R&M Chapter 2: Daddy

A/N: Hi! Thank you to all who sent me feedbacks on Twitter. Sobrang nakakataba po ng puso. I’ll try my very best to frequently update. Medyo short lang po ito. Please enjoy! 🙂 

Love, Miles. ❤️


“Good morning, babe! Did you get a good night sleep?” Richard asked his 8 year old daughter, Abigail Ruth while walking hand in hand towards the dining area.

“Good morning, Daddy! Yes, I slept well last night. How about you? Today is your first day back to work, right?” Abigail asked her Daddy with all smiles.

“Yes, babe. So you know our set-up na ha? This week, you’ll be at Mommy’s house. Be nice and ‘wag mong bigyan ng sakit ng ulo si Mommy, okay?” Richard and Abigail sat down and began to eat their breakfast. Then Richard continued, “Also, do not forget to do your homeworks. Text me if you have some concerns. I promise to call you every night before going to bed just like what we always to do when Daddy is away.”

“Okay po Daddy. I’ll miss you. See you next week. I love you!” Abigail said while eating a mouthful of pancakes.

Richard stared lovingly at her daughter before responding. “I’ll miss you too, anak. I love you. Take care, ha?”

Couple of minutes later, the two finished eating their breakfast and headed towards their car. Richard dropped off Abigail at her school before heading to work. While on his way, Richard decided to read over the script his manager sent him. What a very interesting role, he thought.

Beeeeep. “Ay, sorry po sir,” his driver apologized when he suddenly stopped the car. “May tumatawid po kasi bigla. Pasensya na po.”

“Okay lang po Mang Toni. Mabuti nga po nakita niyo. Dahan-dahan nalang po tayo. Hindi naman po ako masyado nag-mamadali.” Richard assured his driver.

Richard bent over the back seat to pick up the scattered pieces of paper on the car floor. He tried to arrange them in order so he could go back to reading until he noticed a weird brown envelope placed inside the car seat pocket. He flipped the other side of the envelope to see if there was any label on it. What could this be? he asked himself. Richard opened the envelope and it read: Copy of Petition for Annulment.

13 years ago, Richard married his longtime girlfriend, Leilani Martinez. He was 29 and she was 23. At that time, Richard was dubbed as one of the most promising actors of his generation. He has been in the industry for 15 years when he suddenly made a revelation during a movie press conference that he was about to marry his girlfriend of 2 years. It even added flame to the controversy when it was rumored that Leilani was already 7 weeks pregnant. They both denied it even if it was true. Sadly, a month after the wedding, Leilani suffered a miscarriage. They went back to their respective jobs – Richard as an actor and Leilani as a restaurant owner – after recovering from the unfortunate incident. The first year of marriage went well for the both of them even though they quite had a hard time adjusting.

They tried to conceive as the years went by, however, it seemed that having a baby just wasn’t meant for them. The public even claimed that there were some problems regarding the health of Leilani or Richard. But finally, after 5 long years of being married, Leilani gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl who they named Abigail Ruth Martinez Lim. They seemed to be a happy family as they celebrated Abigail’s first birthday and sixth wedding anniversary until rumors of Leilani having an affair with her ex-boyfriend circulated. Richard and Leilani appeared together on a Sunday talk show and strongly denied the accusations. Four years later, it was confirmed by a reliable source that Leilani and Richard separated a month shy of their supposedly tenth year of marriage. Another grapevine added that it was indeed true that the marriage was going sour a year before the malicious stories about Leilani surfaced, which also the same year they had Abigail. However, the two decided to remain married for the sake of their only daughter. Richard never revealed any details regarding their separation. He kept mum and tried to give few details when asked by columnists. No one had any idea why would such a perfect couple separate.

Richard is still thankful despite the rough road that he and Leilani went through. After all, he was given a precious gift from above – his Abigail.


It was indeed an exhausting, yet productive day for Richard. He just finished an endorsement shoot. Before that, he came from the dubbing session of his movie and a TV guesting to promote his newly built restaurant franchise.

His phone rang while he was trying to sit comfortably in his car. When he saw Abigail’s name flashing, Richard quickly grabbed it to answer.

“Hi babe. Sorry I wasn’t able to call kanina. Daddy was inside the dubbing room kaya naka-silent yung phone ko.” Richard explained to his daughter.

“That’s all right Daddy. I just called you to say good night. I love you Daddy. Miss na kita kaagad.”

“Ako din baby, miss na kita. Don’t worry, I’ll see you next week, ha?” Richard responded. However, Abby didn’t answer back. “Abby, are you still there?” He heard someone spoke on the other line.

“Hi. It’s Leilani. Nakatulog na siya. Kanina ka pa niya inaantay tumawag eh. I told her na don’t wait for you kasi baka late ka na matapos, eh pero matigas ang ulo, ayaw paring matulog until she decided na tawagan ka nalang niya.” Leilani told Richard.

Richard was a bit worried. “I’m sorry Leilani. Please tell her na ‘wag na niya akong antayin if I didn’t call yet before 9pm. I don’t want her to stay up past her bedtime.”

“Okay, no worries. I’ll pass it on to her.” Leilani kissed Abigail’s temple before stepping out of the bedroom. She continued, “Oo nga pala, tumawag si Attorney. Bukas na daw natin makukuha yung result ng annulment.”

Richard has completely forgotten about it. It took them 3 years before the annulment was finalized. He chuckled a bit when he remembered what he saw in his car this early morning. “Thank you for reminding me. Didiretso na sana ako sa taping bukas. Di bale, I’ll inform Direk Jean about this. Thanks again.”

“You’re welcome Mr. Lim. I better be going. Have a pleasant evening.” Leilani casually said.

“Have a pleasant evening too, Ms. Martinez.” Richard pressed the end button.

He found it funny because this was the longest conversation that he and Leilani had without bickering. During the last time they talked, they argued about Abigail’s baon. He shook his head and laughed at the thought of fighting over a simple thing. Oh well, I guess we are not really meant to be, he concluded.


3 thoughts on “R&M Chapter 2: Daddy

  1. sabi ko one chapter lang, pero na intriga ako kung ano ang susunod na mangyari kay move sa sunod, omgeee ang flow ng story, they’re not meant talaga dahil kay Maya lang meant si Richard 😀


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