – )

All the best,
Richard Lim

Maya smiled upon Richard’s uncanny gesture, although she found it sweet and thoughtful of him. She instantly grabbed her phone and texted him: Mr. Lim! May nalalaman ka pang flowers! Pero, thank you ha! I really appreciate it.

Seconds later, Richard responded: Hahaha, akala ko di mo na-gustuhan. Akala ko itatapon mo eh or ipamigay. I saw your picture with Raffi on IG. You look great, partner!

Maya’s heart skipped a bit and unmindfully sat on the chair beside her round coffee table. She contemplated what to reply to Richard’s flattering words. After few moments, Maya managed to reply: Hahaha, ikaw talaga partner. Binobola mo nanaman ako!

Unknown to Maya, Richard was staring at her photo on Raffi’s account while texting her. He smiled upon Maya’s humbleness and he responded: No kidding, partner! You’re stunning! Parang nasa 20s ka palang eh!

Maya rapidly removed her clothes and slipped on her blue bathrobe. She then texted Richard: Asus, sige na nga. Ikaw rin partner, parang nasa 30s ka palang! Hahaha!

Richard giggled while reading Maya’s text. However, he was yawning endlessly because he has been awake since 7 in the morning. It seems like his body was telling him to doze off. He replied: At nag-bolahan nalang tayong dalawa. Got to go partner, I’ve been up early this morning. Good night and sweet dreams. Mag-pahinga ka na.

Maya was quite sad that Richard has to go to sleep, but she knew she also has to go soon. She sent Richard a reply: Ok, partner! Have a good night rest.


The next day, Maya woke up feeling refreshed. She woke up around 6:30 am and found Manang Fely preparing for breakfast. The old lady was surprised to see her get up early.

“Maya, maaga pa ha? May taping ka ba ngayon?” Manang Fely hurriedly fixed the vegetables she was chopping.

“Manang, ‘wag po kayong mag-alala. Hindi pa po ako gutom. Gagawa lang po ako ng kape tapos baka mag-jogging na rin po ako.” Maya assured Manang Fely.

“Ah, ganoon ba? Oh siya, sabihin mo lang kung gutom ka na ha?” Lovingly said by her loyal servant.

Maya nodded and proceeded to the kitchen. Afterwards, she changed into green tank top, black shorts, and white running shoes. She was carrying a coffee she especially made for Richard. Soon after, Maya reached Richard’s home and pressed the doorbell. A woman in her mid-30s, she supposed, opened the gate for her.

“Ay, good morning po, Miss… Miss Maya Dela Rosa!” Doris, Richard’s househelp for almost 10 years, was in shock upon seeing her favourite actress of all time.

“Good morning, Doris! Hindi na ako magtatagal kasi mag-jo-jogging pa ako, pero paki-abot naman ito kay Richard. May note yan ha? Salamat!” Maya waved at Doris who was speechless and still taken aback at Maya’s presence.

Doris quickly went inside the house and placed the coffee on the table. “Sir, pinabibigay po ni Ma’am Maya, pero umalis ho kaagad kasi mag-jo-jogging daw po siya.”

“Ah, ganoon ba? Salamat Doris. Sige, mamaya ka nalang mag-luto. Aakyat muna ako ulit sa taas.” Richard opened Maya’s not when went back to his bedroom. The note was neatly placed on the side of the coffee tumbler. He found it cute when Maya used a personalized sticky note to write on. It read:

Dear Richard,
Thank you for the lovely flowers you sent last night. Here’s a freshly brewed coffee made by yours truly. Good morning and enjoy! ; – )

Maya Dela Rosa

Richard grasped his phone to text Maya: Good morning, Ms. Dela Rosa! Are you busy later? Let’s have lunch! I have nothing to do today except dropping off Abigail at Leilani’s house. Thanks for the coffee! Sarap!

Maya decided to go to the village clubhouse to use the gym. She noticed her phone beeped and she swiftly responded to Richard: Hi, Chard! I’m glad you liked it and you’re welcome. Yeah, sure! I am free today. See you later!


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  1. hi! been reading ur “love story” & really enjoying it. but after ch 8 got shocked when i saw i need a password. may i have d password please? thank u so much. my email is rcgdnz@yahoo.com. thanks so much!


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