R&M Chapter 1: The Break-Up

A/N: Hello everyone. Forgive me if there are any grammar lapses. This was made with love and happiness, haha, char! Please enjoy. 🙂

Love, Miles ❤


It was a bright, sunny Monday morning when Maya walked out of her apartment on her way to the filming location of her new drama series. Her eyes were a bit swollen and puffy since she has not been getting enough sleep. Aside from being preoccupied with work, she has been contemplating about her relationship with her businessman boyfriend, Raph. What have I gotten myself into, she thought.

She digged in her bag and reached for her phone to call Raffi, her new-found best friend and co-worker. “Maya, where are you? Almost everybody is here na. I’ve been waiting for you.” Raffi sweetly said to her best friend.

“Sorry, Raffi. I woke up late. I was very tired from last night that I fell asleep the moment I reached home.” She lied. Nope, she didn’t fall asleep; she was in fact waiting for sleep to hit her. It was almost 1 am when sleep dawned her. Obviously she wasn’t able to get a good night sleep.

“Good morning, mga kuya. Ang aga natin mag-set up, ha?” Raffi greeted some props men before getting back to Maya. “What? You didn’t get enough sleep? But why? We were dismissed early yesterday kasi nga malayo ang shoot natin today, di ba? Hmm, teka lang. I smell some trouble in paradise.”

Maya fell silent. She still isn’t prepared to talk about this.

“Oh come on, Ms. Madelene Ysabelle Dela Rosa, a.k.a. Maya Dela Rosa, I know you. Ang haba pala talaga ng pangalan mo, buti nalang pinalitan ni Mr. C. Anyway, twice pa lang tayo nagkakasama sa trabaho, but since we bonded so well, I got the chance na mas makilala ka. I bet I know more than your boyfriend–” Raffi tried to stop herself but she just couldn’t. “I am sorry Maya, I didn’t mean to. Sorry talaga.”

“It’s fine Rafaela Alcantara, you don’t need to be sorry. Besides, I think I have to talk to him about this. Soon. And by soon, I mean mamaya.”

Raffi stood up as she couldn’t believe what Maya just said. She went out of stand-by area to have some fresh air and of course, she does not want their other co-workers hear what they are talking about. “No way, Maya. As in no way! I couldn’t believe what you just said. Are you doing this because I keep on cajoling you, or–”

“No, Raffi. It’s about time. Anyway, I am about to go. See you later.” Maya ended the call.

Yes, I am ready, she told herself.  It’s now or never.


“And… Cut! Good take everyone! Thank you for your cooperation. At dahil diyan, early pack-up nanaman tayo! See you tomorrow!” The director happily announced to his staffs. Everyone cheered because they can all leave early and catch a good night sleep. Except for Maya; she has been dealing with her issue all day.

“What’s with the face, Maya?” asked Vivian, one of her co-workers.

“Ah, it’s nothing Viv. I guess, I’m just tired.” Maya said with a weak smile. Raffi couldn’t do anything but to feel helpless for her friend.

“Maya, I think you have to go now. Medyo malayo pa ang biyahe mo, right?” Raffi signaled her to go since she knew that Maya still has to meet someone. And of course, to avoid questions from her other co-workers.

“Thanks Raffi. Oh paano ‘yan, mauuna na ako, ha? See you all tomorrow.” Maya bade goodbye to her co-workers. She smiled back at Raffi and mouthed “text kita” while making her way out.

“Naku,” Vivian said, “mukhang may problema sila ni Raph. Totoo nga siguro yung mga nasa blind item…”

“Hahaha, kahit kailan ka talaga, Viv, nagbabasa ka parin n’un? Eh, for what we have seen few months ago, they seemed okay.” Michael, another co-star of Maya who plays her new lover in the series, responded.

“Kayo ha, pinag-uusapan niyo nanaman si Maya. Pero I agree with you guys, mukhang may pinag-dadaanan nga siya, but I didn’t bother asking her about it. Mukhang kailangan ng privacy.” said Raffi.

“Oh, Michael, best friend na mismo ang nagsabi, meron nga daw.” Viv retorted.

The three of them went out of the venue with same thoughts in their heads – what happened between Maya and Raph?


Maya drove all the way from Bulacan to Pasig to see Raph in his office. Raphael Jimenez, Jr., Raph for short, is the only son of one of the country’s richest businessman and is rumored to be Maya’s current flame. He is notoriously known for being a playboy yet he claims that he only fell in love with Maya who was once their product endorser. Maya and Raph dated for quite some time, however, Maya was and still reluctant about their relationship. Few months after Maya and her bank executive fiancé, Patrick Lucena, had called it quits, Raph came into the picture. All along, she thought that she and Raph could make a good pair since they have been friends for a long time. Sadly, she made a wrong choice. Again.

“Hi love, how was your day?” Raph asked excitedly while walking towards her car. He went inside the car and upon seeing Maya, Raph embraced her tightly and gave her a peck on the cheeks. Maya heaved a deep sigh and tried her best to keep her composure.

“Raph, I am here to talk about us.” Maya seriously looked at him.

Raph was confused as she called him by his first name. This is the first time she addressed him that way. “What about us, love?”

“Look,” Maya said as she took a deep breath, “wala ng tayo, Raph. Matagal na.”

Raph chuckled sarcastically. “What do you mean wala ng tayo?”

It was just last week when Maya and Raph had a serious fight. Maya was convincing Raph to break up because she knew that the relationship is going nowhere. However, Raph is so insistent and said that they should give it one more try. It wasn’t the first time they tried. In fact, this was the nth time he asked her of that.

“Raph, please? Pagtatalunan nanaman ba natin ito?” There was a hint of annoyance in Maya’s tone. She definitely wants to get over with this.

“C’mon Maya. Why? I am one of the most eligible bachelors in the Philippines. Kung tutuuisin, you can quit being an actress. I can feed you. I can buy a house for you. In fact, I can even buy an island for you. I can take care of you. I will love you with all that I am. What else do you want-” Raph didn’t finish his sentence when Maya cut him off.

“Stop!” Maya screamed. She couldn’t believe what she just did. Never in this relationship she had experience true joy for Raph would always look after his own image and interest. Maya thought, it’s time to step up. “Raph, can’t you see? I am not happy. Ngayon kung isusumbat mo lang sa akin ang lahat nang ‘yan, aba, maghiwalay na talaga tayo. Why would you force me to quit doing what I love the most? At isa pa, hindi ko kailangan ng pera mo! Wala akong paki-alam kahit pati mga planeta bilhin mo. Raph, no material things in this world could ever buy my happiness. Have you ever asked me how I was? Parati nalang ikaw. Napaka-conceited mo, alam mo ba ‘yon?”

“Don’t you dare accuse me of that because you don’t have the right to!” Raph raised his voice as well hoping that Maya could be intimidated by it.

“And why, Raph? Why? Once and for all, sino ba ang nakinabang sa relasyon na ‘to? Hindi ba ikaw?” Maya shouted as if Raph was miles away from her.

“Look who’s talking! Didn’t you remember? I was the one who rescued you from falling apart. I was the only one who stayed by your side when everybody walked out on you. ‘Wag mo akong pagsabihan ng ganyan dahil minahal mo rin naman ako!” Raph exclaimed.

“Wow! And now, the blame is on me! Ganon? Oo sige, aaminin ko, minahal naman kita but not to the extent of how much I have loved Patrick. I was confused then. At ikaw naman, you took advantage of it. You misinterpreted nice things I have done which is in fact for your father and the company, not for you!” Maya whacked the steering wheel as if she was pounding a nail with a hammer.

Yes, it is true. He took advantage of Maya’s kindness and even misinterpreted it as a confirmation that their relationship was official.

Maya continued, “Sige sabihin na natin na hindi ako pumalag when you told the public na tayo na even if we were just plainly dating with no commitment at all. Siguro nga I loved you. Pero hindi bilang boyfriend, Raph. Minahal kita bilang kaibigan. Sinubukan ko namang mahalin ka as much as I could, but I am sorry to say this, I just couldn’t love you more.” Maya dolefully faced Raph. She felt bad yet she thinks that she has done the right thing.

“I see. Kaya pala napaka-coldhearted mo na sa akin sa sa tuwing magkikita tayo, sa tuwing magyayakap tayo. Well, I guess I should have known. Tama pala ang hinala ko na makikipag-break ka.” Raph paused. He looked intently at Maya. Then he said, “may iba ka na bang mahal?”

“There is no third-party involved, Raph. Napagod lang ako. I made a mistake of thinking that it would ease the pain I’ve been carrying if I started seeing someone again.” said Maya.

“I am sorry too. I am sorry for taking advantage of you and the situation. I guess we’re really over, eh?” Raph looked at Maya hoping that she would just take back everything she said.

Maya didn’t respond. Instead, she switched on the car’s engine.

“I am taking that as a yes. I guess I should better be going.” Raph stormed out of her vehicle. He couldn’t believe that she just dumped him. In his head, I am going to get you back Maya. Just wait and see.


17 thoughts on “R&M Chapter 1: The Break-Up

  1. very promising plot! I like it! Hahahaha..boo Raph! Hahaha. Looking forward for the next chapter. Paaano papasok sa eksena si Richard? Yan ang dapat abangan! Thanks for this! You have the talent! Keep it up! 👍


  2. hello ms. miles, just found your site now, ang saya lang dahil marami pa ding mga magagaling na mga R&M fanfic writers ang patuloy na gumagawa ng mga story ng paborito nating loveteam. interesting plot. much as i wanted namakahabol sa latest update, ung mata ko super sakit na kaya to be continued ang pagbabasa bukas 😉


  3. Hi ms miles…,looking forward for the next chapter…bago lang po ako sa pagbabasa ng fanfic and thanks to a co member of “aligaga” binigay nga sa akin tong blog site mo…thank you dahil sa inyo nababawasan pag kamiss ko sa fav Kong Maya and see chief!


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