R&M Chapter 7.2: Textmates

A/N: Hello! Sorry to keep everyone waiting, haha! 🙂 Please enjoy! 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


Richard was pleased that his interview regarding his newly franchised restaurant on a magazine show wrapped up early. It was 8pm and he just finished talking to Abigail. He is pretty excited  about the coming weekend for he is going to see his lovely daughter again. While on his way home, he felt the urge to send Maya a message.

Meanwhile, Maya is relaxing at home, savouring the week break given to her. She was watching her favourite Sunday sitcom when she heard her phone beeped. Without removing her eyes from the TV, she grabbed her phone and unlocked it. A text from Richard? Maya wondered why would he text her that evening.

From: Richard Lim
Hi Maya! It’s Richard. How are you doing?

She pressed the reply button and said: Hello Richard! I’m great, thanks for asking. Yourself?

Richard was still stuck in traffic. He was hoping to be home soon so that he would be able to enjoy his remaining free time. Upon seeing Maya’s response, he smiled and answered back: I’m also doing great. On my way home from taping. Anyway, are you feeling much better? Forgot to ask you earlier.

Maya made herself a hot chocolate in the kitchen before going back to her bedroom and responding to Richard. She told him: Yes, I am feeling much better now. Thank you talaga, ha? Sobrang nahihiya na ako sa iyo.  If she just wasn’t feeling hesitant, she might have asked Richard who brought her last night to her bedroom.

He let out a small laugh while reading Maya’s reply. Then he told her: Haha, Maya! Hindi ka parin maka-move on? It’s okay, don’t worry about it.  

F L A S H B A C K:

It was almost 4am when the three of them arrived at the village where Richard and Maya live. Since Raffi did not stop whining about the pain in her tummy, Richard first took his cousin home before dropping Maya off.  Richard was afraid to wake Maya up, who was sleeping soundly, so he decided to carry her inside the house. At first, Manang Fely thought that something bad happened to Maya. “Sir Richard, ano pong nangyari kay Ma’am Maya?”

“Ay Manang, nakainom lang po ng kaunti. Don’t worry, okay lang naman po siya. Nakatulog na siya sa van kaya hindi ko na ginising.” Richard politely told the old lady.

“Ganoon ba? Naku, yang batang iyan talaga…” Manang Fely’s face couldn’t hide how worried she was.

“Manang, saan po yung kuwarto ni Maya?” Richard asked.

“Naku, Sir…” Manang Fely was unsure if she would allow Richard to get into Maya’s room. However, upon realizing that nobody could help her, she decided to tell the lean, muscular man in front of her where Maya’s room is. “Ah, duon po sa taas, sa may kanan. Sir, okay lang ho ba na paki-bantayan siya saglit? Kukuha lang po ako ng pamunas at planggana.”

Richard agreed with what the old lady said and went straight to Maya’s bedroom. He had a quite hard time opening the door but soon managed to get in. He carefully placed Maya on her bed, which was covered with pink and purple flowery bedsheet. He looked around and he saw a picture with a couple cuddling Maya from behind. Perhaps, that’s her parents, he thought. Maya’s belongings, including her laptop, books, CDs, and DVDs, were properly organized which amazed Richard.  He also noticed a hand painted Bible verse on her wall and it read: “Love must be completely sincere. Hate what is evil, hold on to what is good. Love one another warmly as Christians, and be eager to show respect for one another.” – Romans 12:9-10. His gaze went back to Maya who he thought was pretty even without any make-up on.

Not long enough, Maya stirred from her sleep and mumbled, “Richard…”

Richard sat down on her bed before talking. “Maya… Do you want anything?” He asked although he assumed that Maya might be sleep talking.

Maya didn’t respond. Instead, she grabbed him and hugged him tightly. She has mistaken him as her human sized teddy bear which was on the opposite side. Richard stayed there for a minute before slowly letting go. He quickly grabbed the stuffed toy and placed it beside Maya. Thankfully, Manang Fely came inside with a basin filled with water and a face towel. The old lady turned to Richard and said, “Sir, salamat po sa tulong ninyo. Sige po, ako nang bahala dito, kaya ko na ito.”

“Sigurado po kayo Manang?” Richard wanted to make sure that everything is perfectly fine before he leaves.

“Ah, opo, Sir.” Manang Fely replied.

“Naku, Manang, ‘wag niyo na po akong tawaging Sir at ‘wag niyo na rin ho akong i-po at opo. Richard nalang po. Sige po, mauna na ako. Good morning!” Richard cannot help but to chuckle at the last part he said; true enough, it was thirty minutes past four in the morning.

“Ingat ka Richard.” She smiled back at him.

Nakakatawa talaga ‘tong si Maya. Ginawa pa akong teddy bear.  Richard was shaking his head while he quietly closed the gate.

P R E S E N T . . .

Maya cannot help but to think on how she could make it up to Richard. Since she is going to be free tomorrow, she is planning to cook something special for Richard and Raffi. What should I make? She thought for a second before saying, “Ah, alam ko na. Papatikim ko nalang yung seafood pasta ko. I’m sure they’ll like it!” Beep. It’s her phone again.

Richard: Am I disturbing your sleep?

Maya: Nope. Not yet sleeping. Are you home yet?

Richard: Almost. Probably, I’ll be home in 45 minutes. Have you eaten?

Maya: Yup! Kanina pa. I made myself hot chocolate nga eh.

Richard: How nice! Nainggit naman ako. Do you have work tomorrow?

Maya: Wala! I am on a break. Pero 1 week lang naman. Then we’ll resume next Monday. Ikaw?

Richard: Wala din, pero 2 days lang.

Maya was glad that Richard has no work for 2 days because she will be able to send him food. Then she replied: That’s great! Okay narin ang 2 days, ha? At least, may break! Hehe!

Richard: I know and I’m thankful. Congratulations nga pala sa teleserye niyo ni Michael. Number 1 daw sa timeslot niyo.

Maya: Thank you! Ikaw, when are you going to do teleserye again? Puro ka TV guestings at movies, ah?

Richard: Well, Liza told that the management was going to offer me a teleserye for next month pero no definite plans yet. Eh, ikaw? What comes after this teleserye?

Maya: Ah, siguro mag-break muna ako. Mga 1 month, then I’ll come back. May offer din sa akin for next month eh, pero like yours, wala pang definite plan. Teka, sinong head ng production nung sa iyo na i-o-offer?

Richard: Ah, I see. Uhm, I think, under kila Ms. Geneva Montez. Yung sa iyo?

Maya: No kidding? Sa akin din!

Richard: Really? That’s good to know. I’m looking forward to work with you. Sana nga parehas tayo ng project. Don’t you know that you’re fun to work with?

Maya: Sus! Nambola pa. Haha! Pero thank you. Ikaw din, ang sarap mong katrabaho. Sana nga same project tayo.

Richard: Should I be flattered? Hahaha! Kidding! Ano kayang project ‘yun, ano?

Maya: Ay nako, sawang-sawa na ako sa kontrabida role. Nakita mo naman siguro ginagawa ko kay Raffi na pang-aapi, haha. Is she still at your house?

Richard: You guys are both professionals! Ang galing, lalo na yung sampalan niyo last time. No, she went home already.

Maya: Ay ganon? I thought she is still there. I know Raffi a lot and this, what, our 3rd teleserye together. Super naging close talaga kami, kaya wala na sa amin ang sampalan or kahit ano man. We both love our job.

Richard: That is good to know! Kami din ni Raffi, super close. Yeah, she went home daw an hour before I left the house. Miss mo agad si Raffi?

Maya was half-awake while texting Richard. Soon enough, she fell asleep holding her phone.

Richard was wondering what took Maya not to respond quickly. He looked at his watch and it was already 5 minutes before 10. She might be sleeping, he thought, so he sent her a message: Good night Maya! I had fun talking to you. See you around!


The next day, Maya woke up early to prepare her special recipe: seafood pasta. She often serves this dish on special holidays like Christmas and New Year for this is her parents’ favourite. Manang Fely helped her in preparing all the ingredients, however, she wondered why Maya prepared her specialty all of a sudden.

“Maya, may bisita ka ba? Uuwi ba ang Nanay at Tatay mo?” Manang Fely asked.

“Ah, hindi po Manang. Eh, ibibigay ko po kay Richard. Pasasalamat po sa pagtulong niya sa akin nung isang gabi.” said Maya with a smile on her face.

“Ah, ganoon ba?” The old lady nodded and continued chopping garlic.

An hour later, Maya’s seafood pasta was done. As usual, it is perfect. She placed it in a rectangular glass dish and topped it with overflowing cheese. Before sending the food to Richard, she sent him a message to make sure he was home. She asked: Hi Richard! Are you home?

Richard just finished his treadmill run when he saw a message from Maya. He replied: Yes, I am home. Why?

Maya wrote a sticky note on the lid and said: Mr. Lim, take this as a simple offering of thanks. I know you told me that I should not think about making it up to you, but I really insist. I hope you like it. Cheers, Maya Dela Rosa. She immediately gave the food to Mang Lem to personally give it to Richard.

When Mang Lem reached Richard’s house, he found the latter about to go out for a walk. “Sir Richard, pinabibigay po ni Ma’am Maya. Good morning po!”

Richard was surprised upon Maya’s sweet gesture. “Ay, salamat po paki-sabi kay Maya. Salamat din po sa pag-dala nito.”

“Walang anuman po, Sir. Sige po, mauna na ako.” Mang Lem smiled before walking back to Maya’s house.

Maya was busy cleaning up when her phone beeped again. Of course, the text was from Richard. It read: Ikaw talaga, nag-abala ka pa. I was about to go for a walk pero bukas nalang. Devoured your seafood pasta, ang sarap! Thank you Maya.

She replied: You’re welcome, Richard. Enjoy!


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