R&M Chapter 3: TVC

A/N: Hi! There were some discrepancies on the second post. Hehe. It is regarding the timeline of Richard and Leilani. I made some amendments; you might want to read back, ahehehe. 🙂 Thank you and enjoy reading!

Love, Miles ❤


“Before you go to bed Richard, I just want to remind you that tomorrow we will be shooting the new TVC of your product endorsement. Yung soft drinks. The company will also be welcoming their new product endorser sa shooting and I am thinking na baka kayo ang partners sa commercial.” said Liza, Richard’s manager.

“Thank you Liza.” was his short reply.

While eyeing him carefully, Liza noticed that there is something going on with Richard. Aba himala, hindi nagtanong kung sino ang makakasama niya sa TVC. Oh boy, ano nanaman ito? Liza said in her head. “Is there something you want to share with me, Richard?”

Richard looked at Liza and smiled weakly, then he said, “Ah, it’s nothing. Pagod lang siguro ito sa trabaho. I’m not complaining though.”

Talaga lang ha? Sige na nga pagbibigyan na kita. Liza then replied, “Okay. See you tomorrow. Have a good night sleep.”

“Take care, Liza. See you tomorrow.” Richard said while making his way to his bedroom.

Upon entering his room, he turned on the lights and sat on the bed. He massaged his temples and heaved out a deep sigh. The truth is, something is really bothering him.

Earlier this morning, he and Leilani, together with their respective lawyers, went to NSO to get their Certificate of No Marriage. He does not know whether to be happy because he is now officially single again or to be lonely since something important in his past failed. They have been apart for three years and in those years, there was never a day that he and Leilani had a peaceful conversation. Maybe it was due to the fact that they weren’t really emotionally prepared to have a family. He sensed that they were quite young to be married. Still, he insisted that they should marry since it was the right thing to do.

Ring. Ring. Ring. His phone rang loudly, but Richard decided to lay on the bed. A few moments after, the phone stopped ringing. He jumped out of the bed thinking it would be nice to have a quick shower, when suddenly the phone started ringing again. This time, he went to the table and check to see who it was. The name flashing on the screen was Ryan’s, his best friend since high school.

“Bakit?” Richard asked when he answered the phone.

“Aba, anong bakit? Wala manlang hi or hello. Bakit agad ang salubong mo sa akin.” Ryan responded on the other line. He continued, “Ang init ng ulo ah, hahaha. Ako ata ang dapat mag-tanong sa iyo niyan.”

Richard softly chuckled. “How are you?”

“Ang galing ah. Change topic kaagad. I’m good, thank you. Eh, ikaw, how are you?” Ryan stressed the words how are you for he exactly knows what his best friend is going through.

“I guess…” Richard paused for a second. How really am I? He asked himself. “…I’m good? Ewan. Honestly, hindi ko alam, pare.”

“You know what, ganyan talaga siguro. May phase siguro after annulment that you feel some kind of regret. But that does not mean na tapos na ang lahat. I guess you should take this as a second chance in love. Malay mo, there is this someone really meant for you. Masyado ka lang kasing nag-madali nung una. Take this as an opportunity to grow as a person and to know what kind of person you really want to be with the rest of your life. Ika nga eh, you have learned a lesson, pare. The history shouldn’t repeat itself lalo na kung hindi naman naging maganda ang history.” Ryan advised his best friend.

On the other hand, Richard didn’t know how to react – whether to be moved by Ryan’s words or to laugh hysterically. This is the first time he heard these things from Ryan.  “Alam mo pare, salamat ha. Hindi ko alam na magaling ka pala mag-advice. Pwede ka nang mag-DJ sa radio, ah? Hahaha. Biro lang pare. But seriously, thank you for the kind words and advice. I guess kailangan na nating magkaroon ng boys night out soon.”

“I wish it could be sooner. Oh, paano, I have to go. Kinamusta lang kita. Alam mo naman na nandito lang ako for you, always and forever.” The two men laughed on both ends. “Ang cheesy! Hahaha!” Ryan said in jest.

“Thanks, pre. Bye.” Richard ended the call while smiling foolishly. Ryan definitely knows how to lighten things up.


“Good morning, Miss Maya. This way to your dressing room, please.” Perry, the floor director, assists Maya as she makes her way to the venue.

“Hi Perry! Long time no see, ah. I’m so excited to be a part of this TVC. Sa wakas, endorser na din ako ng favourite soft drinks ko!” Maya enthusiastically said.

“You know what, Miss Maya, ako din, super excited akong maka-trabaho ka ulit. I heard may ka-partner ka daw sa TVC na ito.” Perry responded as he opened the door for Maya.

“Ah, talaga? Sino?” Maya asked.

Perry was about to answer when he heard a man’s voice from behind. “Good morning everyone.” Richard Lim said while heading to his dressing room. Perry smiled at Richard and closed the door.  Good thing that Maya didn’t notice Richard because she was distracted by Lea, her stylist.

“Maya, have you gone over the script?” Perry asked, trying to change the topic.

“Ah, yes, Perry. Thank you.” Then Maya remembered, “Ay, Perry, sino nga ulit yung makakasama ko sa shoot mamaya?”

Akala ko nakalimutan na. Perry absentmindedly scratched his neck. “It’s for me to know and for you to find out. Hehehe! Biro lang. Mamaya, you’ll get to see who it is. ‘Wag ko daw muna sabihin sabi ni Direk Marvin kasi utos daw ng management and ng company. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Ay, ganoon ba? Okay.” Maya said with all smiles. Nakaka-excite naman ito! Sino kaya siya?

Yes! Perry said at the back of his mind. “I’ll see you later Maya.” Perry then went out of the dressing room.


After 3 hours of setting up the venue,  finally, everything was all set. Maya and Richard were all dressed up for the commercial shoot. Except for one thing, neither of them know that they were being paired up. Sergio Padilla, Sr., the CEO of CoCo, the brand of soft drinks that Maya and Richard are endorsing, came to the venue. He first went to Maya’s dressing room.

“Hi Sir Sergio. Nice to see you!” Maya stood up to greet Sergio.

“Oh my dear Maya! How are you? I am so glad  that you finally accepted our offer.” Sergio was grinning from ear to ear. His company has been eyeing for Maya as a product endorser for years, but the latter had a contract with Raph’s company.

“I am also pleased that, finally, I am part of your reputable company.” Maya replied.

“Ah, Maya, have you seen your new leading man?” asked Sergio.

“Oh no, not yet Sir.” Maya replied. She hoped that Sergio would introduce her to his new partner.

“I see. I will be back in a minute.” Sergio left the room without removing his bright smile. Few minutes later, Sergio entered her dressing room again, but this time he was with Richard. He tapped Maya’s shoulder and said, “Maya, I’d like you to meet, Mr. Richard Lim!”

Maya and Richard weren’t expecting this team up. They stared at each other and smiled, however, they can sense some awkwardness. Richard was the first one to speak up, “Hi Maya. Nice to see you. I am looking forward to our shoot later.” Richard shook hands with Maya.  Ang lambot ng kamay, Richard thought.

Richard Lim? Eh di ba, na-chismis na ‘to na masungit daw. Naku, Maya. ‘Wag muna judgmental, hindi pa nga nagsisimula yung shoot, eh. Maya smiled at Richard. “Nice to meet you, Sir Richard.”

Sergio’s phone rang. “I have to take this call, I’m sorry. I’ll leave you both for now. Have fun!” Sergio motioned towards the door while both Maya and Richard waved goodbye.

“Richard na lang.” Richard replied. Sir Richard? Ganun na ba ako katanda? He wondered.

“ Naku po, eh, nakakahiya naman.” Maya chuckled.

“No worries at all, and please, wala ding po and opo–” Richard was in the middle of his sentence when Perry called him.

The best ka talaga, Perry. Saved by the bell ako ah. Maya thought. “Naku, si Perry talaga, we’re still exchanging pleasantries, tinawag mo na kaagad si Richard.” Maya said in jest. But the truth is, she wants to get rid of Richard. She needs few minutes to relax.

“Ay, I’m sorry. Pinapatawag kasi ni Direk Marvin.” Perry apologetically said.

“It’s okay.” Maya smiled at Perry before turning to Richard, “So, I’ll see you later ha?”

“See you.” Richard let out his signature smile.

Maya stared at Richard’s figure while he walked towards Perry. Mukha namang mabait. In fairness, ang guwapo. Ang linis tignan. Ang bango… Maya didn’t notice that Lea was about to approach her.

“Madam…” Lea called her.  Ang guwapo talaga ni Sir Richard!  Sino ba naman ang hindi nahumaling sa kanya? Grabe, kahit medyo may edad na, super hot parin! Kaya siguro natulala si Madam. Hihihi. Lea said in her mind while looking  at Maya.

“Ay, sorry Lea. Ano na nga bang gagawin natin?” Maya said as she walked back to her make-up chair.

Perry knocked on Maya’s dressing room. “Miss Maya, it’s your turn. Pinapatawag ka na po ni Direk. Magbibigay na daw po siya ng instructions for the commercial shoot.

“Ah, thank you Perry.” Then Maya turned to Lea, “Okay na ba? Maayos na ba ako? Fresh pa ba or baka pressed na?”

“Naku, Madam, fresh na fresh ka pa. Sige po, okay na po. Punta na po kayo kay Direk.” Lea assured Maya.

Maya then followed Perry. As she gets near the control room to meet the director, Maya’s heart thumped loudly and her hands were a bit sweaty.  You need to calm down, Maya. This is just a commercial shoot, bakit ka ba kinakabahan? At saan naman? Kay Richard Lim? OA mo ha, may asawa na ‘yun. Maya took a deep breath before entering the room. “Hi Direk!” She said.

“Hello Maya. I supposed nag-meet na kayo ni Richard kanina,” Direk Marvin sipped his iced coffee before proceeding, “so, I called the both of you to give some final instructions. I assume na nabasa niyo naman ang script. Ang gusto ko lang, walang ilangan since kailangan medyo sweet-sweet ang drama natin dito. You know it guys. You’ve been in the industry longer than I do. Gusto ko rin ng titigan na malagkit, ha. Kasing lagkit kapag natapunan ka ng soft drinks na ito. Any questions before we begin?”

Maya and Richard both shook their heads. “Okay,” Direk Marvin said, “let’s get rollin’!”


It took them a whole day to complete the commercial shoot. Everyone on the set, most especially Direk Marvin, was pleased to see the results. They were right of pairing Maya and Richard together. The commercial was about two lovers crossing Jones Bridge on a hot, sunny day.  It was shot in a form of a music video. All Maya and Richard had to do was to stare lovingly at each other, to walk hand in hand, to laugh endlessly,  and to do back hugs.

Richard was about to leave the venue when he stopped by Maya’s dressing room to say goodbye. “Hi Maya, it was nice to work with you today. “

Maya was quite in a shock to see Richard. “Hi Richard, it’s my pleasure. I hope to work with you again soon.” She smiled.

“Ako rin, never pa pala tayong nagkasama sa isang show ano?” said Richard.

“Who knows? Maybe one day–” Maya was about to finish her sentence when Richard excused himself.

“Hi baby. Yes, I am about to go home. Matutulog ka na? Ah, baby wait lang ha?” Richard removed the phone from his ear and went closer to Maya, “Sorry Maya, I have to go. Nice meeting you. See you again.” Richard kissed Maya’s cheeks and the latter did the same to Richard.

“Take care, Richard.” Maya waved goodbye to Richard. Hmm, baby? Yun ang tawag niya sa asawa niya? Too cheesy. She thought, not knowing that Richard was talking to his daughter.


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  1. Akala ko may past na yung dalawa na nagksama before sa isang project kaya kilig na kilig yung mga tao sa paligid nila na pagsamahin ulet sila..hahaha.mga etchosera din e! Hahahaha..next na puhlease!!!! Love it!


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