R&M Chapter 4: A Sweet Tweet

A/N: Eto naaaa! Haha. Enjoy reading. 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


It has been a week since Maya and Richard’s TVC was released and they were still getting positive feedbacks from the masses. While inside the standby area waiting for the next sequence, Maya was glued on her iPad reading some tweets.

“Who would have thought that Maya and Richard could make a good pair despite of their age gap? Kudos to CoCo!”

“Nakakakilig pala ‘tong si Maya at Richard! Wooo! Makabili nga ng CoCo at makatawid din ng Jones Bridge, baka magka-love life din ako. Ahehehe.”

“If you were to call this Richard-Maya tandem an experiment, well, this is definitely the best!”

“May chemistry! Magkaroon kaya sila ng projects in the future?”

Maya cannot remove the huge grin on her face while reading. She was also thinking of calling Richard to congratulate him. However, she does not have his number. Hmm, text ko na nga lang si Perry.  She was about to reach her phone when she suddenly changed her mind. Ayy, wag na nga lang. Baka kung ano pa isipin ‘nun. Para commercial lang eh, may patext-text pa akong nalalaman. Maya placed her phone down and continued reading tweets on her iPad.

“Maya! Look!” shrieked Raffi.

Maya quickly got up thinking what was Raffi up to. “What is it, Raffi?”

“It’s your new TVC!” Raffi said while watching with amusement. It was her first time to see the commercial.

♪♪ “At kung ikaw ay nakatawa
Ako pa ba ay nakikita
Nalilimutan ko ang itsura ko
Kapag kausap na ikaw
Sana naman ako’y pakinggan
At nang ikaw ay malinawan
Dahil nabihag mo ang aking paningin at damdamin
Oh! Chinito… Chinito… “ ♪♪

For some unknown reasons, Maya’s heart leaped a bit while watching the commercial. Her hands on the side were rhythmically tapping her thighs along with the tune of the commercial’s themesong. It reminded her of the day of the shoot when Richard was meticulously and gently caressing her hands while she gazed at him lovingly. His touches were giving her butterflies and his glances were making her melt. She knew immediately that he is definitely a good actor because it felt so real. Nobody – but Richard – made her feel that way.

“Ang cute, Maya! In fairness, ha, even though Sir Richard is 10  years your senior, kilig kayo!” Vivian exclaimed.

“Nako, mapapalitan ata ang leading man sa show natin, ha, Maya? Mawawalan na ata ako ng trabaho.” Michael said in jest.

“Hahaha. Kayo talaga, pinapakilig niyo naman ako sa pag-puri niyo sa akin. But, thank you. Akala nga namin ni Richard eh hindi papatok kasi, of course, obvious naman yung age difference namin and saka, mas effective mag-endorse yung mga teen stars natin ngayon dahil they have a huge fanbase.” said Maya while giggling.

“At Richard lang ang tawag mo sa kanya ha? Ako nga, nagkatrabaho kami last year sa indie film, Sir parin ang tawag ko sa kanya. Pero, mabait siya, di ba, Maya?” Vivian said as she went in to their tent.

“Ah, oo. Nung una akala ko masungit, pero okay naman pala.” replied Maya.

“Parang nauhaw tuloy ako sa commercial nila Maya. Viv, would you mind coming with me? Kuha tayo ng soft drinks.” said Raffi while scratching her throat. Then she added, “How about you, Maya and Michael, do you want some drinks?”

“Ay, sama nalang ako sa labas. May kukunin ako sa van.” Michael then turned to Maya, “ikaw Maya?”

“Ay, hindi na. Salamat. Higa nalang muna ako, baka tawagin na rin kasi ako ni Direk mamaya.” Maya smiled.

“Sabagay, may supply ka naman ng CoCo sa bahay niyo, hihihi.” Vivian teased Maya.

“Let’s go guys,” said Raffi, but before heading out she turned to Maya again and said, “You sure dito ka lang, Maya?”

“Ah, yes. Don’t worry about me.” Maya assured her. Raffi smiled back at her then followed Vivian and Michael.

Maya went back to her folding bed to lay down and decided to read over the script. Her iPad beeped moments after, so she reached over to check it. It was a notification from Twitter. There were over hundreds of mentions from her fans sending her congratulatory messages and some were even asking for either fansigns or followbacks. She scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. Then the iPad beeped again, but this time the notification was not from a fan. It said:

Richard Lim followed you.

Wait. What? Richard Lim is following me? Seriously? How did he find out about my account? Questions arose in Maya’s head. Then, she saw a tweet from Richard. It read:

Richard Lim
Happy that you guys enjoyed our new TVC. I am overwhelmed. A big thanks to all of you, especially to my partner @delarosamadelene for being patient with me during the shoot. : )

Maya tried to hide her smile while reading the tweet. She followed him back, pressed reply and said:

Madelene Ysabelle Dela Rosa
@richardlim No worries, partner! You did a great job as well. Congratulations to all of us! : )

Partner. What a nice term, she thought.


Raph’s father was doing his afternoon office rounds when he decided to visit Raph inside his office. He was surprised to see a bunch of papers scattered across the floor.

“Son, what happened? Are you okay?” his father asked.

“Dad, have you seen the latest TVC of Maya?” Raph stood up to pick up the mess he did.

“Ah, yes. I have to admit, it was brilliant! Well, okay lang naman sa akin. After all, she is not our endorser anymore.” his father replied.

“That’s is not the point, Dad.” Raph looked straight into his father’s eyes.

His father chuckled. “Anak, dahil ba ito sa pakikipag-break niya sa ‘yo? Come on, son. Move on! Marami pang babae diyan, hindi lang si Maya. Maybe you two are better off as friends.” The elder Jimenez tapped Raph’s shoulder.

“No, Dad. I’ll get her back.” Raph insisted.

“Ang akin lang naman anak, eh, sa loob ng halos isang taon ninyong pagde-date, I’ve never seen her treating you the way your other ex-girlfriends treated you. Let’s take Kristine–” Raph’s father wasn’t finished talking when Raph interrupted him.

“Please, Dad…” Raph said, trying to stop his father.

Still, his father continued. “Raph, remember, I told you not to interrupt anyone who’s speaking. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Let’s take Kristine for example. Anak, kulang nalang, ipakasal ko kayong dalawa. She was almost your wife. If she didn’t plan to move abroad, I can see na siguro kayo parin. Now, don’t take this against me,” the old man paused for a second. He made sure that his son was listening before he proceeded, “yeah, I like Maya but not as your girlfriend. Yes, you have a good foundation – which is your friendship – though unfortunately, I cannot see her as the future Mrs. Raphael Jimenez, Jr.”

Raph was silent. He does not like what he was hearing.

“I am just giving my two-cents. At the end of the day, you still have the final word.” his father explained.

“Thanks Dad, pero I’ll try to win Maya back.” said Raph.

Raph’s father nodded in agreement because he does not want to hurt his son’s feelings since Raph still has to accept the fact that Maya is no longer her girlfriend. Oh Maya, what is with you that the other women don’t have?


“Daddy, is that Maya Dela Rosa? Yung gumanap na mermaid sa favorite TV show ko?” Abigail asked Richard upon seeing the TVC for the first time. She was back from Leilani’s house.

“Ah, yes baby. Siya nga ‘yun. Ang galing naman ng baby ko, naalala mo pa ‘yun.” Richard pulled Abigail closer to him. He certainly missed his daughter a lot even though they haven’t been together for only a week.

“Of course Daddy. I was 6 kaya when it was shown on TV kaya I still remember.” Abigail happily responded.

Richard absolutely enjoys conversations like this with Abigail. He kissed his daughter’s temple and hugged her tightly again. Good thing, Abigail was so used to it. Moments after, his phone rang. The call was from Genie, a film actor and a famous comedienne. Richard excused himself from Abigail and went to the veranda.

“Hey Genie! What’s up? Long time no see. Are you back from Melbourne?” Richard asked.

“Hi, Papa Richard! Ah, oo, kakabalik ko lang kaninang umaga. I had so much fun, super! Kamusta ka naman?” Genie said.

“I’m good. Actually, I’m spending time with Abigail.” Richard replied.

“Ay, ganun ba? I am sorry to bother you.” Genie apologetically said.

“No, it’s okay. Nanunuod naman siya ng TV. Napatawag ka? May problem sa love life?” Richard said while he leaned on the railings.

Genie laughed loudly on the other line. “Sira ka talaga! Pero sabagay, ikaw ang una kong tinatawagan kapag na-bo-brokenhearted ako. Ikaw talaga! Hindi, tumawag lang ako to tell you na I am going to celebrate my birthday dun sa bagong restaurant na ipinatayo ko. I was wondering kung pwede ka. Don’t worry, walang press dun. The event is invite only. Around 100 people lang ang i-invite ko. Closest friends and of course my family. Pero, kung nasa iyo si Abigail, eh di ok lang kahit di ka maka-punta. At least, na-inform kita.”

“Birthday party? Asus, ang sabihin mo, welcome party para sa bagong love life? Hahaha!” Richard joked. He continued, “Hindi, biro lang. Ah, yes. I’ll be able to come. This weekend ang birthday mo di ba? Abigail will be at Leilani’s house by then.”

“Yes, this weekend! Yehey! Thank you Papa Richard! Oh, paano ba ‘yan, see you next Saturday na, ha?” Genie wanted to make sure that Richard is really coming.

“Yes, madam G, I’m coming. I’ll see you on Saturday. Bye.” Richard hung up the phone. It’s nice to hang out once in a while, Richard thought while making his way back to the living room.


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